juggalo dating

Date a girl who is blind, but manages to “see” by licking everything. Date a girl with candy corn horns. Date a girl who hate-dated a stoner juggalo. everything. Date a girl who killed her ex-girlfriend to stop her from potentially dooming her friends. Date a girl who regretted killing her and changed the past to save her. Date a girl who is much mORE EMOTIONALLY COMPLEX THAN EVERYONE THINKS. DATE A GIRL WHO IS TEREZI PYROPE


For you Juggalos out there, here’s the dating site to find you the perfect mate!



Finally, a dating site as down with the clown as you are. 

(warning I will talk about domestic violence a bit here, also drugs and suicide probably)

The thing about growing up in a trailer park is you hate juggalos because they’re irritating and kind of dumb and you like Art and Literature and Genuine Punk Music and don’t really like to do drugs, but mostly because the most juggalo juggalo in the trailer park, the one who took An Oath when his best juggalo friend killed himself, you know the type of juggalo, he dates your best friend across the street, and he also beats her up, and there’s nothing you can do about it except think maybe you are better than juggalos, fuck juggalos. The thing about NYC performance artists making jokes about juggalos is they don’t give a shit about your best friend with the addict parents who gets beat up by her juggalo boyfriend. She is part of the joke.