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Sleeping Juicey

Juice imagine based on the request:

“Hi if the requests are open then Id like to make one 😊 Imagine Juice having a wet dream and waking you up to have sex. Im obsessed with your Juice smuts 😍”

Juice holds your hips as you ride him, your hair cascading down your back as your head is thrown back in pleasure. You feel so tight around him, and your hips move like no other.

“Fuck, (Y/N).” he moans, his body nearing closer to the edge as you clench around him. He thrusts to meet your movements, the feeling even more incredible.

As you come around him, he releases inside of you, his whole body feeling relief. You lean down, kissing him deeply on the lips, your body collapsing on top of his out of fatigue.

Juice’s eyes shoot open. He looks to his side, you sleeping peacefully beside him. It’s dark outside, his phone showing 2:43am when he checks it. He wipes his forehead, sweat on his brow from the heated dream he must’ve had.

He can feel the moisture in his boxers, the come he spewed whilst sleeping still damp in his underwear. He goes to the bathroom, throwing the dirty fabric into the hamper. He looks down, his cock still hard as he thinks of you, your pussy clenching around him, so warm and slick.

Groaning to himself, he knows he’s not getting to sleep anytime soon. He bites his lip, wondering whether you’d be pissed if he woke you up just to fuck.

He looks down at his aching shaft again, pumping it a few times in his hand, his head dropping back as his body is more sensitive than usual. He knows he has to have you, he just has to.

Sliding back into bed, completely naked, he moves over to you, slowly placing kisses on your exposed shoulder. You’re only wearing your underwear, you and Juice both liking the feel of the sheets against your skin.

You still don’t wake, his lips trailing down to your chest, taking one of your nipples in his mouth and sucking on it gently, his tongue swirling around it. He hears you gasp slightly in your sleep, subconsciously turning to lie on your back, your legs spreading open. He feels his cock throbbing, knowing that even in your sleep you’re ready for him.

As he lightly nibbles on your hard bud, his hand slides down your stomach, your skin soft and warm under his touch. His hand slips into your panties, moving his fingers up and down your slit, his mind clouded with lust.

He straddles you, throwing the covers off the bed as he slides down, moving between your legs. He pulls down your underwear, discarding it somewhere on the floor, before he slips his arms around your thighs, pulling your heat close to his face.

And fuck, he can smell you. The smell of your excitement slipping into his senses, the smell driving him wild. He looks up to you, your bottom lip pulled between your teeth, your eyes shut.

He attaches his mouth to your core, his mouth suckling at your clit, a soft moan leaving your lips. He kisses your centre, his tongue making long strokes up and down your slit, darting slightly into your entrance. You grab his hair, having a wet dream of your own by the looks of things, as he drinks you and tastes you like you’re the last bit of water in the desert.

He moans into you, his face buried in your pussy as he licks and sucks, your juices on his face, in his mouth, sliding down his throat. He slips a finger into your entrance, your body accommodating him easily. You’re always so wet and so prepared, so desperate for his cock no matter when or where you are.

He adds another finger, curling them as he thrusts in and out, his tongue making figure eights on your clit.

“Juice…” you moan loudly, him looking up as your eyes still remain closed. Fuck, he needs to be inside of you now. Knowing that you’re dreaming about him, unaware that what you’re thinking of is actually happening, is so fucking sexy to him.

He moves him self to your side, slowly rolling you over. He spoons you, lifting up your leg as he moves his cock, finding your entrance.

He slips into you, you grabbing the pillow in your fist, moaning, and him shutting his eyes in relief, your walls squeezing his dick in all the right ways. He just stays there for a second, soaking in that first feeling of your soaking wet cunt.

He slowly starts to rock his hips, his long, hard cock moving in and out of you. He knows he won’t last too long, but fuck, he wants it to last forever. You continue to let out little gasps, moans, your juices leaking down his shaft and soaking him.

You slowly open your eyes, the movement around you bringing you to reality. You just had the best dream, even though you woke before you managed to come. It felt so real-

Your thoughts are stopped by the feeling of something sliding in and out of you. A hand on your thigh, a warm chest pressed against your back, you turn your head. You see Juice, his eyes watching his cock as it slides in and out of you. He looks up as you moan loudly, your voice laced with sleep as you do so. He attaches his mouth to yours, his lips working passionately with yours as he continues to sink himself into you.

You pull away, the two of you looking into each others eyes as he speeds up his hips, the bed shaking as he slams in and out of you. Your mouth is open, no sounds escaping as he fucks you with so much hunger, so animalistically, his balls slapping against your skin.

You turn your head, facing away from him, as you pull at the pillow case, your body heavy with ecstasy. He feels so good inside you, his hot breath on your neck as he quickly takes your pussy.

He keeps himself inside of you, turning you over so you’re on your knees, your head face down into your pillow as your hands grasp the material.

He grabs your hips, his cock driving even deeper into you in this position, your ass exposed to him completely. He pulls his shaft out of you, your body feeling empty, as he dips his finger into you once, pulling it back out and swirling the juices on your tight asshole.

You feel him slide back into you, a long moan leaving your mouth as he fills you up again. He drives into you, hitting your gspot with every thrust, his finger teasing your ass.

You bite the pillow as he pushes his finger into your puckered ass, the feeling of having something in both holes so fulfilling. He matches the thrusts of his finger with the thrusts of his shaft, your mouth leaking sounds of pleasure as he takes both your pussy and your asshole for his own.

