billciipher  asked:

Soldier, Scout, Sniper, Spy, Heavy and Medic

  • give a CapriSun and lay down for a nap: SPY (HE NEEDS A NAP) (+ A JUICEBOX TBH) (HE NEEDS CARE)
  • enlist to help build a pillow fort: S O L L Y (AS BEFORE) (E X T R E ME PILLOW FORT)
  • slingshot into the deep recesses of space: SNIPER (BYE BYE STINKY MAN)
  • sing bad karaoke and play DDR at 3am with: SCOUT (his singing would be horrible but so’s mine so it’d work) (also wanna see Fast Legs do DDR)
  • smack with a rolled up newspaper: medic (just. his. [gestures to all of him])
  • let borrow the aux chord on a road trip: heavy (hopefully soft music??) (also if he’s crammed into a car i feel bad enough for him already)

I’m a huge Alice in Wonderland fan, and I couldn’t help but put a “little” spin on the tea party scene!

A year ago, I submitted this piece to The Cushy Pen, the amazing diaper art site. The artists on there are super amazing and very supportive! And thanks to them, I’m gradually coming out of my shell and creating art again after a long, long time. I plan on posting more art, hosting streams, and submitting more work to the site on a more regular basis from here on in. Stay tuned!

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