jug of beer

  • Scanlan: Is it a never-ending beer jug?
  • Grog: No, it's not never-ending, it stopped after a bit, but I got plenty fuckin' wasted.
  • Vex: Is it just beer?
  • Scanlan: Is it just beer, or is it any spirit, or what?
  • Grog: No; I said 'mayonnaise' and it started to make mayonnaise and then it stopped, but I think it, like - there's a finite amount of stuff it can make in a day.
  • [Group 'ooh's]
  • Vex: Do you have a jug of mayonnaise now?
  • Grog:
  • Grog: No, I ate that too.
Friends with benefits

Roman x Reader x Peter

Warnings: smut, swearing, threesome (but there won’t be any guy x guy this time, just saying)

Note: i havent edited this at all, so I am so sorry if I made typos or something xD

“There’s way too many people at this party.” you stated, turning to your friend Peter, who was jugging down his second beer of the evening.

“For sure.” he relied, flashing you a smile. “Wanna get out of here?”

You quickly nodded and followed Peter through the crowd, heading to the stairs. You both knew upstairs was off limits whenever Roman threw a party at his place, but you couldn’t care less.

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King’s Crown Bar

Smutty smut smut about older Bughead living in New York. AU. Possible multi-part. Smut. SMUT. You’ve been warned.

Betty Cooper smoothed her skirt over her thighs as she opened the heavy door to the dark bar.

It was her second week in New York City -  she had spent every waking moment in her office. She wanted to come straight to New York after she graduated high school, but her mother insisted she went to North Western, as they had one of the best Journalism programs in the country. She spent all her time studying and missed out on building relationships with people.

It was her first night of freedom, and there was only one thing on her mind.

It was cool outside, so Betty had thrown her worn leather jacket over her outfit. Once she was inside, a wave of humidity overwhelmed her. She shrugged her jacket off, revealing a deep v-neck top, red as blood, as she strode to the stools lining the bar.

She chose one, second from the end, and eyed the man behind the counter. He had black jeans on and a t-shirt sporting the name of a band she’d never heard of. He put a well worn book down behind him as he strode over to her.

“What can I get you?” He asked her, brushing his hair back from his face.

“A cosmopolitan, please.” Betty answered, hooking her jacket over the back of the stool. She crossed her long legs as the bartender chuckled to himself.

She raised an eyebrow.

He shook his head as he poured her drink and set it before her in a whisky glass. “The dish washer quit yesterday. No clean martini glasses.” He quipped as he wandered away.

“This is fine.“ Betty said, pulling the coaster closer to her. She took a sip of her drink and eyed the bartender again. He was at the opposite end of the bar, pouring a tequila shot for an older woman in a jean jacket.

Betty unlocked the screen on her cellphone when it buzzed against her thigh. After a moment, an audible sigh escaped her mouth as she put her phone face-down against the counter. She downed half her drink as the bar tender came back to her side of the bar.

“Get stood up?” He asked gruffly.

“Sort of. Not that it’s any of your business, but my roommate was supposed to meet me, She’s decided to stay in with her girlfriend.”

“You want another drink?”

Betty bit the inside of her cheek. Really, she should just go home. But fuck it. She was here now. “Sure.”

“You new in town?” He asked as he made her concoction.

“Yeah,” Betty answered as he set the drink down in front of her. “I went to school in Illinois, continued living there for a few years after school ended. I wanted to come to New York for college, but - well, not important. I’m here now. Out of Riverdale. That’s all that matters.”

Jughead stared at her for a moment before opening his mouth. “Riverdale, New York?”

Betty nodded. “I’m surprised you’ve heard of it.”

“Heard of it? I lived there until I was seven. Then I moved to Toldeo.”

“Small world.” Betty took the cherry out of her drink and popped it into her mouth, her plump lips parting around the stem. She looked Jughead in the eye.

He held her gaze, a smirk forming on his lips until a large man a few stools down cleared his throat. “Yo, Jug, another beer.”

Jughead wandered toward the  man, pulling a beer from the fridge under the bar.