You’re so so tight around his body, his cock throbbing as you clench around him, your asshole tight around his finger as he makes a promise to himself to plow your back entrance next time, his high on the brink as his mind is swarmed with thoughts of filling all of your holes.

“Juice!” You moan loudly, a warning that you’re going to come. He curls his finger, his cock still slamming into you, as you feel your body tip over the edge, your hands pulling onto the bedframe as you come. Your body convulses, the shattering orgasm completely overtaking you.

Your tight, clenching pussy pulls him to his own release, a deep groan leaving his lips as he pulls out, emptying himself all over your back. Ropes of thick come splatter all over your skin, his hand slowly pumping himself as he pants.

You feel him move from behind you, your body too tired to move. You feet a wet cloth on your back, Juice cleaning himself off your skin. Once he’s finished, he places the blankets on top of you, your body flopping onto it’s side.

He spoons you from behind, tangling his legs with yours as he holds you, your heart rate almost back to normal. He nuzzles into your neck, placing a kiss there, before you both slowly drift off to sleep, well fucked and well spent.

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A/N - Wowwwww! This was so hot to write, I wrote it so quickly once I got it rolling lmao. Damn this was hot! Tell me if you like this sort of thing, and feel free to request too! Thank you for the person who requested this, and thank you all for reading. Hope you liked it! Xx

Friend Zone - Submitted by an Anon

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This is not my work; All credit goes to a lovely anon that submitted this story to me. Feedback is always welcome, let us know what you all think 💕


You rolled off of Juice and took a deep breath, trying to calm your heart rate. Juice looked over at you and grinned; both of you covered in a thin layer of sweat. “Amazing as always,” he said, pulling you into his side. “You’re coming to the club party this week right?” “About that,” you said, turning over to look at him. “I was thinking we could go together.” Juice looked slightly uncomfortable. “Why don’t we just meet up there?” You glared at him. “Juice, we’ve been dating for six months now. What, are you ashamed of our relationship? Why does this have to be a secret?” “I’m not ashamed, Y/N, I just think…I don’t know, that certain areas of our lives should be ‘friends only’ zones. It’s no ones business what we do. You understand that right babe?” You rolled off the bed and walked into the bathroom. “Sure, I guess,” you said, a plan already forming in your head.

A few days later
The boys whistled as you walked up to the clubhouse. You were wearing a tight black dress with a low neckline that showed off your cleavage. Your makeup was flawless, smoky eyes and deep red lipstick that made your lips look irresistible. You had decided that if Juice wanted to act like you were friends in public, you would make it impossible for him to do so. “Who is all this for baby girl?” Tig asked, looking you up and down. “Only for you Tiggy,” you said with a wink, making your way into the clubhouse, where you ran into Juice. “Hey Juicey,” you said giving him a hug. He kept his hands on your waist as you pulled away, staring at your body. “Juice this is a ‘friends only’ zone, remember?” you asked innocently, pulling his hands away from you. “That isn’t a friends only dress, Y/N,” Juice replied, unable to keep his eyes off your chest. You smirked at him and leaned in close, “I’m also not wearing any underwear,” you whispered, grazing your teeth over his earlobe ever so slightly. You felt him tense up and walked away, laughing to yourself.
The music was bumping and everyone was dancing and having a good time. You were dancing with Tig, and saw Juice eyeing you from the bar. You walked up to him. “If you’re gonna stare why don’t you just dance with me? As friends, don’t worry,” you said flirtatiously, pulling him by the arm. The two of you started dancing; you swaying your hips and grinding against Juice, feeling the bulge in his pants grow with every passing moment. You spun around and continued dancing with him, leaning close as if you were about to kiss him. He leaned in and suddenly you turned your head. “Gotta go, sorry!” you said with a mischievous grin and took off down the hallway, ignoring the angry look on his face.

You were halfway down the hall when you felt someone grab your arm and push you roughly against the wall. “Are you having fun?” Juice growled, pressing himself against you. You could feel his hardness pressing against you. “Yeah, I am Juice.” You replied, feeling yourself getting wet immediately. “Let’s get out of here.” Juice’s face was inches away from you, his nose touching yours. Your breath quickened, but you refused to back down. “No. If you want something, say it. Right here. What do you want, Juice? What. Do. You. Want?” You demanded, pressing your hand against the tent in his jeans and squeezing slightly. Juice moved like he was going to kiss you, but you turned away. “Say it.” “You,” Juice growled, and smashed his lips against yours. You kissed him back, and he suddenly spun you around, your front pressed up against the wall, with Juice keeping you there. He grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled your head back as he sucked and bit at your neck, making you even wetter, if that was possible. He pressed his hand against your outer thigh, slowly lifting your dress. “You thought you could just tease me in front of my brothers and I would take it? You’re gonna have to pay for that, baby girl,” he whispered in your ear, slipping a finger inside you. “Then take me to your room already,” you gasped.
The two of you crashed through the door in Juice’s dorm, not bothering to lock the door behind you. Juice threw you down on the bed. “Take off your clothes,” he demanded, pulling off his kutte and shirt. “Make me,” you smirked, sitting back on your elbows. Juice glared at you and grabbed your legs, pulling you down on the bed. He ripped your dress off and shoved two fingers into you. “I said I wanted you. Do you want me?” Juice asked, kissing your neck, his fingers not letting up. You moaned but didn’t say anything. “ Say it Y/N. Say you want me.” He breathed, moving his fingers even faster. “YES. I want you Juice,” you all but screamed, your legs shaking as you came. “Good.” With that, Juice turned you over and pushed himself inside of you with a groan. You sighed and arched your back as Juice pounded into you, gripping your hips hard enough to bruise. “I knew you’d give in,” you said, earning you a rough slap on your ass. You gasped and Juice slapped your ass again. “Who do you belong to, Y/N?” Juice asked, panting from how hard you he was fucking you. He pulled out of you and put you on your back again, pinning your arms above your head. “You baby. I belong to you,” you said, your voice barely there. “Damn right,” Juice smirked at you, holding your wrists with one hand and rubbing circles on your clit with the other. You arched your back, allowing him to go even deeper. “FUCK, Juice,” your screams got louder as your second orgasm ripped through you, tightening your legs around Juice’s waist. Juice let go of your arms and buried his face in the crook of your neck as he reached his release as well. He collapsed on top of you and stayed there for a minute before rolling off of you and wrapping his arms around your waist. “So are we official now baby?” Juice nuzzled your neck. You grinned. “Yup. No more friend zones.” “I think I like the sound of that,” Juice said, placing soft kisses along your neck and shoulder. “I’m gonna keep seducing you at parties though,” you said, straddling Juice and kissing his neck again. “I’m ok with that,” Juice rolled you both over, and your laughs turning into moans as you went into round two.

