My self-summary:

I have 18 piercings & 5 tattoos I love faries I SMOKE and drink. yes im an Emo Juggalette and im NOT a poser!! TRUE juggalos and juggalettes dont give a fuck about what you like and dislikes as long as you show respect for the family and artist!!! My favorite store is hot topic. I REALLY HATE LIERS AND CHEATERS. If u think u have to lie to me to get me to like u srry but ur already on fmy not liking side, Just b ur self and I prob wld really like u. I love 2 flirt & tease. but just because i love to doesnt mean i will with u i have my limits i HATE bn hit on just for sex im lookin for a long term guy who wants to stay with me till im old and died. i dnt like fat guys thajust nasty abd if ur too skiny im kinda afraid i wld squish ya lolz but ya i like skinny guyz tho they r hot!!! Sometimes i think im way too sweet I wish I could change that but i hate hurtinf other peoples feelings. I love to make friends and if ur lucky we will be friends a really long time. Ive been dwn wit the clown 4 bout since 2007. i wanna go live on juggalo island!!! umm idk any thing u wanna know just message me & comment my pics if u want my # message me u mite get it if ur cute ^_^

What I’m doing with my life:

i wanna go to school for child care i love kids and i would to work at a day care and I would love to bcome a model i lve taking pictures but i need someone who takes good photos to help me