Betty took a sip of her cosmopolitan as a balding man with a tattoo on his head sat down beside her.

“Evenin’“ He commented, looking her up and down. “How much?”

Betty turned her head slowly. “Excuse me?”

“How much? Just for like, twenty minutes.”

Betty closed her eyes for a moment, trying to compose herself. Calmly, she got off the stool and grabbed her jacket. She picked up her half-full glass and splashed it in the strangers face.

She started to walk to the other end of the bar when she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder. “You fuckin’ bitch, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Betty spun around, shoving the balding man’s chest. “Get the fuck off me,” She spat.

“Hey, hey, what’s going on?” Jughead yelled from behind the bar.

Betty held her jacket in her hands tightly. “Nothing.” She stated.

“This whore just threw her drink in my face!” He grabbed Betty by the shoulder again.

“I said get off me,” Betty muttered. There was venom in her voice.

“Larry, get the fuck out of here!” Jughead said, hopping over the bar. The balding man muttered something and headed out the door.

“Alright, we’re closing early, everyone get out.” Jughead said loudly.

Betty shrugged her leather jacket over her shoulders.

“Not you,” Jughead murmured as people cleared out of the bar.

“Won’t the owner be mad at you for closing early?” Betty asked.

“I am the owner.” Jughead answered as he followed the last person to the door and flipped the lock. He shut off all the lights but the one over the bar.

Betty took a seat at the bar and sighed.

“You want another drink?” He walked behind the bar.

“Oh, no, thanks. I’ll just pay and go.”

“No, you need to calm your nerves before you go anywhere.”

Betty didn’t argue. Jughead sat a glass of water down in front of her.

“You know, I only came out tonight because my roommate convinced me bars are a great place to meet guys. And the only one I met thought I was a prostitute.”

Jughead chuckled. “Bars are only a great place to meet guys if you’re looking for a one night stand.”

Betty grabbed a cherry from behind the bar. She popped it into her mouth. “Who says I’m not?”

Jughead cocked his eyebrow.

Betty took the cherry’s stem and put it in her mouth, needing only a moment before she placed the knotted stem back on the bar. She hopped off the stool and wandered behind the bar.

She was close enough to feel his body heat. She shrugged off her jacket once more and let it drop to her feet.

“I’m not looking for anything other than tonight,” Betty murmured.

Jughead didn’t respond with words - he cupped her cheek and roughly pulled her against him. His mouth covered hers, his hands wandered down to her hips, gripping. She parted her lips, allowing his tongue inside.

She leaned back, pulling her shirt over her head. He trailed kisses down her neck, sucking and nipping at her collarbone. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra. It fell between them as he ducked down, pulling her peaked nipple into his mouth.

She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties off, kicking them away from her feet.

Jughead let a throaty growl escape his lips as he picked Betty up and placed her on top of the bar. “Fuck,” He murmured.

He kissed her roughly, pulling her bottom lip between his teeth. His hands wandered beneath her skirt, finding her entrance.

“You’re so wet,” He murmured quietly as he placed a finger inside her.

Betty looked at him through hooded eyes. She bit her lip as he placed another finger inside her.

“Jughead,” She murmured.

He rubbed her swollen clit as she reached for his jeans. “Take those off.” She ordered.

He did, kicking them off behind him. He placed two fingers against Betty’s lips. She opened her mouth, sucking his fingers, twirling her tongue against them.

He moaned, rubbing his slick fingers against Betty’s entrance. She leaned back against the bar, running a hand down her center.

Jughead looked her up and down, his eyes landing on a tattoo partially covered by her skirt.

“Is that cake?” Jughead asked, still eyeing her tattoo.

“Ch-chocolate cake slice.” Her breath caught in her throat. “But you can use it for target practice when we’re done.”

Jughead licked from her tattoo to her nipple, sucking and biting before moving to her neck.

“Fuck me,” She murmured, leaning forward to wrap her arms around Jughead’s neck. She reached inside his boxers, pumping.