You woke up the next morning, sore but happy and well rested. “Morning baby,” Juice said, that boyish smile on his face. “Ready to go out and face them?” “Ready as ever.” The two of you got dressed and walked out into the bar, where the rest of SAMCRO was out there eating breakfast and nursing hangovers. “Well shite, we thought you two would be in there all day,” Chibs greeted you. You looked at the boys in surprise. “You guys knew?” “No,” Tig said sarcastically. “You guys were fucking in the secret hallway that no one knows about.” You blushed and hid your face in Juice’s kutte while the rest of the guys whistled and hollered at you. “Well, now that you know, I guess we can make it official. Y/N is mine, so hands to yourselves. That means you too Tiggy.” Tig put a hand on his chest in mock hurt. “What, no more dances?” “I’ll always dance with you Tiggy!” You giggled, before catching Juice’s expression. “Babe, you know it doesn’t mean anything.” “I don’t know Y/N, it looks like last nights lesson didn’t quite stick. Maybe you need a reminder.” Juice’s cocky smirk got to you as always, and you felt yourself getting wet for him yet again. “Maybe I do need another lesson,” you purred, running your finger down Juice’s chest to his abs. Juice grabbed your hand and pulled you down the hallway to his dorm, hearing Tig groan, “Ugh. Couples.”


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15) You’re breaking my heart, babe.

22) I don’t know why I married you.

Juice’s POV

I looked down at you, you were curled up on my chest and sound asleep. I smiled and stroked your hair lightly. Today was our 5th wedding anniversary and I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed. I slowly slipped out from under you while putting my pillow where I just was. You cuddled into my pillow and sighed happily as you breathed in my scent. I chuckled softly and ran downstairs to the kitchen.

I took out my computer and looked up how to make crepes. You had always wanted to try them and we haven’t, so I figured I’d make them for you. They couldn’t be that hard right? Twenty minutes later, the smoke alarm was going off, my bare chest and sweatpants was covered in flour, and I was curled up on the floor about to cry. You came running down the stairs.

“Juice! Juicey baby!” You yelled in concern as you ran into the kitchen. “Fuck! Juice what the hell happened?”  You waved a towel in front of the alarm until it turned off. You looked at me and put the towel down. You got on your knees and held me close to you. I cuddled into your chest and wrapped my arms around your waist.

“I fucked up baby.” I mumbled.

“Juice, what did you think was going to happen? You can’t cook for shit unless it’s pot brownies.” You ran your fingers over my head and I sighed and looked at you.

You’re breaking my heart, babe.” I pouted. You giggled and kissed me.

“I don’t know why I married you.” You smiled at me and shook your head.

“Because you love me.” I said with a goofy smile.

“Yeah, I do.” You looked at me with adoration. “Let’s go out to eat, okay?”

“Okay baby!” I smiled.

“First, go take a shower. How the hell did you even use this much flour?” You asked me.

“I really don’t know.” I admitted. You giggled.

“Come on, let’s go take a shower.” You said and got up.  I jumped up and pulled you to the shower.

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Cooking with Juice had always been fun, you both were in the kitchen fooling around because it happened to be Juice’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday, Baby.” you kissed his parted lips and Juice accepted, lingering on your lips. You tasted like raw honey making him smile.

“Thanks for the 22nd time this morning.” He grinned at you and kissed your shoulder.

You reached into the fridge to gather the Reddi whip you were going to top the Buñuelos off with, Juice had lost his train of thought looking at you, but you hadn’t noticed and set the can down beside his hand on the counter and flipped the browning tortilla in the frying pan.

He grabbed the can and shook it before placing a dollop of the sugary substance into his mouth.

“Juan Carlos!!! That is for the Buñuelos!” you pointed to the frying pan in front of you.

His eyes dropped and then looked up at you through his lashes, he knew you couldn’t resist his puppy dog eyes. Hell, you couldn’t resist him whatsoever.

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Behind His Back-1

Requested by @cherieann-2001 

I heard the two bikes pulling into the garage as I was taking dinner out of the oven. Placing it on the stove, I felt my two strong arms snake around my waist, pulling me against a hard chest.

