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omg-tastyrawr  asked:

Dude, I had no idea that you were a Juggalo.🙃

I’m proud to say i’m a Juggalo, I’ve been down with the clown since I was a kid. I grew up a Juggalo. Their music helped me a lot growing up, made me feel not so alone, made me feel like I was part of a family. All my friends were Juggalos growing up, we were the outcasts and rejects that were bullied, abused, misused and judged, We didn’t care what people thought of us though because we were being ourselves and didn’t conform to what people wanted us to be. The Great Milenko was the first album by them that I listened to. I remember watching their song/music video chicken huntin on Much Music back in the 90′s, they were original and did their own thing, still to this day they work hard and stay true to their fans. Love Violent J and Shaggy. MFFCL to all my fellow Juggalos. whoop whoop. :D

i was originally gonna make a clownsona bc ive seen people make them but he became a weird little man of his own.

his name is Orange Creamsicles and as you can probably tell he loves orange.he also loves oranges and orange flavored things. probably a juggalo. he loves reading tarot cards and always keeps a deck with him. his favorite card is the Emperor! his cards are probably possessed by spirits or Something, because he talks to them and they talk back to him. 
he’s very energetic and sort of pushy, but doesn’t make many friends. im probably going to throw him in with Fours, Carmen, and Camille. him and Camille are probably bffs and pull pranks on people together.


So, could it be possible that there’s a whole chain of juggalo worship? Like, if we take the events in as linearly a line as possible, then it would stand to some reason that perhaps Gamzee created the juggalos we know and love to meme on in the universe the trolls created. But how did Gamzee start worshiping them? Did the race that created their universe have something similar?

Speaking of which, the trolls aren’t in contact with the ones who (I think) were supposed to have created their universe. Is it because of the scratch? They failed to get through the door, so maybe they failed to remove themselves from their own created universe like many others were able.

im probably going to have to research through the wiki after i finally complete this thing but the presumed chain of universes is a rather interesting take on multiverses, if indeed that is how the multiverse here functions.