Wanna know how I feel today? Its kinda like.

Imagine yourself, walking down the street, going home after a bad day at school, having not slept the night prior because you were up all night playing Skyrim and watching the Hobbit. You find your good friend pulls up in their car and tells you they got tickets to your favorite band and they want you to go with them. Its an early birthday present. You get in the car giddy with joy because after such a bad day something great has happened and you feel better. You drive up the music hall and see juggalos and juggalets and ICP fans lining the sidewalks out front of the building where your favorite band was supposed to be. You tell your friend you don’t want to see ICP and your sorry. Your friend is not your friend anymore. It is shaggy driving the car. And you are in the backseat sitting between those other guys from ICP. The radio is blaring that one song they made about having sexual intercourse with your mother. You are trapped and scared and really angry that they pretended to be your friend but it was all a trap. They try to force you to learn the words to the song but you don’t want to. They drag you out of the car with headphones tapped into your ears with the song blaring. You don’t want to listen to it. You want to go home. You want to play Skyrim and lay down and relax. They place in a chair, taped to it you find yourself in a stage. Thousands of juggalos and juggalets are screaming the song at you. You don’t want to hear it. You want to get up and leave. They are screaming the lyrics and spraying faygo on you and shaggy and the ICP gang is jumping around you with their tongues sticking out and yelling “WAZZZUUUPPPPP” while the fans chant in the background. Everything stops and goes black. You open your eyes. You are in a dark room on your knees. A TV light flickers on from across the room. Its a Ps3 and Skyrim is in. You try to get up but you have lost control of your legs. The lights turn on. Shaggy and the ICP gang are playing your game of skyrim. Beating all the quests. You demand they stop but you cannot speak. The player dies. Shaggy is making out with your mom on your bed. You cant close your eyes or turn your head. Game over. The power goes out and the TV and Ps3 blow up. Shaggy is your dad. End nightmare.