OPTICS: GE’s Juice Train Journey

Ever ride a train? Sure. It’s quite the mode of transportation. But sure enough, trains serve more of a purpose than just our own personal A-to-B agenda.

GE created a time lapse video of the journey from Florida to New Jersey - a vital one, if you want your morning orange juice. 

Here we have clear nuggets of information, combined with beautiful scenery, and a little bit of a story. We were just as surprised as you will be to be compelled by a two and half minute virtual train ride. You know more, and you’re a little more interested. A powerful example of branded content.

You might even think of that train journey tomorrow morning at the breakfast table.


Florida to New Jersey in 156 seconds (GE Juice Train). 

Watch this time-lapse video as the Tropicana/CSX Juice Train, powered by two 4,400 HP GE Evolution Series Tier 3 Locomotive, hauls Tropicana Orange Juice up the eastern seaboard.