so there’s this local bar. it’s local. kinda cold. down under ground. halfway between the ground and street level. got half a flight of stairs down to it. inside there’s this piano player. he’s jamming. really good. got his hands moving all fast on the black and white. percussioning. so good. keeps hitting the keys faster. more, he demands. they wheel the second piano over. two pianos now. 176 keys. still going. he’s so good at playing these pianos. more, he demands, more. they wheel the third one over. three pianos. piano juggling. so good

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Do you think you'll ever start adding a lot of the other Dragon Age characters to your redbubble store? I love your style! I saw a couple Dorian pictures, but maybe more from Inquisition Saturdays? Everyone loves Stinky of course but variety is the spice of life, right?

Perhaps I will, yes. Trust me it’s not a matter of lack of will it’s a matter of lack of time. Which is why I only do Inquizzition Saturdays sporadically now, because I am swamped with work. Also Solas is my main character and he’s easier for me to draw, some of the other folk are really time consuming, which is why I don’t draw them as often.

But it’s looking like next month might be a bit more calm for me, less projects and less commissions so I’ll try and make some designs for the other DA characters to upload to the store. <3


Readings are still open, I am still trying my best to get to everyone so please bare with me.

I am trying my best to juggle between your request and work/life. It it hard to focus my energy and balance it, so it will take a while to get to you all. Especially if you are asking for a tarot reading, it will take a bit longer. But I love you all and I thank you for being such patient souls!

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For her role as Offred, the defiant baby-making slave in Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Elisabeth Moss has earned her eighth Emmy nomination. The performance is a marvel of sardonic voice-over and subtle eye acting as Offred tries to make sense of a mad world from inside her starched white bonnet.

How was it to juggle duties both in front of and behind the camera while dealing with such dark material?

I worked more on this show than I’ve ever worked on anything. It was a 24-hour job for many, many, many months. I didn’t work on it when I was sleeping, but I woke up thinking about it. So when people say, “Oh my God, it was such dark material — was it a dark thing to film?” I say, “No, because you don’t have time for that.”

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Does Lucky have a certain type of humour? Does that type of humour annoy Chris (or anyone else)?

Lucky is the type of person who laughs at everything BUT the punchline. He’s that one random dude in the theatre who’s laughing at all the wrong parts, and dead silent through the actual funny scenes. He’s ridiculous. It’s not so much that he doesn’t understand humor, or what human’s find funny, as much as it’s just that he thinks humans are funny in general, and watching someone pick a sock up with their toes, or someone juggling is HILARIOUS to him.

It’s like. When a dog howls when they hear sirens, or chases their tails. We think that’s funny and cute, but to them? It’s just something they do! That’s sometimes how Lucky sees humans.

And yeah, that can get annoying sometimes, because to him, he’s amused by people and what they do, and it’s harmless, but sometimes to other people, it feels condescending. Like he’s laughing at them or something. He doesn’t mean it to be that way, he’s trying his best.

“Staying calm through this season of change with @naturalvitalityofficial 🍵🌿Juggling mom life, working from home life, toddlers, meeting project deadlines and keeping up with never ending house work can be a bit overwhelming! Plus the thought of sending my first child off to preschool has been giving some extra anxiety for sure.


No one knows exactly why otters do this — but it’s completely mesmerizing.

Human: *juggles*
Alien: !?
Human: Oh, yeah, it’s just a trick I picked up. Just for fun. I’m not, like, a real juggler
Alien: ‘Real’ In these contexts indicates a profession? There are people who do this for money?
Human: Oh yeah! I got a friend who’s a professional juggler *finds YouTube video*
Alien: !!
Human: Yeah, and also there’s combat juggling
Alien: This is a metaphorical combat, yes? For social dominance? You do not injure each other?
Human: Well, I mean, some injuries are gonna happen. That’s why my friend – the guy in that video – he can’t do combat juggling very much. He can’t risk injury, cuz he has to perform. it’s super fun, though. 

Fma headcanon that during the nights when Al is still stuck in his armor and sick of reading or sitting alone with his thoughts, he teaches himself a bunch of random skills to pass the time.

Like one morning Ed wakes up to the sound of Al playing the cello.