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So I just watched Triangle, which is one of my absolute favorite episodes of the X-Files, and I have to say it kinda makes me even more pissed at Chris Carter. How can he give us a mouth to mouth kiss in a brightly lit elevator w/Scully and Skinner but every time we get a little MSR it's in a dim hallway that's cockblocked by an effing bee or an out of focus angle when they meet again in prison after scully gives up William?! I just want to know why?! WHY, Chris, WHY?!

Because he knows that for every minute of screentime Mulder and Scully aren’t kissing in a beautifully lit sunset one more new phile is beginning the journey with wide eyes, not realising what they’re getting into, pouring their souls into his wicked creation and by the time they realise - IT’S TOO LATE - Chris Carter’s 90s juggernaut owns their souls and MSR is the key to release.

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So he draws it out, so he has something to offer at the pearly gate when St Peter is like “OH HELL NO - you can’t come in here - you noromo bastard!“ And then he’ll step aside and show him all the lost souls he’s dragging in his wake (ours) and then he’ll get a pass.

That’s my theory anyway (not actually but you know what I mean!)