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Requested by anonymous:  One where y/n and Shawn meet because her dad and his are working together on a project and they go get lunch or something and paps spot them together 

Note: guys I finally figured out how to post gifs through tumblr because it wouldn’t work for some reason BUT I GOT IT TO WORK HAH TAKE THAT TUMBLR 


You weren’t able to talk about much before your dad brought up the new club he was opening in downtown Toronto.

You get it - your dad was going to be a club owner. It wasn’t like he just won three gold medals. Yes, it was exciting, but there were other things that mattered in your life.

Your mom had just finished making some french toast for breakfast when your dad comes down the stairs, looking as happy as ever.

“Good morning my beautiful wife and daughter.” He says, giving you both a kiss on the head.

You and your mother share a funny look, staying silent as you both watch him grab some coffee and sing a tune to one of his favorite songs.

“Say something.” Your mother whispers to you.

“You say something!” You whisper back.

“Just ask me.” You dad says suddenly, turning around. “John, why are you so happy today?”

“Honey, why are you so happy today?” Your mom finally asks.

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