juicy couture jeans

i’m going to be like one of those kids who was born in like the early 1990s and now is totally obsessed with the 90s aesthetic and “only 90s kids will understand” only i’m going to do it w the hellsite of my childhood that was the early 2000s. like you can catch me with my frosted highlights and low slung juicy couture tracksuits and my memes abt how tiny dogs were a must-have for the y2k celebutante crowd.

I just think it’s important to remember that Xiaolin Showdown took place in the early 2000s. Mean Girls and XS are contemporaries. Kimiko probably had a Juicy Couture tracksuit. All her jeans were distressed and flared. The monks would have been in each others top 8 on myspace. Raimundo would think Dane Cook was super edgy. Katnappe had an icon in Paris Hilton. Clay absolutely had a Von Dutch trucker hat. Rai had a puka shell necklace. Jack probably shopped at Hot Topic. 


EARLY 2000s