Strange Love

Jughead x Reader

Prompt: Loosely based off some of the lyrics of Strange Love by Halsey. Reader and Jughead are secretly dating but Y/N gets upset as she wants to tell the truth to everyone. Talking in Pop’s bathroom, things get a bit heated. 

Warnings: Some swearing? Mild smut references. 

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Strange Love 

We wrote a story in the fog on the windows that night. 

You sit there silently, immersed in your own thoughts as you stare out of the window at Pop’s. Eyes darting to the drops of condensation which had formed due to the heat. It was freezing outside as always so Pop’s had turned the heaters on, maybe a bit too much tonight though.
Suddenly out of the corner of your eye you see a figure appear on the opposite side of the booth to you. You know exactly who he is so you continue to focus on the windows, how much they have fogged up since you first sat down.
A finger suddenly appears on the window in front of you, the familiar roughed up hands you had seen and held so often begin to write on the window. 

You smile to yourself, finding it incredible how he had only been here for a second and had already made you so happy. You and Jughead had been seeing each other for around a month now, not that your friends knew that yet. Jughead had asked you not to, not yet. He knew Betty, Archie and the others would be so happy for you, it was just your friends he was worried about. Cheryl was the queen bee at school, she already hated you spending time with him as “friends”, she thought he was too weird. Jughead just didn’t want to put you through the wrath he knew Cheryl would cause if she found out.
Still smiling to yourself you raise your hand and write just under his message.
“How are you?”
“How come?”
“I haven’t kissed you in over 24 hours” he writes, placing his hands under the table to discretely grab yours, rubbing his thumb against your skin. You finally look away from the window and towards him. A shy smile placed on his lips, his eyes glinting in the light which made his hair look even darker then usual, if that were possible. His iconic crown placed over his head. You smile back at him, tempted to just lean over the table and place your lips on his, just show the world you were crazy for him.

“Hey guys!” A voice says a short distance away. You turn away from Jughead to see Veronica entering the diner, Archie just behind her. Jughead’s hand quickly snatches away from you. You don’t even think about the writing on the window next to you until you turn back to Jug who had frantically rubbed out your words with the sleeve of his jacket. For a second you wish that he hadn’t, that he had just left it on there so finally people would know the truth about the two of you.
“What are you guys up to?” V says, sitting down next to you, gracefully pushing her hair away from her shoulder, making Archie swoon. God these two were cute. How did they find it so easy to be themselves out in public? Archie showed no struggle to show his affection to us when he held V’s hand clearly as they walked, or leaned over to kiss her before he left. Why couldn’t we have that? Why did it have to be so difficult for us?
“Just… just talking about Jughead’s book.” you stutter, trying to come up with a belivable lie which Veronica would believe, that girl could read you like a book. Despite you not being so close with the group, you and V had got on so easily, she just seemed to understand you, which, unfortunatly, meant that she could understand when you were lying.
“Oh, yeah. I was a bit stumped on how Jason…” Jughead begins to tell some elaborate lie about our made up conversation but my mind gets distracted by Archie’s movements. Openly, and clearly, he reaches across the table to take Veronica’s hand in his, slowly rubbing his thumb against her skin. A gesture you had felt just seconds ago. A gesture they did so easily in front of you. A part of you starts to sting inside. How was it possible for the two of you to be unable to even hold hands in public without him pulling away so fast. It’s like he’s ashamed. Maybe he is…

“Excuse me” you say, interrupting Jughead mid-sentence. Veronica gets up to let you out of the booth and you rush away to the bathroom.
“Y/N?” Veronica shouts after you but you ignore. Hoping she wasn’t going to come after you. You can feel the groups eyes on you as you walk away.

You were so glad that Pop’s only had one bathroom for girls and one for boys, no stalls, no interaction with anyone else. You lock yourself inside and pace for a few seconds. You knew a relationship with Jughead was not going to be easy. The moment he said he wanted it to be a secret you knew it would be hard, you wanted the affection. You weren’t ashamed of him, you weren’t afraid of being seen with him. But the way he acted some times made it feel like he was ashamed of you.

Knock Knock

“I’ll be out in a second” you sigh, knowing your peace wouldn’t last long.

Knock Knock

“V if that’s you, I’m fine, I’ll be out in a second”
“It’s not V” a male voice says. You instantly tell it’s Jughead’s voice. Quickly you open the door, he rushes inside, hoping he hasn’t been seen sneaking into the girls bathroom as he locks the door behind him.
“What are you doing?”
“I came to see if you were okay. You rushed off like you were upset.”
“I’m fine” you say, not knowing how convincing it would be. You take a step backwards, away from him, leaning against the sink behind you.
“I can tell your lying Y/N” he pushes, knowing he wasn’t going to leave until you gave him an answer.
“Jug… I’m just sick of lying. I hate hiding”
“No, Jug, I know. You aren’t comfortable with everyone knowing. It’s just… Did you see them out there? They aren’t scared of showing others how they feel”
“They aren’t friends with Cheryl” he whispers under his breath, as if he was hoping you wouldn’t hear him.

“I’m not scared of her Juggy! I don’t care what she thinks about you, what she would think about us. She does not matter. She won’t make me feel any less about you.” He looks down at his feet for a second. Breathing deeply as he sighs, thinking things over. You both stand there for a few seconds in pure silence.