Jughead spread Betty’s legs, taking himself out of his boxers. He held his erection, brushing it against Betty’s slick folds. He pushed himself inside her slowly as she wrapped her legs around him, allowing him deeper still.

“Fuck,” They murmured in unison.

He thrust against her, using his fingers to rub at her clit.

“Harder,” She moaned.

He fucked her roughly, biting at her neck.

She moaned, throwing her head back, tightening the lock on her legs.

He moved his hand to her neck, his fingers gripping, his thumb between her lips.

Betty licked and bit at his thumb until he moved it back down between her thighs.

“Fuck me like you hate me.”

Jughead arched an eyebrow at her.

“You heard me,” She murmured.

Jughead pulled her off the bar, bending her over in front of him. He reached his arm around her waist, holding her against him. He pounded into her over and over until she was screaming his name.

He continued to thrust into her, rubbing at her clit, until her knees were weak.

“Jughead,” She murmured as she reached her second high.

He had a fist full of her hair as she came again, her eyes closed. He waited until she opened them again.

“Turn around,” He instructed. He used her tattoo, as she suggested.

He pulled his jeans on as she wiped her tattoo clean. She found the pieces of her clothing, dressing herself quickly.

“Same time next week?” She cocked her eyebrow.

He smirked. “You know where to find me.”

It’s a Buck Girl Thing (5/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

It’s back! Brace yourself for dancing Bucky and Stucky awkwardness.

Need to catch up? Here’s PART 4 or IBGT Masterlist

Word count: 2.2k

Warnings: Swearing

Originally posted by caitlinisprobablyonfire

Bucky paraded around the building like a supermodel, leaning on all sorts of furniture, dropping pens like there’s no tomorrow, and seductively licking his lips at any man in the Tower. It wasn’t long before the news spread and all of a sudden the intel team were getting visitors’ galore. For no other reason than to ogle Bucky’s (but effectively your) body.

Oh, he was striking you where it hurt the most - if he was happy to make a bimbo out of you then two can play this game!

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But I’m So Good At Being Bad

Characters: OFC/AJ Styles

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Rough Sex, Spanking, Consensual Choking, Daddy Kink.

Summary: She has been very bratty and disobedient recently and Daddy!AJ needs to put her in her place on their last night in Japan before WWE.

This one is dedicated to my main AJ lover @phenominalstyles, and secondly to @llowkeys because her AJ thirst is unparalleled!

TAGS:  @actualamyautopsy @oraclegazes @livingthestrongstyle @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @llowkeys  @phenominalstyles

Sorry if you’ve asked to be tagged and I forgot, Im not good at this! Drop me a message if so!

Thanks to @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues for the prompt. If you want to send some prompts or ideas my way then feel free to ASK. You never know what might inspire me!

Coz this one sure as hell got me excited. BRB going straight to hell. 


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turianbullrider  asked:

Heeyy do you have any hc's for Smoker, Marco, Thatch, Benn and Coby for flirting in a bar??? And i want to say i love your headcanons!!! They give me life😭

THANK U SO MUCH and also thank u that you bear with the long wait I’m so soooooorry *cries*


  • ya’ll he aint the least bit smooth lmao
  • I imagine that not for dear life Smoker is able to approach someone he has the hots for but he is approached easily by others coz he’s super hot
  • And then when someone else tries to flirt with him he’s just all stuck in awkwardness like
  • “So do you like…weather?”
  • With the mighty help of his sister from another mister Hina he can get laid every now and then but mostly she’s too amused with his behaviour XD


  • not that he would try tho
  • that’s a tough one I can see Marco usually not bothering with approaching somebody in the first place, unless he’s damn frustrated
  • let’s just say he’s a total flirt king, he knows how to get all the panties drop by pure words and the look of his eyes
  • Imagine this handsome, sophisticated yet hipstery guy sitting in the back of a bar reading, who would not?!?!?!