“You better make it fast, my crazy jealous husband and my insane bug brother will be home any minute. They might kill you, if they catch you in the kitchen alone with me.”

He chuckled, his hot breath against my ear. “I would gut any man foolish enough to put hands on you love.” He spun me around to face him, his lips crashing onto mine,

I wrapped my arms around his neck, opening my mouth to him. “Oh, it is my crazy jealous husband.” I smiled at him. “Hi baby!”

He growled as he lifted me up, his hands cupping my ass, my legs wrapping around his hips. “Can you serve dinner first or maybe I can eat, while you take it to the bedroom. I’ll just turn the music up!”

Chibs put me back down, we both glared at my brother Juice. “Fine! Eat then go home big brother; after all we’re still newly weds!”

I pulled away from Chibs arms, pulling dishes from the cabinet to set the table. I smiled at my little family, hopefully before too long, we;d be adding to it.


Laying in Filip’s arms later that night, his hands were drawing small designs along my spine. “Juice and I stopped by during your lunch break, but you were gone.”

“Chris and I went out for lunch.”  His arms tightened around me, 

“Is she the new one at work?”

“Ummmm, yeah Chris is new, We hit it off from the start.”

“I’m glad, maybe you can set her up with Juicey.”

“I don’t think Juice is Chris’ type.”

Where’d you go?”

“Just down the street to the deli.”  I heard his breathing even out, I raised my head, his eyes were closed and he was asleep, My phone vibrated on the night stand, reaching over I grabbed it.

Chris: Thanks for lunch today. Can you meet me in the morning at Charming Inn?

Me: As soon as hubs leaves for work.

Chris: I don’t have to worry about a biker kicking my ass do I?

Me: No, you’re fine, he thinks your a women. He wanted me to set you up with my brother.

Chris: Oh no! I reserved room 225.

Me: See you in the morning.”

I cleared the messages, and placed my phone back on the night stand, Curling up next to Filip, I closed my eyes. drifting off to sleep.

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MinMin's Theme
MinMin's Theme

Turns out this chiptune is a cover of a theme commonly associated with Minmin from ARMS!

It’s only found in trailers and Directs, so maybe once I hear the official ost came out I’ll extend it further to fit it to the original a bit more properly, but until then, this is all I got. It can be heard a bit better (sorta) in this trailer in particular.

I think Minmin’s theme is my favorite, thus far.


“23, 24 and 26 with Juice please ☺”

“Can you please do 24 of the prompt list with juice where the reader is drunk? Thank you ❤️”

#23 - “If we get caught I’m blaming you.”

#24 - “Are you drunk?”

#26 - “Help me I’m stuck.”

Snickering to yourself, you walk over to your boyfriend, his open arms and charming grin welcoming you. Dropping into his lap, he wraps his arm around you waist, his other hand swirling patterns on your thigh.

He takes in your glassy eyes, pink cheeks, the slight sway he noticed in your walk. “Are you drunk?”

You giggle in response, grinning childishly at him. He chuckles at you, his hand squeezing at your waist.

“Only a little bit.” You make a little gap between your thumb and forefinger, Juice finding your drunken state very amusing. You flop down next to him, your legs resting over his lap as you grab his hand in yours, twisting and turning his bands of silver. He watches you, not being able to understand how he got himself such a beautiful girl.

“Are you tired?” he asks you, running his spare hand up and down your legs. He’d chose not to drink tonight, wanting to keep his eye on you while you got intoxicated for a change. You rest your head on the couch, shaking your head at him. You’d been partying for about five hours straight, the clubhouse crowd thinning out as everyone left or just fell asleep.

He smiles at you, your eyes closed as he watches you, knowing you’re tired even if you won’t admit it. He gently taps your thighs, moving your legs from his lap. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”

He stands up, offering you his hand. You whine in protest, wanting to party forever, but take his hand anyway, allowing him to pull you up. He laces his fingers with yours, leading you to his room, your vision slightly blurry due to the alcohol you’d consumed.

Once he reaches his apartment, he let’s you in, closing the door behind the two of you as you sit on the bed, trying to sit up straight. As Juice disappears into the bathroom, you grab your shirt by the hem, trying to get it off.

“Help me, I’m stuck.” You call, your shirt halfway off and halfway on. Juice walks back into the room, the sight of you making him burst out laughing.

“Jesus, how much did you drink?” He assists you, helping you remove the shirt, your arms dropping to your side. You fall back on the bed as soon as you’re free, the ceiling spinning as you rub your eyes, trying to sober up.

You watch as Juice crawls over you, his body straddling yours as he kisses you, your hands trailing down his now shirtless chest. His skin is warm and toned, a groan leaving him as you slip further down, teasing the top of his jeans.

“Are you sure you want to? You’re not too drunk that you’re going to regret this in the morning?” He asks in concern, pulling away against your wishes. You slip your hand into his pants, finding his length and wrapping your hand around it, his eyes closing as you pump him.

Your free hand finds the back of his head, pulling him down so you can attach your lips to his neck, open mouthed kisses being left to the skin. He pulls your hand back from him, standing up and pushing off his jeans and boxers in one fluid motion, his cock standing at full attention.

Discarding the material elsewhere, he undoes your jeans, pulling them leisurely down your legs, more skin being revealed with each motion. His tongue darts out, wetting his bottom lip as he gazes at you on the bed, hair sprawled around you, your bra and panties being the only thing left to remove.

