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Drinking a Memory - RT Podcast #412
  • Gavin: I was on a plane recently and I ordered apple juice and the guy next to me laughed
  • Everyone: *laughs*
  • Gavin: Do you think he was laughing at my apple juice
  • Burnie: It's a little kid thing
  • Ashley: Did you order a whisky to go with it
  • Gavin: No
  • Ashley: Then yeah he was laughing at your apple juice
  • Gavin: God dammit
  • Chris: Did you have it in a sippy cup
  • Gavin: It's just apple juice
  • Burnie: Well if I order a glass of grape juice, that's weird right? That's a little kid drink
  • Gavin: *shrugs*
  • Burnie: When was the last time you had grape juice
  • Gavin: I've never had grape juice I didn't even know they sold that
  • Ashley: You've never had grape juice
  • Burnie: Really?
  • Gavin: Is it real from grapes
  • Everyone: *laughs*
  • Gavin: Do you milk the grapes

Blue Kool-Aid Jungle Juice🍓🍓🍓

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