“Are you ashamed of being seen with me?”
“What?” he asks paniced, finally looking up from his feet.
“Are you ashamed of me because I’m friends with someone like Cheryl? Because I’m a Vixen? Because…”
In a rush he walks over to you, pushing his lips hard against yours. It takes you a second to regain yourself but you soon kiss back. His hands fumble to your waist, gripping you tightly. Sloppily his lips start to roam around your jaw, going down your neck. His lips sucking on sensitive spots as you try to moan quietly, hoping no one would hear you. Your breathing hitches as you hear him whisper against your skin. “I could never be ashamed of you”. His lips returning to yours. He bites your bottom lip as his hands lift your waist, placing you on the edge of the sink you had been leaning on. Your legs wrap around his hips, pulling him closer as one hand wraps around his shoulders, the other roaming to his hair. You pull off his benie, pushing it onto the floor as you begin to roam your hands through his hair, occationally pulling lightly which makes him moan against your lips. His moans get louder and you roll your hips against him.
“We shouldn’t be doing this here” you say breathlessly against his lips, he mumbles a reply which you don’t fully understand, too immersed in the moment.
Knock Knock

“Y/N?” Veronica asks from outside the bathroom. “Are you okay?”
“Shit” Jughead whispers, a smile planted on his lips as he looks at you. “I guess no hiding now” he smiles with relief, just as happy as you were to tell the truth. The only problem with opening the door was Veronica’s constant asking if we fucked on the bathroom sink.

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Beanies and Negotiations (Part 4)

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Anon requests: can you continue the beanies and negotiations series !!! it’s great btw i really wanna see where it goes !!

please beanies and negotiations part 4 it’s sooo good

Could you PLEASE do a part 4 of Beanies and negotiations?? It’s so good and I love your writing!

Part 4!

could please do a part 4 for beanies and negotiations it’s sooo good ! love your blog btw

A part four would be aWESOME

Beanies and negotiations part 4??

I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say we want more of Beanies and Negotiations!!!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: A flash to the past and a flash to the future

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,161

A/N: ok, I’m gonna be honest with you guys: I did not want to make a 4th part.  I had written the 3rd part hoping it would give you guys enough closure, but you requested more.  Now that I’ve written it, I couldn’t be happier with this ending.  Enjoy!!

(Y/N), Betty, and Archie were running around, playing in the park.  Their giggles resonated through the neighborhood, all the people down the street able to hear the children perfectly.  Archie’s dad sat on a bench, supervising them from afar.  He smiled at the three kids, happy to see his son so content with his friends.  Suddenly, (Y/N) halted, interrupting their game of tag.

“Look over there,” she said, pointing her finger.  She was pointing at another kid who appeared to be their age, scrawny and alone.  He sat on a swing and stared down at his shoes. There was a grey beanie perched on his head, but it was much too big on him.

“(Y/N),” Betty hissed, “my mom said it’s rude to point.”  

“Fine,” (Y/N) replied, putting her finger down.  “I won’t point.”  Instead, she marched over to the lonesome boy.  His head snapped up when he heard footsteps approaching him.  “Hi,” she greeted him.

“Hi,” he replied, looking puzzled as to why this girl was talking to him.

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“That’s a funny name,” she laughed, but she noticed his angered face and stopped.  “I’m (Y/N).”  Jughead nodded.  “How old are you, Jughead?”

“I’m four,” he replied, sticking out his hand to show the number on his fingers.  (Y/N) beamed.

“I’m four, too!” Jughead smiled at her and the two children fell into a small silence.  Finally, (Y/N) broke it when she asked, “Why are you alone?”

“My sister is sick,” he responded, slouching.  “So now I have no one to play with.”

“You can play with us!” (Y/N) offered, pointing at her two friends who were watching from afar. Jughead’s face lit up.

“Really?” he asked, jumping off the swing.  (Y/N) nodded enthusiastically.

“Really!  And then we can all be best friends.”  She grabbed his hand and led him over to Archie and Betty. “Archie, Betty, this is Jughead.”

“Hi,” Betty smiled, sticking out her hand.  Jughead tentatively shook it.  “I’m Betty.”

“And I’m Archie,” he waved. Jughead waved back.  The children quickly resumed their game of tag, this time, Jughead joining them.  They played for hours until the sky began to darken, Riverdale turning orange under the sunset’s light.

“Kids!” Archie’s dad called out, standing up from the bench.  “It’s time to go.”  The four kids exchanged bittersweet smiles, waving goodbye to their newfound friend.

After that day, Betty, Archie, and (Y/N) started begging to go to the park every day from dawn till dusk. The four of them soon became attached at the hip, and you could not see one person without the other three close behind.  Soon, all of Riverdale grew fond of the tight-knitted friend group.

Two years later, the four inseparable friends found themselves in Archie’s backyard.  Their shrieks of delight filled Mr. Andrews, who was watching from inside the kitchen, with warmth.  They had just grown bored of a game of hide-and-seek, and while Betty and Archie just sat in the grass, Jughead and (Y/N) continued to chase each other around.  Suddenly, Jughead stopped, causing (Y/N) to turn around.  He took off his beanie and, grinning madly, got down on one knee. Betty and Archie gasped as they ran over to watch.

“(Y/N),” Jughead started, holding out his beaning like a ring, “will you marry me?”  (Y/N) beamed as she stared at her best friend.  She took the beanie from his hands and placed it on her head, then helped Jughead stand up.

“We’re much too young to get married, Juggie,” she responded, and Jughead deflated.  “But-” he perked up, “ask me again when we’re eighteen and I’ll say yes.”

“You promise?” Jughead asked, holding out his pinky.  (Y/N) smiled and nodded, hooking her pinky with his.

“Pinky promise.”

Flash forward twelve years, after the first proposal and Jason Blossom’s death.  Past the beanie incident and the flannel, jacket, and sweater incidents.  After the kiss at Pop’s, and many more that happened after that night.