His lips leaving kisses on your legs as he returns, your eyes closing as you feel him getting closer and closer to where you need him. He spreads your legs apart gently, moving in between your thighs and blowing on your core, you squirming in anticipation. He creeps his fingers up to the hem of your lace underwear, shimmying the fabric down, air breezing your centre as it’s completely exposed.

“Do something.” you beg as he pulls your underwear from your ankles, his fingers teasingly trailing your skin. He pulls you to him, your most intimate area lined up to his face. He places open mouthed kisses on your thighs, his touch arching closer and closer to where you need him the most.

You bite your hand to stop the moans as he licks a stripe up your folds, his lips latching onto your sensitive clit and sucking skillfully. He bends your legs, resting them over his shoulders as he feasts on you, moans and groans slipping from you as he does so. Your hands pull at the bed sheets, trying to grasp something as pleasure takes over you, Juice’s tongue working in such incredible ways.

He slips one digit into you, you resting up on your elbows to watch as he fucks you with his finger, his eyes locked on yours as he continues to use his mouth on you. He looks so good between your legs, your one hand moving to his head to keep him where you want him, your orgasm on the brink.

He moves away before you can reach your high, frustration filling your body as he moves back up to you, reaching behind and unclipping your bra, your hand finding his cock as he sucks as your breasts, the two of you gasping as you pleasure one another.

“Fuck, gotta be inside you.” He groans, his teeth and lips working together on your exposed skin, you not even caring that you’re going to have some marks tomorrow. You feel him adjust, lining up to your entrance, teasing you.

“Wait! Condom. I’m not on the pill anymore remember.” You remember, thanking the events of now for making you sober up enough to remember. Juice groans, resting his head in the crook of your neck.

“I think there’s some in the kitchen drawer.” Juice huffs, sitting back on his knees. “If we get caught I’m blaming you.”

“Nooooo,” you whine, laughing, finding the whole situation hilarious. “I can’t come with you, I’ll end up being too loud and waking someone up. Please, baby.”

You sit up, trailing kisses up his chest, helping to sweeten the deal. Groaning in defeat, he gets off the bed, pulling on his boxers. You smile sweetly at him, his frown turning into a grin, not being able to resist you. “Back in a bit.”

You nod, as he creeps out the room, falling back onto the bed.

Juice moves through the hallway, darkness surrounding him as he wishes he’d grabbed a torch or something, the lights switch being right at the front of the clubhouse.

“Shit!” He hisses, catching his toe on the corner of the wall, hopping around in pain. He listens out, happy with the silence as he proceeds into the clubhouse, creeping into the kitchen.

“Nice undies, Juicey boy.” Juice jumps at the sound of company, turning to face Chibs, a smirk on the Scottish man’s face. “I’m happy to see you too, laddie!”

Juice looks down to where Chibs is gesturing to, quickly covering his protruding bulge with his hands, a sheepish smile on his face. “Ran out of rubber.”

Chibs nods his head in acknowledgement, a mischievous glint in his eye. Juice groans internally, knowing that he’ll be the joke around SAMCRO for a while.

“Well you have a good night, brother. Feel free to knock if (Y/N) needs a real man.” He winks, chuckling as he walks away, Juice laughing sarcastically. He turns around, rummaging through the drawers of the kitchen.

He sighs in relief once he finds what he was looking for, shutting the drawer and heading back to the bedroom, ready to tell you about the teasing he’s going to go through just for one condom.

“I found one-” He can’t help but chuckle as he sees you on the bed, fast asleep. Shaking his head, he shuts the door behind him, dropping the now unneeded condom on the bedside table and pulling down the covers, picking you up and placing you inside.

“I love you.” He speaks softly, kissing your forehead as you subconsciously nestle further into the pillow. He uses the bathroom, thanking Chibs for killing his erection, before washing up and crawling in next to you, his arm wrapping around your waist.

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Imagine being a long time family friend with Jax & Opie. You’ve always had a thing for Juice ever since he prospect. . . Part 3

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Ever since that night that you told Juice how you felt, everything between the two of you had been perfect. You’ve been spending the night with him practically every night, only time the two of you didn’t spend a night together was when he was with club on a run. Even then, he was texting or calling you and when the two of you reunited it felt like you’ve been separated for weeks when in reality it was only a week.
Both you and Juice decided to keep your relationship a secret, it was going so well you both didn’t want to risk losing each other. Juice was scared that if he hurt you, Jax and Ope would beat the daylights out of him and you were scared that if they found out you were dating a SON that they might disapprove and strip his patch or even worse, forbid you from seeing Juice. All the guys looked at you like a sister, or daughter and were very protective of you. Juice knew what he was risking, but the way he felt about you, it was definitely worth the risk.

