juggalo love

am i the only one that like applies long exposure characters, themes, settings, shit to everyday things in life? photography? joey. height difference? mitjo. the beach? the cove. shit parents? stab. juggalos? newfound love and admiration. lasagna? rage. freckles? set my godamn heart aflame. shrek 2? was okay. 

In reference to the “what if IT but a juggalo” post I made a few hours ago.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it and wanted to make my own monster juggalo clown. Technically juggalette though, and I love her. She’s very laid back and like Taffy, though more strictly, her victims are adults. Or rather, prey. She goes after garbage adults and leaves kids be. The only time she goes after kids is to scare them because they’re being lil sh_ts. She doesn’t eat them though.
She doesn’t like wearing shoes and prefers to keep her peets and claws out, though she can shapeshift normal feet and fingers. Just more comfy this way Bee thinks.
Bee doesn’t usually get serious about stuff but you know when she does because she’ll fix the straps of her overalls. Nothing like the threat of someone with fixed pants to maximize chasing capabilities with no wardrobe malfunctions.


Hello @kalberto-franklin! Thank you for your interest in one of our most misunderstood breeds.

It is suggested that only someone who has owned a clown before considers Juggalos, as they are a breed which need at least one other juggalo to accompany them in day to day activities. This is because juggalo are a very social, communal group!

They love to share music with each other, so it isn’t recommend that you have a room where they can blast some wicked rhymes, which they kick it like the rad ninjas they are. Juggalo also have a diverse range of slang! Take the time to learn it, so you can proficiently communicate with your juggalo.

The juggalo diet is not a complicated one. With enough Faygo and pizza, you will have a healthy clown. Treat them to pies and southern comfort food on occasion.

Juggalos can become aggressive if bored or under stress. Make sure to take them to larger juggalo gatherings, chicken hunting, concerts, or to blow steam off at Walmart at least once a month.

It is important to clean and reapply your juggalos paint at least once a week, after a bath. They do not clean themselves, and need an owner to keep up good hygiene.

Hopefully this has helped you! If you are still considering adopting a juggalo, you will be loved unconditionally, if you take care of your pet ninja properly.

i was originally gonna make a clownsona bc ive seen people make them but he became a weird little man of his own.

his name is Orange Creamsicles and as you can probably tell he loves orange.he also loves oranges and orange flavored things. probably a juggalo. he loves reading tarot cards and always keeps a deck with him. his favorite card is the Emperor! his cards are probably possessed by spirits or Something, because he talks to them and they talk back to him. 
he’s very energetic and sort of pushy, but doesn’t make many friends. im probably going to throw him in with Fours, Carmen, and Camille. him and Camille are probably bffs and pull pranks on people together.



I’m slowly learning to love my tummy more & today is one of the days i actually felt confident with it just the way it is and traced every single stretchmark & realized i have two beauty marks. 😊

(Tbh i might delete this later i’m kinda drunk rn)