Twelve years after Jughead proposed to (Y/N) with a grey beanie, they graduated.  Through the years, their friend group grew to include others, such as Kevin and Veronica.  After the graduation ceremony, they went to the Lodge’s house for a celebration.  The party was in full swing: music blasting from the speakers, snacks filling up tables, and graduated high school students dancing everywhere.  (Y/N) had managed to get Jughead on the dance floor, both of them laughing at each other’s lack of dancing skills.  She wore his grey beanie and a wide grin.

The party began to die down, everyone growing tired after their long day.  Most people were sitting on the couch, quietly chatting amongst themselves.  (Y/N) sat on Jughead’s lap as they both conversed with Betty and Veronica. Suddenly, Jughead got up from under (Y/N).

“Excuse me, can I have everyone’s attention?” he yelled, successfully silencing the guests.  “Thank you.  Now if you didn’t happen to already know this, (Y/N) and I have been together for quite a while.”  Everyone in the room chuckled.  (Y/N) looked up at Jughead with a puzzled smile.

“What are you doing, Juggie?” she whispered, although everyone was able to hear her.  Jughead winked at her and continued.

“But something most of you probably didn’t know is that I proposed to (Y/N).”  The crowd gasped dramatically, and Jughead smirked.  “When we were six.”  Everyone rolled their eyes and laughed.  Jughead grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and made her stand up with him.  “And she said no!  Something about how we were too young,” he scoffed, and she giggled. “But she did promise me she’d say yes one day.  When we were eighteen, in fact.”  He got down on one knee, and everyone gasped, including (Y/N).  

“Oh my god,” she muttered under her breath, her hands covering her mouth in shock.  Tears began to cloud her eyes.

“(Y/N),” Jughead began, fishing around in his pocket.  “I have loved you since the day I proposed to you.  For a long time after that, I thought we were just friends, and I thought that you liked it that way.  And it took me a long while to realize it, but with the help of some of our friends-” Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin shared a smirk, “I realized that we were meant to be more.  Now, I’m gonna try this again, and I’m hoping this time you’ll say yes.  Because, you know, you pinky promised you would when we were six.”  Jughead pulled out a small box and opened it, revealing a beautiful, sparkling ring.  “(Y/N),” he asked, eyes full of hope, “will you marry me?”

(Y/N) couldn’t speak. She gleefully nodded, attempting to wipe some of the tears off her face.

“Yes,” she finally managed to choke out, laughing.  “Yes, of course, Juggie.”  The whole room burst into cheers, and Jughead shot up, placed the ring on (Y/N)’s finger, and kissed her.

Betty turned to Veronica, smiles plastered on both of their faces, and whispered, “Thank god for that beanie.”


o. the summary: in which the ex-girlfriend of the infamous reggie mantle starts dating a serpent— sweet pea to be exact. and it isn’t until he sees just how much sweet pea makes you happy that he realizes how he fucked up his good thing. ( warnings : use of adult themes & words. )

walking down 29th and Park i saw you in anothers arms. only a month we’ve been apart— you look happier saw you walk inside a bar. he said something to make you laugh. i saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours. yeah, you look happier… ❞

Many people at Riverdale High absolutely loathed Reggie Mantle. They found his ignorance to be insufferable most of the time but somehow for two years you looked past those terrible qualities in him and brought out the better side of him. The side that rubbed your stomach when it was your time of the month. The side that wiped your tears when Cheryl Blossom refused to have you on her Rivervixens team. Despie what most people thought Reggie was a good person deep down. You just had to try hard enough to get him to open up and allow him to show it.

His ultimate downfall was Chuck. He let Chuck make him believe he was too good for you. That compared to him— you were just another girl that wanted her ten seconds of fame with Mantle the Magnificent. And towards the end of the relationship he had been nothing like the person you fell in love with. He was cruel and vile all the time. He tattered your self worth and made you believe you wouldn’t be anything without him. It wasn’t until Veronica and Archie sat you down and made you realize that Reggie Mantle was abusing you. It might not have been physically— but he was mentally.

You ended things on a rather sour note. Reggie didn’t realize what he had until he lost you. Until you finally became a woman of your own and demanded your freedom. It didn’t fully hit him until the next day— when he woke up with red cirles underneath his eyes from the Jangle he had been doing and puffiness from sobbing into his pillow for you.

When rumors hit the surface of you and some Southside Serpent— Reggie didn’t believe it. He refused to believe his Y/N had moved on only a month after their breakup. He refused to believe Chuck and Archie— and definitely refused to believe Jughead. Reggie had to see it for himself. In the flesh for him to ever believe you had went to the South.

He had shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked down the streets of the Southside. A sharp knife in his pocket for a little more protection against the dangers these parts of town could bring— and that’s when he saw you. With a leather clad boy pressing you against the walls of some graffitied wooden fence. Reggie blinked before coming to a full realization that you were smiling. Your fingers twisting in his hair as you looked at him like he was your world. He sucked in a sharp breath and his fingers started cracking as he pressed them out of anger. He wanted to march up to the both of you and beat up the Serpent that dared to touch you. But he knew that he couldn’t. Reggie still loved you and he knew doing that would only hurt you more.

So he turned around and walked away in silence with his mind wondering into the darkness of the midnight sky glimmering down his hopes and dreams in his mind.