Months went by, things were going great and no one figured out you and Juice’s secret, and the fact that it was a bit of a thrill sneaking around behind everyone’s back, fearing that you’d get caught with Juice, it was really excited and it made sex with Juice mind blowing.
The guys were curious tho, as they started to notice that Juice wasn’t staying at the clubhouse all that much, sure he had a home but he was always at the clubhouse, practically lived there in his dorm but lately he was gone every night. Chib’s asked him one night as he was about to head out;

‘ ayye juicey, where you headed ? ‘ 

Juice stood in his tracks, and tried to think of something to say before he turned around, and then he said;

‘ home? ‘

Juice was nervous, he looked at Chibs with an uneasy expression and Chibs said as he walked over to him;

‘ alright, was just wondering. ‘

Juice nodded his head, he turned and walked over to his bike, lifted his leg over his seat and sat down on it. Grabbing his helmet, his gloves and glasses and before he started it Chibs said;

‘ if there’s anything you wanna talk about lad, i’m always here for ya ‘

Juice looked at him, he felt guilty because he knew his friend knew that Juice was hiding something and he hated not being to be honest with is brother, so Juice nodded and started up his dyna and drove out of the lot.
Juice pulled into your driveway, and parked his bike in your garage. He walked into the house, put his stuff by the door, tossed the spare key on the table and said;

‘ Y/N ? baby ? ‘

You were no where in sight, you cautiously walked towards the living room, television was off, he made his way down the hallway, lights were off, except for the bathroom light, so he walked slowly towards the bathroom and he could hear the showering running. He smiled to himself, and opened the door carefully, and quietly so he wouldn’t scare you. You heard the door open, it creaked and you said;

‘ Juice?! is that you ‘

Juice walked into the bathroom and said;

‘ sure is baby ‘

You smiled and peered through the curtain and looked at your man, he was leaning against the sink, arms crossed over his chest, something was bothering him and you said;

‘ something the matter baby? ‘

Juice inhaled, and he exhaled very loudly and uneasy and said;

‘ Chib’s knows i’m keeping something from him. ‘

You looked at him, eyes widened and said;

‘ what you mean? does he know about us ? ‘

Juice shook his head no and said;

‘ no, he doesn’t know about us, but he does know that i’m hiding something and it’s starting to weigh on me baby, not being able to be honest with my brothers. ‘

You understood, and knew that this was a big deal for Juice. Keeping a secret from them, then before you could say anything Juice walked over to you;

‘ baby, i know we said we would wait to tell everyone, but i want to tell everyone. i want to come clean to everyone, not only because it be nice for everyone to finally know but i want to be able to kiss and hug my old lady whenever the hell i want ‘

You looked at Juice who was smiling ear to ear, and you couldn’t resist not smiling back at him. You took a deep breath and said;

‘ okay, lets tell everyone tomorrow ‘

You didn’t think Juice’s smile could get any bigger or brighter but it did when you said exactly what he wanted to hear and said in such a joyful tone;

‘ yeah? really?! ‘

You nodded your head and Juice rushed into your lips, he was so excited he walked into the shower with all his clothes on just kissing you. Both of you giggling and Juice started to remove his clothes. Once his clothes were off, Juice’s eyes changed from being happy and excited to being hungry with lust, looking at your soaking wet body. He caressed every inch of your body, turning you so your back was to him. His hand running up and down your body, one hand resting on your breast, lighting squeezing and the other hand rubbing your most sensitive area. Juice was nibbling and kissing your earlobe and neck, making you moan with such pleasure.
He slightly bent you over, and teased you with his hard member, making you want him more and he pushed himself into you making you gasp. Juice started to thrust, soon the bathroom was filled with the sound of skin on skin slapping, moans, grunts and growls. Even with you bent over you still managed to whip around and kiss Juice on the lips, he placed a hand on your neck as you kissed him and as his thrusts increased you were coming close.
Tightening around Juice you whimpered his name;

‘ oh my god, juan ! ‘

Hearing you so turned on, and Juice was two thrusts away from reaching climax and grunted your name and filled you with his warm seed. He rode out both your orgasms. After your amazing shower with Juice, you both got out and into comfortable clothes. Before you were about to sit and watch a movie together, you heard the thundering roar of a bike pulling into your driveway. You both ran to the window and looked through the shade, seeing Jax and Chibs getting off their bikes.
You and Juice froze with fear, not knowing how the two men will react to finding out about the two of you. You didn’t know what to do and you said;

‘ oh my god Juice what we going to do ? ‘

Juice was at a loss for words, and didn’t know what to say or do. You looked at him and said in a freaked out voice;

‘ Juice? ‘

Before he could answer, Jax knocked on the door and yelled;

‘ yo ! Y/N its Jax darling. open up ‘

You didn’t know what to do and then you said;

‘ yeah, hold on ‘

You looked at Juice, smiled and said calmly;

‘ okay, lets do this ‘

Juice looked at you surprised, not knowing that you were going to tell them tonight but he smiled, nervously and said;

‘ okay. .. ‘

Juice sat down at the table, and you walked over to open the door. You unlocked it and opened it up to Jax, and Chibs beautiful grins. You said;

‘ hey guys, what’s going on ? ‘

The guys walked in and were surprised to see their brother sitting at your table, Jax said;

‘ yo, what you doing here Juice? ‘

Chibs shared the same expression as Jax, confusion and Juice said;

‘ hey guys, just about to watch a movie ‘

You closed the door, and walked over to stand behind Juice. The guys were even more confused when you placed your hands on Juice with such a loving touch. You smiled at Jax, and Chibs and Jax said;

‘ what’s going on here ? ‘

You felt Juice freaking out on the inside and you said;

‘ well, we are seeing each other. .. have been for awhile now ‘

Jax, and Chibs’ face dumbstruck, and their mouths were ajar. You chuckled at their reaction to what you said and you said;

‘ yep that’s the reaction that i was expecting, haha ‘

Jax looked at Juice and said with an angry tone;

‘ this true? your dating y/n behind my back, behind everyone’s back ? ‘

You were going to defend Juice, then Juice stood up and said;

‘ yes jax, i’m dating Y/N. and yes, we kept it from you and everyone else only because we both were afraid that you might not approve and keep us from each other ‘

