Please, take a moment to watch this video. Actually LISTEN to what Violent J and Shaggy dope are saying. Listen in an unbiased manner. If you listen hard enough, you will hear that they act the extreme way they do as a fuck you to corporate companies who control every penny they earn. They want freedom, just as you and I do. Also, they care about their audience. If you listen to their side of the story, they say obscene things to kids to joke with them. These kids need some jokes- usually the target audience are misfits, people who have failed at life and need somewhere to go to relieve their stress. And, truthfully, Violent J and Shaggy Dope are the same as you and I in the fact that, hey, they’re doing what they believe as right.

who's going chicken huntinnn'? we goin' chicken huntin' whoop whoop.

guys I miss my ex ):

today is his favorite holiday, hallowicked. of course, because he is a Juggalo.

today would have been 17 months.

last year I went trick or treating with him & Steve & nick. they all came to my house with their faces painted, and I made fun of them. I remember driving to Chalfont listening to ICP’s hallowicked shit, and laughing along as I listened to how ridiculous it was. I remember I wouldn’t kiss mike because I didn’t want makeup all over my face.

I should have kissed him. :/ now I regret it, a year later.

after Facebook creeping, I saw that he dressed up in his new gf’s uniform for Halloween. why didn’t he paint his face? he didn’t even represent his family love.

I listened to a lot of ICP today. I thought of him. I miss him.

I love you. happy hallowicked. I hope you had a good night with your girlfriend.