❝ ‘cause baby you look happier, you do my friends told me one day i’ll feel it too and until then i’ll smile to hide the truth but i know i was happier with you. sat in the corner of the room. everything’s reminding me of you. nursing an empty bottle and telling myself ❞

Reggie watched as you fell into Sweet Pea’s shoulder. A smile playing on your face as he whispered something into your ear so nobody else could hear what he was saying. His vanilla and strawberry swirled milkshake remaining empty as he forced himself to stop staring at your booth. Chuck was right in front of him shoveling his mouth with his hamburger and fries as he followed Reggie’s gaze to the back of the diner. Rolling his eyes he gulped down his chocolate shake before using his thumb to wipe the corner of his lip. “It’s been two months man.” He said.

Reggie shot a glare to his friend. “Yeah well I would still be with her if it wasn’t for you.”

Chuck chuckled darkly as his oblivious teammate. “You messed that shit up with her Reggie. You know I love you bro—“ the dark skinned boy cleared his throat and quickly muttered a no homo before continuing. “But everyone saw you treated her like shit. Don’t get me wrong I’m particularly fond of her but at least she had enough balls to leave you.”

“I loved her.” Reggie confessed. “And I don’t think I’ll ever be able to move on from that.”

He glanced down to the whipped cream staining the bottom of his milkshake glass and he smiled remembering how you used to move the straw around and get every last drop of it because it was your favorite part.

“We’re in high school Reggie.” Chuck reminded as he finished up his meal and dug in his wallet for a ten dollar bill. “Y/N is the first of many to walk in and break your heart.”

Reggie didn’t answer. Just looking over to where Sweet Pea’s lips moved against yours. Your hand cupping his cheek lovingly. His heart wrenched and forced himself to look back to Chuck who was already looking at him. “She looks happier.” He admitted.

“She does.” Chuck agreed.

Forsythe - Jughead Jones

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Can I please have a Jughead fic where Y/n (confident, tough girl) is being playful and making fun of Jugheads real name when they’re at her house and he starts a tickle fight out of revenge being 100% done with her shit, despite thinking it’s adorable.

Anonymous said:

Fluffy & cute af Jughead imagine where you two have always been best friends and jug has been trying to hide the fact that he’s in love with you until he finally confesses his feelings and so you admit you feel the same way 😊 Love your writing btw x

Originally posted by squintlovely

I couldn’t help but combine these two ideas! I hope you’re both okay with this and I’m sorry it’s so short!!!

“What does that even mean?” You asked while grabbing your phone. Jughead spun around in your desk chair to look at you. You were sitting on your bedroom floor still giggling over  how his dad used his full name when she picked him up to come over.. “It doesn’t matter, Y/N, just drop it,” he said turning back to type away at his novel. You let out another adorable giggle that, even though you couldn’t see it, made Jughead smile. “Forsythe Pendleton, it sounds almost royal,” you let out a fake gasp, “Are you a long lost prince?” Jughead turned to look at you while trying to suppress a smile, “Wouldn’t that be interesting, me as a prince.” You let out a laugh, “You don’t have the manners!” He gave you a smile and you typed on your phone.

“According to sevenreflections.com, you are suppose to be kind, hospitable, and friendly,” you let out another laugh. He just rolled his eyes while he looked at his computer screen. The original plan for when he came over to your place was to have you proofread the drafts of his novels. He didn’t bring this up of course, but Jughead also wanted to tell you about how he truly felt about you, his best friend. He had been harboring feelings for you since the 6th grade, and after around four years of hiding, he finally felt confident enough to tell you. Those plans were soon scrapped when you heard his real name. He didn’t mind the teasing, not really, he just had other things on his mind. “I wonder what Pendleton means,” you voice broke him from his thoughts. “Oh this one suits you,” you said getting up to show him the results. You leaned over him, your arm over his shoulders to hold your phone in front of his face.

“You express yourself and your ideas through writings or other forms of art. While you are expressive, you like to keep your feelings to yourself,” you read the first few sentences out loud but Jughead wasn’t listening. He had stopped typing, marveling in your closeness and not hearing a single word. “Sounds like you,” you added and you turned to face him, but only to find his gaze on you. “Uh yeah, sounds like me,” he said quickly, looking back to his computer screen. You walked to your bed and sat against the wall, shutting off your phone. “When you’re done with that chapter, I can read through it.” He nodded and you picked at your nails, somewhat bored. Jughead’s finger were typing so fast, he thought maybe he’d have a cramp. He just wanted to hear you talk again. An idea crawled into his brain and he smiled, “So are you done making fun of my name?” You let out a laugh from where you were seated. “Oh honey, I’ve just started!” He smiled at his screen and listened while you described how a guy with his name should act and how he was the total opposite. “Like I said before, maybe you’re a rich prince,” you paused, smiling widely, “if that’s the case, we should go out sometime.” Jughead fumbled in his typing and hot blushed rose to his cheeks. He thanked God that you couldn’t see the blush, but you must’ve noticed his fingers because you started laughing again. To his surprise you didn’t downplay your proposal with a “I was just kidding, Jug.” No, you didn’t say anything of the sort and a sense of hope flooded over him. He added the finishing touches to his chapter and turned to face you.

“And Jughead Jones the third,” you let out a chuckle, “more like Jughead Jones the turd.” You started laughing, but Jughead couldn’t take it anymore. “That’s it,” he said, standing and darting over to your bed. He leaned over you and proceeded to tickle you. You laughed and screamed, causing Jughead to smile wickedly. “You’re so mean Y/N,” he said, still tickling you, “but not like mean mean, but like annoying five year-old type mean.” This caused you to laugh more, making Jughead laugh as well and loosen up on his tickle attack. You took that to your advantage, grabbing his arms and pulling him down to the bed, where you pinned him.

