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Character-Specific Tech Tip #2

This one’s pretty similar to the first tip in that it’s a nearly guaranteed critical burst setup but it’s from Phase 4’s launch throw. Phase’s ←P after a ceiling hit from this throw will always result in a limbo stun which guarantees the →→P. The CB can be gotten out of but requires a fastest slow escape so again, it’s difficult. Are you facing someone who low holds out of stuns? This works with Phase’s ↙T as well. It’s not wall-friendly though so this is best done with some space.

Bonus Tip

As far as I know any ceiling hit that isn’t a power launcher will guarantee a power blow if you do it quick enough. Charge it too long and most cases it won’t be guaranteed. This includes throws and holds/expert holds that hit the ceiling. The characters that can do this I know of are Kasumi, Christie, Rig, Ayane, Hayabusa, Nyotengu, Lisa, Bass, Phase 4, Hayate, Raidou, and Gen fu.


Think fast! 

anonymous asked:

This might sound mean so don't be mad, but I saw a video of you on insta and is there a reason you talk out of one side of your mouth? Is it an accent thing or a smirk or what? You're still pretty but w distracting.

Oh, fuck, was it the juggling video? I need to tell Alex to delete that.

Anyhow, I’ve had my jaw dislocated and fractured a couple of times, and I’ve had a lot of general face trauma, so making symmetrical gestures with my mouth/jaw can be painful and awkward. It just feels natural to talk that way, even though I always kind of look like I’m the hot teen boy about to offer you drugs in a middle school health class video.

Don’t sweat it. You’re not the first person to be like, “Why are you smirking? What devious thoughts are you having in this business meeting? Please talk like a person.” I get it a lot. I guess people stare at my mouth? Maybe they want to kiss me. Do you want to kiss me? Be real with me, man.


Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I’m trying to take more time off to recuperate from my classes.

I’ve been pretty stressed with my assignments as of late. It’s hard to juggle homework, video game design club, personal projects, and tumblr all at once.

If I’m a little moody or tired in chats these days, that’s probably why. I may not have as much time on tumblr for awhile.


i know this is about not using these effects, but it’s kind of sold me on star-wipes.


New headcanon: Skids does this when he helps Swerve at the bar and gets bored. Some ‘bots started coming to the bar just to gawk at him.