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OUATVAN 2017 - GOLD EXCLUSIVE PANEL with Colin O’Donoghue & Jennifer Morrison

  • Colin broke his foot on the last day of the musical episode (x)
  • Girl giving Colin juggling balls and he’s juggling (x)
  • Jen loved working with Hugh Laurie, she also loved working with LinMM. She’d like to work with cate Blanchett (x)
  • Colin liked to work with Anthony Hopkins and would like to work with Daniel Lewis (x)
  • The most challenkng character Colin had to play was the priest but he thinks Hook is challenging too (x)
  • Jen found playing “bringing Ashley home” very challenging (x)
  • Jen says Adam and Eddy take the complexity of families into the show (x)
  • Jen likes that Emma and snow faced their pastors and they’re bonded in a way that can never be broken. (x)
  • Emma admires snow and wants to live up to smoky values (x)
  • Hook respects snow and charming and hook is a complex character who tries to be a good person (x)
  • Jen said to keep watching cause there will be interruption happening to CS proposal (x)
  • Colin was a weird kid. (Said it himself) and he was into blues music (x)
  • Jen was raised on Disney movies so Cinderella or other things meant a lot to her. (x)
  • Jen has a beautiful singing voice, she just sang something (x)
  • Jen feels as is a combination of both, dark Emma and wish realm emma (x)
  • Jen says she’s a princess at heart (x)
  • Jen loves to do the princess stuff but the dark one challenges her bc she had to search for parts of herself that are like that (x)
  • Jen would take mists of Avalon, the Bible and east of eden to a deserted island (x)
  • When hook and jack sparrow would meet theyd drink a lot of rum and do a lot of mischief. (x)
  • Emma’s closet changed bc they were thinking about what emma has access to in SB. So the clothes got a vintage touch.  (x)
  • Emma is letting her walls down and that’s why she’s also changing her wardrobe. She’s softer as is her clothing (x)
  • New memories and experiences influence Emma’s clothes (x)
  • Colin gets a new leather jacket tomorrow (x)
  • Colin accidentally hurt someone with the hook while filming the beanstock ep in season 2 but he never hurt himself (x)
  • Jen would like to do checkov and Ipsen plays. She played Eliza Doolittle in Highschool. Colin would like to do Les Mis (x)
  • Jen: I think Colin just wants to be directed by me.
    • Colin: I pretty much am. (x)
  • Jen loves acting and it’s been a cool one transitioning into directing and she loves that too. (x)
  • Colin would like to start directing and get more into the BTS stuff (x)
  • Jen thinks emotional scenes are  hard to do because you have to sustain the crying. Emma breaking the curse in S1 was intense (x)
  • An upcoming scene was very emotional for her to film  (x)
  • Colin found the scene where Emma kills hook a very hard scene to film (x)

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme…

The way The Adventure Zone juggles humor and drama reminds me of Scarborough Fair/Canticle. On the one level it’s an old nonsense song, and then on the other you’ve got a pretty serious poem describing the horrors of war. I also drew it because my response to all the intense, amazing plot twists has apparently been to post even more jokey scribbles, haha. So here are the boys, tromping through the woods, probably just before The Suffering Game. Magnus is getting an inkling of what’s coming in the arcs ahead…

(Do we know how well Taako and Magnus sing? Hmm.)

I pulled colors from some Breath of the Wild screencaps! I’m unlikely to play it but golly is it a gorgeous game!

March 25

Editor’s note: For Fifth Harmony’s Asia Tour, we will be updating the content of each day according to the time zone where most of the girls will be in.

It’s Tokyo’s turn for the 7/27 Tour!

Lauren had a great morning:

Look at the girls bonding backstage!

Lauren even retweeted the video of them clubbing last night:

The girls are happy :)

On Normani juggling tour and DWTS, here’s what her mom had to say:

Catch up here for Ally’s IG takeover:

Some fan gifts:

The girls got the special signage made by Japanese Harmonizers!

Show time!

They had a blast performing for Tokyo!

Another one tomorrow!

Dinah couldn’t sleep, so  she had a little Q&A on twitter!

in light of recent events, Lauren’s probably reached the limit of her patience:

Respect Lauren, please!

Anyway! The girls are off to Osaka tomorrow to play a show in Kobe.

OUATVAN 2017 - GOLD EXCLUSIVE PANEL with Colin & Jen - Videos
  • Panel Start (x)
  • Jen & Colin’s response to whether Jen is more like Dark Emma or Princess Emma (x)
  • Colin juggling (x)
  • Colin on his most challenging role to play (x)
  • Jen talking about Emma’s choice of wardrobe this season (x)
  • Jen singing (x)
  • Colin injured a stunt woman on the beanstock!! (x)
  • Colin’s response to a character that was an inspiration to him (x)
  • The three books that Jen would bring with her on a deserted island. (x)
  • Colin, about Jack Sparrow (x)
  • Jen whispering (x)

OuatVan 2017

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anonymous asked:

So this is super sad but imagine Ghost JD watching over Veronica and their baby and she's so stressed and panicked because she's juggling school, a baby, and ghosts, and when she sees JD over their baby's crib and the baby tries to touch him but he/she can't both JD and Veronica tear up a little bit.

Veronica seeing JD with the baby and just imagining how it would be if he was alive and they were a family?? And how great it would be if he was actually there? And it sucking that she’s able to see like, a preview of it but she knows it’ll never happen so it just makes it worse 😭

MC is nervous to leave her and Zens kids with 707 and unknown as she trusts 7 but still hates unknown

a request from @miyakokurono

I hope this is what you had in mind

also spoilers !