“You tickle me for revenge, Jones, you get put in time out. Who’s the five year-old now?” He laughed fro underneath you, causing you to smile down at him. “I remember when you were five, Y/N, you haven’t changed a bit.” You raised your eyebrow at him, “Really now, would a five year old have such good taste in choosing you as their best friend?” He stared up at you, taking in your stunning features. “Probably not, kids don’t tend to like me,” he whispered and you smiled down at him. He sat up suddenly, face to face with you as you were straddling his thighs to pin him. “But you like me,” he said, feeling his gut tighten with nerves, “and I was wondering if there was a chance that you,” his confidence wavered as he spoke. “I like you Y/N, more than as a friend.” You looked at him, peering into his green eyes before speaking. “You’re lucky you’re probably a long lost prince,” you said with a smile, “so about that date.” Jughead just smiled at you as you rattled off all of the outlandish things you wanted to do on your first date, that he could afford because of his royal family riches.

He just listened until he couldn’t help himself any longer and pressed a kiss to your cheek. His hand lingered on the other side of your face as he pulled away, using his thumb to stroke your cheek bone.  Your expression suddenly grew serious, “Jug, are you sure you want this? I know I’m a handful sometimes and I don’t want you to leave.” His eyebrows knitted together in concern, and he held your face in his hands. “I’ve wanted you for so long Y/N, even though you a total pain in the ass.” You laughed and so did he, but he wanted to you to believe him. He carefully moved in a pressed a soft and short kiss to your lips. “You’re lucky I’m a long lost prince with the patience of a saint.” You let out a loud laugh, “Sure, whatever Forsythe.”


Jughead x Reader

Request: Jughead imagine where you get jealous when he spends a lot of time with Betty so you kiss him a lot

Could I request an imagine where the reader and jughead have an argument. It can be about whatever you want but can it have a happy ending xx

Warnings: Swearing

Word count: 815

A/N: Sorry this is a bit of a shorter one, I didn’t go into much detail as I usually do with backstory to save time. I also combined two prompts, hope that was okay. They both seem to fit as I was writing. (Working on Butterfly and the Beanie part two, but still wanted to get a request out!)

“Hey, Juggie!” you hear a voice call from down the hall of Riverdale High. It’s the end of the day and you and your boyfriend have plans to people watch at Pop’s before heading to your place to watch some movies and get some well deserved alone time. You haven’t had the chance to see him outside of school in weeks because of stuff going on at home.

You turn to see who called his nickname, and none other than Betty Cooper is walking towards you.

“Hey, Betty.” Jughead replies.

“I have some new information.” she says cryptically.

Words seem to pass between them without being spoken. You stare at both of them, wondering what the hell is going on.

“Sorry, (Y/N), I gotta go, I’ll call you later.” he says, giving you a hug and quick kiss on the forehead before walking off with Betty.

You barely have a chance to get a word in before they’re walking out of the building together to do who knows what.

You don’t see him for a few days after that, the weekend approaching and going without even a text. You feel lonely, and angry. What did Betty have that you didn’t? It’s like he’s been purposely avoiding you to hang out with her, and you didn’t like that. You didn’t care so much that they were friends, but that you were his girlfriend, and he was starting to spend more time with her than with you.

It’s a late monday night and you decide you need answers. You can’t handle the radio silence any longer. You’ve been dating for a little over a year, and you deserve to know what’s going on. He knows about your parents and is helping you through the divorce, he knows about how you lost your job, and all the other shit that piles on from being a teenager, yet he’s barely let you in at all.  

You pull out your phone, writing a text.  

‘I need to see you, now. We need to talk.’ is all it says.

You press send.

He shows up at your window a few minutes later, since you only live a few blocks apart.

You open the window for him, letting in the cold night air.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” he asks, wiping himself off as he steps inside.

“What’s wrong? I haven’t seen you in a week, Jughead.” you say, trying not to get mad.

He just looks at you, unable to get any words out.

“I’m sorry.” he finally says, looking down.

“Sorry?” you question, mocking his response, your voice becoming a bit more powerful. “You’ve ditched me for what? For Betty?” you accuse.

The name hangs in the air between you,  an elephant in the room.

“(Y/N) are you insane? Of course not. You’re my girlfriend.” he says, trying to reach out to you, but you back away.

“Sure doesn’t feel like it.” you say, venom in your voice.He may not realize it, but not seeing or talking to him hurts you. It hurts you more than you can bare.

You turn away from him, unable to look at his face anymore.

“I love you. No one else.” he says, firm in his words. Regret is written all over his features, and now he knows that he’s done something wrong, he knows that he’s hurt you. He doesn’t have it in him to fight, not when he knows that he’s in the wrong.

“Prove it.” you say, only glancing back at him. Tears that you didn’t even realize were there began to form in your eyes.

Before you have a chance to say anything, he turns you back around and looks in your eyes.

You look up at him, allowing the touch.

He brushes a strand of hair that’s fallen in front of your face behind your ear, and the hand moves to hold the back of your neck.

He moves closer, the other hand going to cup your cheek as he presses his lips to yours.

He kisses you with a passion you’ve never felt from him before, and it’s like you can tell that he wants you with every fiber of his being.

One of your hands tangle themselves in his hair, pulling him closer.

He breaks away only to lead you to the bed, pulling you close. You cuddle up to him and start to kiss him again, wrapped in his arms.

“I’ve missed you so much,” you whisper against his lips, “don’t you dare think of ditching me again.” a smile creeps over your face as he pulls you closer against his body.

“Never.” he says back, holding my face once more so that our lips don’t fall too far from each other.

The past few weeks melt away, because in this moment, he’s there and he’s yours.

You can’t ask for anything better.