  • Ahahaha, Thatch is in his element here
  • He would absolutely take the first steps no doubt
  • mostly he would just pour himself and his crush or whatever two jugs of beer and just straight sit by them and start talking to them
  • Thatch is super easily to talk to coz he’s so funny and friendly, and he knows how to get you blush without making any sexual comments but just by being uberly sweet and nice


  • A lot like Marco, the differences being that Benn usually never takes the first step but only gets approached by others
  • and that the way he makes his crush or something blush is not meant sexually but more sensually, like he would make them feel beautiful rather than sexy
  • He can get pretty damn flirty if he wants to but he’d totally stay a gentleman
  • the drinks are all on him, period


  • Stuttering, blushing mess
  • If not for Helmeppo Coby would just sit all tight by himself and not talk to anybody out of awkwardness and because he’s just an embarassed, shy geek
  • The way to get him to be more smooth is getting him a little more tipsy, drunk!Coby gets a confidence boost, doesn’t give a fuck about personal space and turns into a flirty mofo, but beware because drunk!Coby can also be a rude dick
Drip Drop (M) | Taemin

Because this comeback has given me lots of feels

//do it fast, do it slow, you control the tempo

The club by the beach was drowning in deep house music; bodies were moving sensuously against each other in rhythm, and mouths were open in invitation for tequila and rum. You were intoxicated, and alcohol played no part in it.

The both of you had been goofing off, attempting to dance the waltz to the club music, when Taemin was whisked away by a man itching for a dance battle. Little did the guy know that he was in for a losing game. Cheers erupted from all around you as Taemin took off his baseball cap, feet moving swiftly across the floor as he turned slave to the rhythm. You smirked from the bar counter, taking in a sip of your fresh jug of beer. It didn’t matter how many times you watched him dance, his moves would always turn you on. Taemin showed no signs of slowing down, his hips thrusting and body rolling. The screams got deafening as he teased the crowd with a flash of his six-pack, ending his solo with a fist pump to the air.

It didn’t take long for the space that had formed around the two dancers to disappear as the crowd pushed the loser aside, all ready to shower admiration over Taemin, the undisputed winner of the battle. Girls clad in skin-tight dresses that barely draped over their butts were fondling over him, running their fingers along his nape, touching his abs through the fabric of his black tee. Unfortunately for them, his eyes were already set in your direction and he pulled himself away before they could say “sleep with me”.

“Hey,” he called out, breath slightly hitched.

“Hey to you too,” you greeted him with a kiss, and when you broke apart you could see the smirk that dared other guys in the club to be jealous. He wrapped an arm around your waist, gestured for a share of your beer and chugged a good quarter of it down.

“Did you see me out there?” he said devilishly, his tongue gracing the lower half of his fleshy lips.

“I always see you, Tae,” you slipped your hand into the back pocket of his black jeans, rubbing the tip of your nose against his and like always, it elicited a chuckle.

“Come on,” he grabbed your hand and nodded towards the exit, “let’s get out of here.”

With your hand in his, Taemin guided you out the club. The lanterns that hung down from the poles lit up the pebbled path with their orangey glow, the flowery shrubs by either side of you adding to the mystique and romantic vibes of the villa.

“Fancy a dip?” asked Taemin as he fumbled around in his pockets to find the key card to the bungalow.

“Sure, I think there’s guacamole,” you said with the straightest face, and the look of exasperation on Taemin’s face had you bursting out in laughter as you walked past him to open the door once he found the key card.

“Yeah, you laugh now, I’m going to have you screaming later.” Taemin stated as he closed the door and you turned around, laughter gone and tension present. “I saw the way you were looking at me in the club.” He took off his khaki jacket almost too slowly, knowing that the sight of his muscles rippling underneath his t-shirt would make you weak.

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Know your enemy

Warning(s): Explicit sexual contents, violence, death
Fandom: American Gods
Pairing: Mad Sweeney x Reader (Female)
Song: Flogging Molly - If I Ever Leave This World Alive

*My native language is not english so I apologize if you find some mistakes, I’m still improving :)

*Gif is not mine.

