juice fest


God I’ve had these in the archive for ages but after seeing one particular screencap that I gave @brunch-life to use for her sp character reference blog I just had to doodle Sauerkraut again. The top one was from silly inside jokes over the discord and the second one was just based more so on the idea of Sauer being an awkward fuck when it comes to relationships like this.

Juice Fest

So, some of you know by now but in the event you don’t, i’ve decided to go on a 10-15 day cleanse (10 days is required, 15 is my goal). It’s basically an easy way to jump start my weight loss and get back to eating healthier seeing as how I eat/drink like crap. I also re-watched the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary for the second time and it sort of spoke to me. 

I invested in a sweet-ass juicer and have so far, made two batches. One to test the damn thing and then one for breakfast this morning. It’s all very easy – as long as you close the lid properly. I thought I got a defective machine at first but turns out, it was a user-error, i hadn’t put the lid on properly and bloody juice bits went everywhere.  

So it’s been over 24 hours since my last solid meal and I don’t feel bad–at least not yet. I had my breakfast juice around 9am this morning and am just now having “lunch”. Hunger pangs kicked in around noon–right around the time everyone gets actual lunch at work and with a variety of food smells floating around, I think my tummy realized it hadn’t had anything. I had a bottle of water and the pangs disappeared. Crazy how that works.

I’ve been taking my time with the consumption of the juice – you aren’t meant to guzzle it down, contrary to my previous thoughts on the stuff. Since I didn’t make enough juice for lunch yesterday night – i went out and grabbed a custom juice at a nearby deli this afternoon. Carrots, oranges, celery and apples. Pretty good. And all for only $6. To prevent doing this again, or unless absolutely necessary, i’m going to begin doubling the quantity I make.

This has been long-winded but in the event you see me without a beer in hand or find my attendance at McManus has fallen off – I just wanted you to know why.
Follow my progress and track my updates with #JuiceFest hashtag on Twitter.