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The Makeup Challenge | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description / Request: After not posting a video for a while on her Youtube channel, the reader decides to film a challenge with her newfound friend Cole Sprouse. Her very, attractive, famous, friend.

Word Count: 1593

“Yo hoes,” I greeted winking at the camera a few feet in front of me. “It’s been a while. What’s up?” I paused for moment pretending someone was answering back. “Nice. Anyways I’m here today with a very special guest and you’ll never guess who it is.”

I looked over at the other side of the room which was out of camera shot. “That’s your cue,” I said monotonously shaking Cole out of his reverie. He ran and jumped onto my bed which is what we decided to sit on for my video.

Cole grabbed my face and pressed our cheeks together flashing a heart stopping smile at the camera. “Hi everyone. I’m Dylan Sprouse and you’re watching Disney Channel.”

I pushed him away and giggled. “No but seriously, I’m here with Cole Mitchell Sprouse. Not Dylan as you can probably tell by the hair. And today we’re going to be doing to makeup challenge!”

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At The Whyte Wyrm

Originally posted by always-klaus-forever-kol

Pair: Sweet Pea x Reader

Summary:  Sweet Pea imagine where the reader is a good girl and Sweet Pea takes a liking to her one night when he sees her at the Wyrm (because she’s friends with Jughead). Pea starts flirting with her but the reader plays hard to get Thanks💕

A/N: Sorry I haven’t been uploading anything lately it was my birthday on Sunday and I have been celebrating with my family. I loved writing this, hope you like it.

“Jughead I told my parents that I would be hanging out with you.” You complained, worry crawling up your skin.

“We are hanging out - at the Whyte Wyrm.” He retorts.

“Jughead.” You snap narrowing your eyes at him. You wished you had chose to stay in bed and finish off that homework rather than coming to a rowdy pub. You sigh letting your face relax, knowing that Jughead felt at home here.

“Promise you’ll drive me home at 12?” You sternly say, still concerned about getting home on time.

“Y/N relax, I promise I will.” He reassures you.

“Come and see Toni.” Relief washing over you with the knowledge that someone you knew was there, following after Jughead to the bar.

“Don’t look now but Y/N’s here.” Sweets scowls back at Toni. Sweet Pea he saw Toni talking to Y/N on Friday, he was immediately drawn to you. They way your nose crinkled when you laughed, the little piece of hair that couldn’t seem to stay in place no matter how much you pressed it down and your books kept close to their chest, he found everything you did was endearing to him. He was so enraptured by you he almost tripped down the stairs. Afterwards he asked Toni everything she knew about the you, and she has refused to stop teasing him about it since.

“Who’s Y/N?” Fangs says raising his eyebrows suggestively. Typically cool and collected Sweet Pea could barely sputter out a response knowing anything he said would reveal how much he liked her. He scolded himself for being so silly giddy over a girl he hadn’t spoken a word to yet.

“Try not to stumble like that in front of her.” Fangs says cutting off Sweet Pea’s sputtering.

“Shut up I think they can hear us.” Toni slaps them both on the arm, sending a look to were you and Jughead are at the bar. Sweets couldn’t help the loud comical gulp emitting from him, his mouth was suddenly becoming dry and he takes another swig of his drink.

“You okay there buddy.” Fangs jokes receiving another slap from Toni.

“Go talk to her.” Toni sternly says shoving Sweets almost pushing him off his chair.

“Fine fine,” He mutters straightening out his jacket and running his hand through his hair ignoring Fangs eye roll. He ignored it in favour of paying attention to his roaring nerves and the steady throbbing of his heart.

“I’m Sweet Pea and you would be?” A tall boy slides in leaning against the bar next to you, he sends you a knee buckling smiles full dimples and all.

“Not Interested.” You rarely got attention like this from guys but you weren’t stupid enough to fling yourself into the arms of the first fuckboy to talk to you.  You turn away from him continuing your conversation with Jughead. Sweet Pea turns his head looking back at Fangs and Toni who are shaking their heads in shame at him. He mentally slaps himself in the face at his stupidity, instead of being a nervous wreck he covered his nerves by being a smooth talking asshole. Sweet Pea’s attention is absorbed by another Serpent challenging him to a game of pool, after beating Fangs last week he had been claimed the current champion. He takes one last wistful gaze a Y/N wishing the perfect words would come to him before moving towards the pool table with the serpent.

Fangs comes bounding over to you and Jughead dragging Toni behind him, he forcefully claps Jughead on the back causing him to splutter on his drink. Jughead becomes taken over by a violent coughing fit, while Fangs introduces himself to you.

“Let’s go watch the game. Sweet Pea is getting awfully cocky about his championship.” Toni says, all of you collecting your drinks and moving towards the pool table.

Sweet Pea insisted he practice for the game while waiting for his opponent to return from getting drinks.

“Warming up is the most important part of the game.” He explains to Fangs who was noticeably peeved by Sweet Peas harping.

“I put twenty bucks on you winning this game, so you better win.” Toni threateningly says.

“Please Toni I’ll be fine.” He smugly says.

“You’re not going to win with that technique.” You teasingly quip.

“Pardon me Northsider.” He says shock offended

“Well that’s not how you play if you want to win.” You smugly say.

“I’ll have you know I’m the reigning champion here.”

“How shitty must everyone else be.” You cheekily say.

“Look at this Northsider princess coming onto my land and telling me how to play my game.” He teases.

​“I’m sorry I’m sure you know what you’re doing…even if you’re doing it wrong…” You had a pool table as a kid and your mum taught you your talents.

“Okay then princess why don’t you show me how it’s done”  His smirks passing you a pool stick.