Story © cinnamon-and-mey

So long ago, when the Earth was still overwhelmed by the sea, a thistle seed was flying supported by the wind…

What to know:

- You are a virgin girl from a little Irish village.

- Your origins and beliefs require you to leave a cup of milk out of the door every night, for pixies.

- When you are eighteen, your parents force you a arranged wedding. Their fear is that you can be a spinster for the rest of your life.

- In your last night as a free woman you leave your home for a walk in the woods but you get lost and you pray the spirits to find the way.

Arboreal Gods, protectors and keepers
Sacred creatures linked to this land
Pixies, sylvans, fairies ed elementals
I pray for your help so I can come back home.

You open a little your eyes, annoyed by the light is filtering from the wooden boards roughly nailed to the windows. Your mind is confused but soon you remember everything, the loss, the fear and your desperate voice blends into the wind that caresses the tops of the trees.
Your thoughts are interrupted by a deep scornful voice.
“Your prayers have been fulfilled.”
A towering figure emerges from a dark corner of the room. You slip at the end of the bed, crouching like a scared little girl.
He approaches with deliberately heavy steps and he bends over to you. You can see his redhead and beard of the same color and you can get lost in his blue eyes like the sky of your beloved Ireland.
Those eyes. You can hear from the deep. It’s pure danger, a risk, an insidious but you can’t distract yourself and you can’t take control of your emotions. Your heartbeat is so strong you can hear it in your ears.
His mocking smile comes out, he gives you a hand and he helps you to stand up. You accept his help, without realize and you can see the details of that bare hut.
You look down.
“You’re wrong. This is not my home.” Reply firmly.
He smiles again. A gloomy, terrifying smile.
“You didn’t specify which house you wanted to return to.”
A shiver runs through your back and you’re alone in that little hut that smells of mold and roots. He’s disappeared. You take your time for a deep breathe and you go out fast, run into the woods, looking for the home way. Your real home.
You continue to run, the brambles injure your ankles and your cerulean dress get dirty with mud. Soon your long hair entangled to the low trees branches and you forced to stop.
You can see the sunset and warm tears line your face.
You resume your walk, with a slowly step, with low head, letting your hopes slide down with blood from scratches on your legs.
You take your way through a bush, reaching a clearing. You look up and you become shocked. You faint in front of that little abandon hut.


Once again the smell of mold and roots pervades your naris. You try to leave the bed, hungry. You open the main door, exasperated and weak but, surprisingly, you find on the entrance floor a dish of hot soup, stewed sweet potatoes, a basket with bread and and a jug full of cold beer.
The scent is so inviting that you forget to ask yourself some obvious questions about the origin of that food. You sit on the ground, eating everything in a little time. And then, day after day, your needs are satisfied with presents left in front of the door; blankets, firewood, clothes, food, water and beer, soap and candles for light.
The sunrise and sunset succeed many times and you lost the time, you can see different seasons with their leaves colors and the particular smell in the air. However you start to feel alone, your soul is sad and your heart is suffering. You look out to the window, it’s dark, no stars and moon in the sky.
The silence is silent sometimes but suddenly you hear knock on the door. You hesitate and you don’t want to open but, like a flash, you remember your parents and you old life. 
“Maybe someone is looking for me. Mother, Father..”
You open without doubts and you hold your breathe, unbelieving. He’s back. He who can’t be considered a man, who is born from grass and earth, from water of the rivers and from the wild wind. Keeper of the old rocks and treasures. Pixie of the tribal tales from the lost lands of the country.
He enters, arrogant and you back up unable to push him away. In fact you have no reason to do that. You look at him, he wanders with curiosity and he goes and sits at table. He fills the glass of water and, surprisingly, you look  that what is coming out from the jug is nothing more than beer.
“Is that you? Are you leaving presents out of the door?”
He takes the glass to his mouth and looks at you while he slides the cold liquid down his throat. You seem to see a smile from him.
“Who knows. At least, I am a present too.” He answers while he’s drying the lips with the sleeve of the tartan green jacket.
You frown your forehead, trying to understand those enigmatic words and he gets up, approaching you. You step back, hesitant. Again that dark and terrifying smile comes out.
He takes off his jacket and remains in his shirt sleeves, he reaches you and begins to play with a lock of your hair.
“Look around you. You have received all you asked for, all you wanted. It’s been your loneliness to call me.”
You shake your head and look away.
“You are refusing the truth. Maybe you prefer to come back to your parents who can’t wait to give you to a man you don’t love?”
His words insinuate to your mind, it’s annoying to have someone who can read inside you and it’s liberating at the same time.
He invites you to look into his eyes, caressing your chin. He bends on you, kissing you without delay. His tongue tastes of beer and this turn you on. His hands slip on your body but you have an hesitation, you just stand back but he doesn’t like that. He holds you with strength, literally tear off your dress and throwing you on the bed behind you. You are shocked and terrified of that act but at the same time you can’t react. He knows what you want.
He takes off his shirt and unbutton the pants. He takes you at the thighs, lay down under him with open legs and he penetrates you with straight. You miss you breath for a moment but then everything change, the pleasure makes a way inside you and you appreciate every thrust, every breath on you. You caress his muscular back and grab to his massive shoulders, your moans drive him crazy, increasing the reach of pushes inside you.
You reach the pleasure and he grabs your face to look at his work with satisfaction, without losing the beat and then he concludes in turn.
He left you weak on the bed, you hear him go away from you but you can’t call him, you don’t know his name and, in the end, you fall asleep.


