juggalos fight back

The Realest Rant About Juggalos Ever

You know I’ve heard too many times before that being a juggalo is just an excuse to find a belonging. I’ve heard way to many times that it is an excuse to be dirty, filthy, broke, lazy, white trash. I’ve heard way too many times that it’s gay as fuck to wear facepaint and holler a whoop whoop to a fellow juggalo. I’ve heard way too many times it’s just stupid music for high school drop-outs with a lack of intelligent vocabulary who will someday become a menace to society or even a serial killer. I’ve heard too many times it’s an excuse to act reckless. Well you know what?

Excuse for a belonging? Any time I’ve been surrounded by juggalos it’s been a good time. Nobody cares what race you are, what sex you are, what sexual orientation you are, your creed, or where you’re from. You know why? Anyone who sticks to what a juggalo really is doesn’t discriminate or push you away for any reason. Unless you’re a fake douchebag they welcome you. Cold? Here’s my jacket ninja. That’s how we roll.

White trash? Drop out? Stupid? Potential serial killer? How do you figure? Do you realize you are talking about a culture that was created out of someone’s music taste? There are people in camo right now fighting for their country who claim juggalo. Are they any less worthy for that fact? Better yet, ask yourself, let’s say your favorite band and their music had the same stereotypes as juggalos and horrorcore music gets. I bet you’d think it was pretty asinine.

Also, why do you care if we wear facepaint? I don’t understand this concept. There are girls and women who cake on make-up and look just as clown-like. Also there are men who wear facepaint at sporting events. What is the big deal? Even KISS wore facepaint and no one has the audacity to call Gene Simmons a fag.

The one that agitates me the most is when people say it’s an excuse to act reckless. What in the world? I don’t need the juggalo label on my forehead to act reckless. Everyone acts reckless. There are people getting drunk right now smashing their beer cans on their heads. There are teenage girls going to a Justin Bieber concert probably trying to jump from behind the rope to touch him. I mean, c'mon. Are you meaning to tell me all these people who do stupid things daily have to claim juggalo? Are you a special kind of stupid?