“Well I guess someone has to show you.” You make the first shot, Sweet Pea quickly joining into the game.

Eventually a small crowd gathers around the table people in awe of the Northsider giving Sweet Pea a run for his money.

“I’m hot.” You announce tugging off your chunky sweater and passing it to Fangs who you had become fast friends with.

“You’re right about that sweetheart.” He sends a wink at you.

You roll your eyes refusing to fall for this boys charming words “Don’t try to distract me Pea, I see your tricks. Now play.”

“Hey I saw you checking me out when I was bending over the pick up that stray pool ball.” He teasingly says, tensing his arm muscles.

“You should be so lucky.” You joke.

It was dreadfully late by the time the game was over, Sweet Pea unfortunately beating you, even though it was only just.

“You still need practice.” You mock.

“I won.” His tone shocked.

“Barely and I let you get some of those easier hits.” You wave it off easily.

“Y/N it’s 12.” Jughead hollers at you, keeping his promise. You jump out of the enchantment that was just you and Sweets remembering you needed to get home as soon as possible. It twisted your heart to have to leave Sweet Pea knowing that this would probably be the end of whatever you and him had developed. You doubted he would act this way towards you at school probably choosing to ignore you instead, the thought was disheartening.

“I’ll take you home.” Sweet Pea offers realising - like you - that Jughead was completely involved in his conversation with Toni and Fangs.

“C’mon let me take you home.” He says seeing your hesitant face.

“On your bike?” You worriedly question pulling at your shirt.

“I promise I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” He comforts placing an arm around you shoulder, you let him lead the way to his motorbike.

“Shoot I left my sweater with Fangs.” You were standing by Sweets bike the chill of the night air biting at your skin.

“Your going to want a jacket on the bike.” You feel the weight of his jacket on your shoulders, causing you to shyly smile up at him.

“What a gentleman.” Twirling around and modelling the jacket.

“It suits you.” He sweetly says scratching the back of his neck before he moves to help you fasten your helmet on.

“Here you go Princess.” He says coming to a halting stop, you wait a second before unclasping your hands from around his waist, slowly pulling away from leaning on his back. You get up off the bike, sliding off the jacket and securing it around Sweets shoulders where it belongs and awkwardly standing next to him not sure how to say goodbye.

“Maybe we should catch up sometime?”  He shyly says “Like on a date?” He clarifies, you look down at your feet that are shifting from side to side. You didn’t know what to say, You had fallen a little bit for him tonight yet you didn’t know what Sweets wanted from you. You didn’t want to fall for charm was wasn’t real.

“C’mon Y/N, it will be fun whatever you want to do, I promise.” He excitedly says, his head already running through the fun date ideas.

“So you can break my heart or get into bed with me?” You honestly say, your own insecurities flaring up, your worried scared self showing.

“I’d take you to dinner first.” He jokingly say yet to grasp how serious you were. You stayed silent and he could feel the suspicion coming off you, he didn’t want you to slip through his fingers. He felt something growing between the two of you and he didn’t want to give up on it so soon.

“Y/N c’mon, I know you haven’t known me long but I would never do that. I promised I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you Y/N. I really like you, tonight all tat ‘smooth talking’ was just me covering up my nerves, under it I was a nervous wreck, no ones ever made me nervous like that I..” He rambles on.

“Hey.” You gently cradle his face in your hands. “I think I might go out with you, Gotta Give you a fair chance.”

“Is that the only reason.” He smirks.

“And I really like you. Happy?.” You mumble out, still scared about revealing your feelings.

A cute smile breaks out on his face, dimples popping, assuring you that yes he was happy with your answer. You lean in pressing a kiss on his cheek, discreetly sliding your number into his pocket.

“Bye Sweets.” The nickname making his heart skip a beat. He watches you walk towards your door a cute spring in your step, before turning around waving at him then disappearing inside.

You lay back on your bed a bright smile lighting up your face. Your heart still beating from the kiss you pressed to his cheek, it felt right - as horribly cheesy as that sounds. Your phone beeps from beside you, you clumsily pick it up checking the messages.

‘I hope you didn’t think you were being subtle about sliding me your number. I’ll take that as a yes for that date, Can’t wait.’ You smile at the message, walking to your window and pulling the curtain to the side. You see Sweets, phone in hand looking up at your window. He brings his hand to his mouth, blowing you a kiss. You send him a simple message in reply ‘Can’t Wait.’ you spot that bright smile you were beginning to fall in love with before he zooms off into the night.

A/N: I hope you like this, I feel like it’s not my best work. It’s also quite cheesy but thats not unusual for my writing. Also requests are open.


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Oh my good this promo is too much!

I can‘t, I just can‘t. It‘s perfect.😭😍😍😍😱

Secrets // A Jughead Jones imagine

Request: Imagine your sister Cheryl complaining that Jughead is always around until one day she realizes its because you are dating

