My Breakfast of Champions! After 3-day juice cleanse from #juicerxcleanse (feeling great)… i missed my #nutrimeal shake with a little Raw Meal for its sprouts, and Raw Green Superfoods for its raw green superfoods :-). I finally get a little protein :-))

Long day and 3-day juice cleanse coming to an end. Up at 4:45a; taught 6&7am classes; few private clients til noon; 2 presentations at conference; then finally home with the family. Amazing how good I feel with just fresh, organic, unpasteurized juices in my body for 3 days. #juicerxcleanse just offered 10% discount with code Imfit10. Www.juicerxcleanse.com. go get some life force juices and give your body the oil change you know it needs and deserves.