Jax looked at Juice, astounded at his forwardness and how he stood his ground for your guys’ relationship and Jax said;

‘ so what ? you guys just fucking around ? ‘

Juice didn’t hesitate he said;

‘ no, we aren’t just fucking around. i love her. ‘

You can see Jax’s eyes light up after he heard Juice tell him that he loved you, Jax looked at you and you understood what he was saying even without him saying a word, you responded with a smile as you walked over and hugged Juice from behind;

‘ yes Jax, and i love him. ‘

You noticed Chibs smiling as he leaned against the counter top, and Jax said as he crossed his arms over his chest;

‘ if you hurt her . .. ‘

Juice cut him off cause he knew what he was going to say;

‘ yeah i know, you’ll kill me. ‘

Jax laughed and said;

‘ no, i wont. .. she will kill you ‘

You all shared a laugh and Juice agreed with Jax. You looked over at Jax and Chibs and said;

‘ so we are good here ? this is okay for you guys ? ‘

They both looked at the two of you and said;

‘ aye, we are ‘ ‘ we still have the others to tell about this, but i’m sure they will be fine about it. ‘

As you all sat down at the table, you grabbed the boys a few beers and said as you passed the guys their drinks;

‘ so what you guys come here for again ? ‘

Not trying to sound rude, but you were curious. The guys didn’t normally come over unannounced unless it was an emergency, or Gemma sent them. Chibs’ said;

‘ aye, Gemma wanted us to come check on you because she hasn’t seen you lately and wanted to know what was going on

Jax said with a smirk;

‘ yeah, now we know what the two of you been doing ‘

You lightly punched Jax in the shoulder and said;

‘ shut up ‘

Chibs said to Juice;

‘ ayye, so this is what you’ve been keeping from me laddy ? ‘

Juice swallowed the beer that he had in his mouth and said with a shrug;

‘ i know, i’m sorry i kept this secret from you guys. I just didn’t know how to tell you ‘

Jax and Chibs nodded their heads and Chibs said;

‘ it’s okay boyyoy, we understand. Just know you can tell us anything now okay ? ‘

Juice said;

‘ thanks brother ‘

Chibs patted him on the back, and they clinked their beer mugs together and shared a drink. You looked at your brother Jax, and shared a look that you’ve been sharing for years. ‘ it was approval 

You guys shared some beers, and laughed and enjoyed the visit. The fact that you and Juice were finally comfortable to love each other in front of your family was like a huge weight was lifted from both your shoulders.

Hide Your Crazy-17

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Trigger: Angst

I rushed inside the apartment, wanting to hurry before Juan showed up to stop me from leaving. I realized that I had nothing to take that was mine. I had to make a decision, be proud or survive. 

Touching my stomach, I decided it was better to survive, then fail. I’d take one bag of clothes, the name Evelyn Roberts, and just enough money to start over again, and not struggle.

.I heard the front door opening, closing my eyes, I cursed, because I wasn’t fast enough. “Be strong, it was never real! You got caught up in it all! I rushed out of the bedroom, making  my way towards the living room, carrying one bag. 

Stopping suddenly at the sight of the stranger pointing a gun at me. “Who are you?”

“I’m your long lost fiancee Graysen.” I dropped everything, running back towards the bedroom, pulling out my phone, trying to dial whatever number that was the last one on my log.

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[[ Request: Juice smut, he comes home so reader says for him to take out stress on her, spanking, maybe some rope and really rough ]] 

You couldn’t wait for Juice to come home tonight. It felt like it had been ages since you last got to spend a night with him without the club being around. You knew it wasn’t his fault though, there had been a lot drama going on recently. If you weren’t on lockdown the club was out taking care of things. You waited on the couch, deciding to watch a movie to kill some time. 

About halfway through the movie, Juice walked in the door. You turned around on the couch to see him and smiled. “Hey Juicey” You called. Juice ignored you and walked straight to the kitchen where he grabbed a beer. You got up and followed him into the kitchen. “Is everything okay?” You said softly.

Juice looked up at you. “It’s been a hell of a day.” He sighed and took a sip of his beer. “I’m just frustrated.” You walked over to Juice and threw your arms around him before giving him a very passionate kiss. 

When you ended the kiss you smirked at Juice, an idea popped into your head. “Well,” You said as you started walking towards the bedroom. “You could always take your frustrations out on me.” You turned your head and winked at Juice. Before you knew what happened, Juice and picked you up and ran into the bedroom. 

He tossed you on the bed and immediately started to rip all your clothes off  of your body. It was hot to see how worked up Juice was and how much he wanted you. You sat up on your knees on the bed and took his shirt off for him before working your way down to the button on his jeans. Juice kicked off his jeans and joined you on the bed. He left rough kisses down your next and grabbed at your breasts. You were sure he was going to leave marks, but that was something you’d worry about in the morning. “Juice,” You moaned. “I need you.” 

Your old man smirked at you. “Not yet.” He whispered. Juice looked around, quickly finding what he wanted. He grabbed your panties off the floor and you gave him a confused look. He turned you around and positioned you so that you were on all fours on the bed. Juice grabbed your hands and tied them up with your panties. “Now we can.” He said as he held both your now tied hands, and lined himself up. 

