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Hi there, love this blog! Can you tell me what's the best German orange juice brand?

Hi, thanks. <3 My personal favorites are Hohes C and Granini. Granini also for other juices, like apple-cherry and banana. But some of the “discounter” juices are fine, too, as long as it’s 100% juice and no sugar added. Fun fact: Germany is world record holder when it comes to fruit juice consumption. :) 

Went to a local vape shop today.

This is only the second time I had gone to this exact shop. First time I had gone the guy who was working was a bit of an asshole. This time, the guy was dope ASF. Hook me up with a free $20 tip to put on my new tfv8. He discounted the juices o had bought by 15 bucks. One was a 60ml amd the other was a 30 ml. Now, i was explaining to him how I got a coffee n cream flavor from a diffrent shop. It was a homeblend and it tasted horrible. He suggest a diffrent type to me. Sooooo me being me i bought it thimking it would taste better…..NOPE I WAS WRONG. Ahahahaha tastes like chocolate mixed with bubblegum and its just nasty. So, with this being said give me some flavors that you enjoy and why.