“Hello darkness, my old friend.” Cheryl quipped when Jughead walked into your home. She was stood on the stairs like she had been waiting. Jughead groaned quietly.
“Hello Cheryl.”
“What are you doing Cher?” You asked.
“Mom and Dad are out for the night. So I’m in charge.” You nodded. “I had to make sure you weren’t going to keep bringing the Brother Grim into our home, but you did. I guess the upside down cross over the door didn’t work.” Jughead spun around to see if there had been a cross over the door. Cheryl snickered.
“You’re awful.” You responded. “C'mon Jug, we need to study for the Geometry test.”
“Wait, I didn’t get to see if garlic worked. What about iron?” You couldn’t help but giggle.
“I’m so sorry about her.” You said once your door was closed. You sat your book bag down on the floor beside your bed and fell on it.
“It’s fine. At least she’s clever about her torment.” He laid beside you on his stomach, holding his head up with his hand. “Besides, garlic and crosses only work on vampires, she will never defeat me.” You laughed loudly.
“Jug please don’t encourage her, my god she will never stop if she hears you talking like this.”
He chuckled and leaned over onto you, burying his face in your shoulder where he was pressing soft kisses to the skin. “Do we really have to study for this test, we can’t just enjoy each others company?”
“Look, I make up every excuse I can to get you here, but I really need help on this one.”
You didn’t get much studying done with Jughead. You spent more time in each other’s arms than doing math; teasing words followed by heated make out sessions seemed more important to him. Not that you minded.
When you arrived home the next afternoon, alone this time, Cheryl began to question his constant presence.
“Is he obsessed with you?” She asked trailing behind you up the stairs.
“Not that I’m aware of.”
“Is he using you for money?”
“Yes Cheryl, because Daddy trusts me so much with money, he just gives it to me.”
Cheryl chuckled, but kept asking. She sat down on the bed and was watching you.
“What is it then, because he’s constantly around you at school, you’re never touching, otherwise, I’d say you’re fucking-”
“Cheryl!” Her jaw dropped, she shot up, her eyes bright.
“I’m close!”
“You are not.”
“You’re dating that all American reject!” She was standing now, laughter in her eyes.
“Cheryl stop!” You pleaded.
“Absolutely not, not until I get answers.” You groaned. You worked so hard to hide this from her.
“Fine. We’re dating. Are you happy now? Can you leave me alone?”
“No I’m not happy, my baby sister is dating death incarnate! I don’t trust him!”
“Why? He’s never done anything to you.”
“He’s always on that laptop.”
“Ok, Cheryl.”
“Tell me about him then. What is he like? Does he treat you well?”

Pop-Tarts - Andrews!Reader X Jughead

[A/N: Okay so you can blame @kingpendleton for this one, I just wanted to write a bit of a tropey piece and this is what I came up with. It’s a little rough because it was only supposed to be a short number but I ended up with 2300 words.]

Word Count: 2300

Originally posted by alwayschach-sprouseblog

‘Do you ever, I don’t know, hang out at your own house?’ You asked as you flopped down onto the occupied sofa.

Jughead Jones lay slouched next to you with his feet firmly placed on your small coffee table; he was surrounded by multiple bags of chips and sweet treats, and a gluttonous sized cup of soda.

‘And why would I ever want to do that when I can enjoy such fantastic company, like yourself, right here in the Andrews home?’ He flashed you the most sarcastic face he could muster, behind his eyes however there lay genuine humour.

You playfully kicked his feet from your coffee table with a gentle shove and replaced them with your own, he huffed in annoyance.

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Speechless | Jughead Jones x Reader


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Originally posted by kindamainstream

“Aaand… Perfect,” Veronica says with a sweet smile finishing putting lipstick on (Y\n)’s lips. “Now, why don’t you get up and look at yourself?”

    The girl sitting on a chair smiles back and nodds. She stands up and comes to a big mirror that is placed on the wall.

“Wow,” (Y\n) spins around looking at the reflection. “I’m honestly speechless, V.”

Veronica comes closer and hugs her from behind. “You look absolutely gorgeous, (Y\n).”

(Y\n) turns around to face her friend and puts her hands on Ronnie’s shoulders. “Thank you so much,” she says.

“You’re so welcome,” Veronica replies. “Now, we gotta go, Cheryl’s party is going to start soon.” 

    The girls arrive to the party just in time. The place looks beautiful, majority of the guests are already here, music is playing loudly. It seems like everyone is about to have a great night. Veronica and (Y\n) start to search for their friends.

“I think we’ll need to separate. If we won’t find each other after, go back to this same spot, okay?” Veronica says.

“Okay,” (Y\n) replies. 

    Ronnie leaves her and a few moments later merges with the crowd. (Y\n) decides to go in the opposite direction. She looks around as she walks bumping into people, hoping to see a familiar face. After a few minutes of searching the girl starts to feel a little nervous because she still haven’t found anyone. Suddenly she spots a boy with red hair standing not so far from her. (Y\n) starts moving foward to him. 

“Archie!” she shouts trying to attract his attention so he won’t go anywhere.

The boy notices her and waves with a smile.

“Hi, (Y\n)!” Archie greets her when whey come closer to each other. “You look beautiful.”

“Awww, thank you Arch,” (Y\n)’s face goes red. She suddenly notices that Archie is not alone. “Oh, Jug, hi! I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Well, here I am,” Jughead says. “And you… I… I’m…”

“Speechless?” They hear Veronica’s voice as she comes over to them holding hands with Betty.

“Exactly,” Jughed says and smiles shyly.

    They all decide to take a break after about an hour and chill on the couch. Jughead and Archie sit together and talk while girls are chatting and laughing sitting beside them. 

“Hey, dude,” the red haired boy says when he notices that his friend is not paying attention to what he is trying to tell him. Jug’s eyes are focused on something. Archie looks at the directon Jughead is looking to and realises that he is looking at (Y\n). He grins and waves his hand in front of Jug’s face.


“You seem a little distracted.”

“Umm… Sorry man. I just don’t feel right. Partying is not really my thing,” Jughead comes up with an excuse. 

“Are you sure this is the reason?” Archie glances at (Y\n). His grin becomes wider.

Jughead rolls his eyes and elbowes his friend. 

“You didn’t answer. Are you “speechless”?” The redhead mimics Veronica and laughs.

“Shut up!” The raven raired boy elbowes him again and laughs too.