You wake up overwhelmed, trembling. The wet grass touching your face, cold breeze wrap you in a sore spiral. Sunrise illuminates the worlds as always. You get up caressing your shoulders to try to get warmer. You look around you, confused, trying to orient yourself. You are on the edge of the woods, in front of you, your parents’ house. Warm tears go out from your eyes and a sense of despair takes you. You are still wearing your cerulean dress from the day of your missing. Crossing the door and your parents greeting you as nothing ever happened, there is no worry in their eyes, just love. Nothing seems changed like the time was stopped.
You ask to yourself if what happened to you was real but you felt physical and emotional pain.
Plans didn’t changed, your mother helps you to preparing for the wedding.
Veil hide your inexpressive face, you go on your father’s carriage with your mother and you leave home to arrive at the place where your future husband is waiting.
Ceremony remains a background of your thoughts. Your memories, still vivid in your mind, drive you in that slice of life in that abandon hut.
Thinking about him and close your eyes.
“What I want now?” you whisper.
“What are you saying, my dear?” Ask your mother but you shake your head.
You marry that rich arrogant man who offered to your parents ownership and rich life exchange to you. You pronounce an empty “Yes” and, in the end, you take your husband’s hand and you go on his luxury carriage full of ornaments.
You ignore your mother’s crying, your father’s greetings, your husband’s gently words.
You ignore.
That night, before sleeping with your husband for the first time, a master examine you to control you are still a virgin.
“The girl is not pure.” He say.
His words bring you back to reality and you understand it wasn’t just a dream. Too Late. The man you married says something about you are his property and he decides to don’t cancel the marriage. That night he brings you in the worst way you can imagine. You feel just pain and humiliation.
In the morning you wake up with some guards around you. They are waiting you dressing up and then they take you in the garden and tied to a stump.
Your husband puts the fire on the straw that surrounds you and you start to feel hot. Smoke fills your lungs and your skin begins to burn. The pain is unbearable. Your voice rises from atrocious suffering and you can only say a thing before faint: “Save me.”
Death arrives soon and everything ends in a short time. The spectators go away and you stay alone, as always.
A massive figure emerges from the surrounding bush and approaches. Redhead as the beard, dressing green tartan suit. He puts a hand on your charred chest and he shouts  loudly, using all the breath in his body.
That sound is so scary and strong that everything shut up around him, wind included.

A legend born that day in that corner of Ireland: The unlucky who get lost in the woods will be found dead charred to the limit of it.