You really wanted to go out with Zen alone without your children.  You loved them but it was time to get some adult time you wanted to watch an adult movie and you wanted a dinner without children. Zen was more then happy to do this for you it was so hard to juggle his job and the children anyways so he was ever happy to spend time with just you. It was a bit tough to find a baby sitter though. Yoosung was busy studying and Jaehee had a though time and Zen would rather die then let the Children with Jumin. Both of you trusted Saeyoung even when he was silly at times but he was a good guy and your children where well raised enough to not fall for his pranks. Yoosung had prepared them for that.

Their was one think that really bugged you though and that was Saeran. Of course you where glad that he was not dangerous anymore and Saeran was really sorry about what happened. Saeyoung had told you about him and some off the stuff that had happened to him and his brother and it sounded all really bad. After some time you kind accepted  him in the RFA but you still where angry about what had happened.  How can you trust a man that broke in to your window and almost blowing you up ? Their was no way you would trust him with your children ! You said that over and over again and Zen was agreeing too. As they arrived by Saeyoung they thought that Saeran might be not their. Sadly he was their Saeyoung told you over and over again that Saeran is not a bad person and your Children actual met him before and they liked him to your surprise. You where about to cancel all your night plans but Zen was really sad and your children really rather wanted to stay and play with their uncles Saeyoung and Saeran. You admitted your defeat as they puppy eyed you and Saeyoung promised to make sure they will be alright. You made him swear on everything that he loves and you told him he is a really dead man if anything happens. Zen agrees to that too and  Saeyoung really dont wants to be killed four times.

You leave feeling really nervous you barely can concentrate on your date you call them multiple times just to find out that they doing just great. Zen has to take your phone away from you so you can get some time with only him. You are still nervous but you enjoy your time with Zen.

When it´s time to pick your children up you are still worried. Saeyoung opens the door for you and he says you have to be quit for a moment you think something bad is going on but your children sleeping peacefully on the couch on top of Saeran. Its looking really too cute. So you had nothing to worry about after all. You leave the children over night since they are just so peaceful and you can be more relaxed from now on.

anonymous asked:

So will bosses such as Muffet and Mad Dummy change at all? Also, will the secret boss (A.K.A. So Sorry) will be making a appearance?

Due to the circumstances of the AU, even characters who do not swap may indeed have differences due to the environment and choices of others. I want to keep the encounters fresh, though I won’t say how. ;) Got plans for Mad Dummy, though, that may surprise ya.

As for So Sorry, if I do include him, it’d be a bonus episode, as I already have a full plot with a lot of characters to juggle.

anonymous asked:

Is working in the film industry highly stressful?

Getting into it sure as hell is. I don’t think I’m “in it” enough to be qualified to answer that question. But I know from all of my friends who are in it on a day-to-day level that, yes, it is incredibly stressful. It’s many, many hours of work, often with no guarantee of pay. It’s constantly changing on a daily basis, so a script that people would be fighting over might gain absolutely zero interest the very next week. 

Everything about it is fluctuating on every possible level, all the time. Even when you’re successful, or at least starting to be, the sheer amount of work you have to put in to keep that up is staggering. I’m very lucky that I get to freelance across multiple sites now, but multiple sites means juggling multiple deadlines. 

And when I get the opportunity to work on or at least pitch on larger projects, that’s a whole lot of work on top of all of the articles, interviews, etc. And it just requires a completely different mindset. It can be tough to switch from an analytical stance to a creative mentality for screenwriting, or fiction, or comics or any of the other stuff I’m trying to juggle while still trying to make a name for myself in one field. 

To be completely honest, the pay can get stressful. There are times for every writer when you’ve agreed to work on something for an amount that you just never see. 

I’m nowhere near the level I want to be at, but I’m amazed at the level I’ve reached. It’s insane to get to have a platform to write about the things I love, it’s amazing to have things published with my name on them and to actually get to pitch to networks and companies that I’ve loved for years. It’s the best feeling when something works out even a little bit. 

There are a lot of people who are jaded because of how long they’ve been in the industry. Things never worked out the way they wanted. Worse even, there are people with immense success who don’t care about it at all. I want to be grateful for every single thing that I get to do, because it’s amazing to get to do it. Most things don’t work out. But the things that do are so worth it. 

I don’t ever want to stop thinking about how completely insane it is that sites I’ve been reading for over a decade are now publishing content with my name on it. And even when something doesn’t work out, it can be an amazing opportunity. 

I haven’t talked about it here yet, but a couple of weeks ago, I pitched a movie to a pretty major horror production company. I wasn’t able to talk about it while everything was happening with that project, but now that it didn’t work out, I can say it was Ghost House. I got to pitch a movie to Sam Raimi’s production company. And they loved it. They were so enthusiastic about the concept, and I was ecstatic. 

Ultimately, they weren’t entirely sold on the script and wound up passing on the project. Sure, that sucked. But for a few weeks there, I had a movie in consideration with Sam Raimi’s company. With the company behind Ash vs. Evil Dead, 30 Days of Night, Drag Me to Hell and so many more. That’s an amazingly cool thing to be able to do. 

These are amazing things to be able to do. I still live in a pretty unflattering apartment and can barely pay my rent sometimes, but it’s because this is the stuff I’ve always wanted to do. It’s a mountain you never stop climbing. You never reach the top. 

Even when it’s “I wish I could make movies,” and you do, that just turns into “I wish I could make other kinds of movies,” or “I wish I could make movies with bigger budgets” and so on and so forth. No one ever reaches that point where they really feel like they “made it.” But the most important thing is to look back at the things you have accomplished, and to not take it for granted.