He thrust into you, hard. You couldn’t stop the moans from coming out as he kept the pace. Fast and rough with Juice was always one of your favorite. You moaned his name and he gave you quick spank to your behind causing you to moan more. Juice took that as a good sign and continued to spank you more, getting harder as your moans got louder. You could feel your release coming quick, it all felt too good. “Juice.” You breathed as you felt yourself tightening around him. “Fuck.” Juice mumbled still keeping his pace. After a few more quick thrusts he met his own release and mumbled your name. 

After you both caught your breath, Juice untied your hands. He slowly kissed his way back up to your mouth. “I hope I wasn’t too hard on you, babe.” He said softly. “I had a lot of frustration to take out.” 

You laughed softly and placed another kiss on lips. “It was just right.” You said with a wink. 

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Imagine being Juice’s friend and he lets you take a nap in his dorm. You can’t fall asleep so you decide to pleasure yourself, and Juice walks in.

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You were currently taking a break in the SAMCRO clubhouse. You worked in the garage as well as bartended for the guys whenever they would need one. You were laying on the couch, trying to take a nap before you had to start bartending for a SAMCRO party in two hours. You were just starting to drift to sleep when you heard a few of the guys loudly come in.

“Oh shit! Sorry, y/n!” You heard Juice call out once he noticed you were trying to sleep on the couch.

“No worries. I’ll just go into my car or something.” You shook off his apology and started to walk towards the main door.

“No just go sleep in my room. Third door on the left.” Juice offered.

“You sure, Juicey?” You asked him. 

Juice nodded back “It’s fine. I’ll probably be in there  in about an hour to get ready for the party.”

“Sounds good to me! Thank you.” You walked back into Juice’s room. You two were pretty close friends. You shared a lot of interests together: video games, weed, bikes, etc. Every once in awhile Juice would have you test new strains of weed that he would newly order with him. You had a pretty good taste when it came to weed, so he could trust you. You had taken naps in his room before, but you never wanted to just assume that he would let you sleep in there. 

You got comfortable on his bed and laid there with your eyes closed for about twenty minutes. You started getting frustrated you couldn’t sleep, and for some reason, whenever you got frustrated you needed to have an orgasm to make yourself feel better. You started to rubbing your fingers delicately across your stomach, exposing your skin under your stomach to the air, lifting your shirt up slowly and delicately. You unbuttoned your jeans and made your way into yourself. You had your thumb on your clit, and three fingers inside you. You started to do a come hither motion with your hand and keeping pressure with your thumb. As you started to get into the groove and felt your climax come soon, the door opened. 

“Holy shit!” Juice shouted. He immediately realized what you were doing. “Shit, y/n, I’m sorry… I’m so…I’m so sorry.” He was mumbling like an idiot and apologizing to you, you still had a hand in your pants. 

“Juice! It’s fine. I know it’s your room, but either get out or join in. I’m trying to fall asleep.” Juice looked at you unsure of what he should do. He looked like he was taking the offer of joining in seriously.

“I’ll….I’ll just let you uh….finish. Maybe next time.” He closed his door and walked back into he main area of the clubhouse. You chuckled to yourself. You started getting back at it when you thought about Juice saying ‘maybe next time.’ Was he being serious? Or just being his strange Juicey self? You were thinking about Juice now as you were pleasuring yourself. You tried to stop it, but it just kept happening. Not after long you had an orgasm, accidentally saying “Juice” out loud as you were finishing. You slowed down and got up to wash your hands. After washing your hands, you buckled you jeans back up and got back into Juice’s bed snuggling up to his pillow. What you didn’t know, was that Juice was on the other side of his door, listening to you finish. He heard you say his name, and he smiled to himself before walking away to join his brothers again.

[LYRICS | TRANS] Jenissi & Nakta - If You’re My Girl

너의 녹을듯 한 body
Your body that looks like it’s about to melt
넌 마치 like a juice like juice
You’re just like a juice like juice
더 깊게 알고파 baby
I want to know more about you baby
날 자극해 넌 juice
You arouse me, you’re juice

I wanna touch touch touch touch touch touch touch
I wanna touch touch touch touch
I wanna lips lips lips lips lips lips lips
I wanna lips lips lips lips lips
I need a juice juice juice juice juice juice juice
I need a juice juice oh
I need a drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk drunk
난 네게 취해있어 no~
I’m drunk over you no~

난 신경안써 누가 뭐라던 간에
I don’t care what people say
난 좋아하면 끝도 없이 몰입하지
If I like it, then there’s no end to my obsession
난 아직 어려 지쳐본적이 없지
I’m still young, so I never get tired of it
침대위에선 물 만난 고기같지 잘놀지
We mix well together in bed, just like a fish in the water[1]
친구들도 인정하지
My friends also acknowledge it
난 역시 음악조차 잘하지
I’m even good at making music
but 난 하나 더 제일
잘하고픈 너가 있지
but the one thing I want to be better at doing is you
난 잊지 않아 네 작은 습관까지
I won’t forget it, even your little habits
난 바지 실컷 내려 춤을 추지
I pull down my pants without restraint and dance
우리 둘이 이미 잘하고 있지
We’re already doing well now
네 꿈이 우리 목표가 되면
If your dream becomes our goal
약속을 하게 되 서로 바라보게 되고
I want us to make a promise, I want us to look at each other
휴대폰 잠금번호 쉽게 풀게되
I want to be able to unlock your phone easily
속옷처럼 one touch 성스러운 touch
Just like with underwear, one touch, one sacred touch
그댄 목사님 같이 내 머리위 작은 손을 올려
사랑한다 말을 했어
You’re like a pastor, your small hand went up my head
and you told me you love me

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