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Stardew Valley Crops / Artisan Goods Profit Cheat Sheet

I spent a few hours putting together this spreadsheet, because I was curious which crops in Stardew Valley are the most/least profitable to grow.

Also, I was curious whether certain crops (specifically some of the fruits) were more profitable to process using the keg or the preserves jar, and which crops were the most worthwhile to process using that keg / preserves jar in terms of cost/day and the markup percentage compared to just selling the crops directly once they’re harvested.

Here are the results in spreadsheet format.
(Side note: this only accounts for base values. Therefore, gold-star and silver-star crops are not factored in, and the bonuses from the Tiller/Artisan/Agriculturalist professions are not included.)


And now, here’s my findings in a bunch of easy-to-understand top-10/15 lists, if you don’t feel like digging through the spreadsheet:

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