The End 

Second part here

Where Lucy is the only one Sane

Dedicated to the weirdness of the Fairy Tail and the Fan Fiction Community

In a world where only Lucy is sane.

Please read this as comedy.

Based on Proud to be a Ginger’s answer to an anon question.



Walking into the guild hall hand in hand, Lucy and Natsu smiled joyfully. “Seven months now Natsu!” Lucy squealed in delight, hugging her boyfriend close to her.
“Seven months since when?” Natsu smirked down at the blonde.

Lucy scowled at the pinkette male. “Since you asked me out you dummy.” She lightly smacked his arm playfully as they walked closer to the guild bar.

Lisanna sprawled around the corner of the bar, her sly eyes on Natsu and Lucy. A mass of distaste for the blonde; Lucy. Smiling widely, a plan formulated in her mind. She began to leave the pillar she was looking out from and began to walk towards the couple.

“Natsu, come here and kiss me.” Lisanna purred as she came closer to the couple.
Natsu turned and stared at Lisanna before looking down at Lucy. His face changed and his eye brows were raised as he then turned to Lisanna.“I told you not to say things like that near Lucy.” He spoke. 

“Huh!?” Lucy exclaimed.“What is going on here!?”

Natsu quickly pushed Lucy out of the way before he approached Lisanna’s side and leant down giving Lisanna a quick peck on the lips. In turn Lisanna smiled and turned to speak to Lucy.

“Natsu loves me more, we were childhood sweethearts, he promised me that we would be married. This is also a petty excuse.” Lisanna turned to Natsu, who seemed to change character (due to bad writing, Natsu is now Majorly OC).

“Lucy it is true, I love Lisanna and as a bonus of me breaking up with you.” Natsu spoke, then clicked his fingers.
Suddenly Erza, and Gray were beside his side. “We are kicking you off the team because for some universal reason among Fairy Tail fanfictions you are too weak and Lisanna is better and stronger.” Gray and Erza spoke together.

Lucy stood in shock of the scenario. “What do you mean!?” Lucy shrieked. Everyone had gone insane, was she the only normal one anymore?

“Huh? What do you mean Lucy? I thought you would understand.” Natsu once again changed his character and his emotions within seconds, represented as dumb and immature.

“Whaa-?” Lucy couldn’t finish her sentence. All of a sudden people walked past her and ignored the blonde. Confused and baffled at the sudden change of the guilds behavior, Lucy attempted to talk to Mira, who completely ignored the Blonde’s attempts.

Sadly Lucy found her-self sitting with the only people in the guild who were closest to her excluding Natsu, Erza and Gray (brace yourself for a long list of characters whom FF authors seems to favor most) Wendy, Gajeel,  Levy, Happy, Carla, Pantherlily, Romeo, etc (insert minor characters in here).

“I don’t get it.” Lucy rubbed her temples, this whole scenario was so–out of this world and completely not the behavior of what the guild would act like, let alone Natsu.
“It’s okay Lu-chan. I know people will remember you soon.” Levy comforted the Blonde. “What people have forgotten about me now?” Lucy shrieked.


Lucy’s eyes widened  in awe as people turned to face her and started throwing beer jugs, plates, and food at the blonde. Stumbling to get up, Lucy raced outof the guild hall, running straight to her cosy home on Strawberry Street.

“I’m so confused.” Lucy puffed as she slid down her bedroom door. “That all happened so fast…”
Moving over to her bedside table, she looked at the picture of Natsu and her just taken a month ago. Confused, Lucy sat on her bed. “This has to be a funny joke.”
A tapping at her window awoke the blonde from her thoughts. There on the window sill was Natsu, dark, broad and a bit menacing. “I hope you have come to apologize.” Lucy puffed, hands on hips.

Natsu licked his lips, eyes narrowing in on her.“It’s dragon mating season and your my mate.”
Lucy raised an eyebrow and opened the window.“What did you say?" 

Natsu pounced on top of the blonde. "I’m now a feral character who is now going to – (explicit) – to you.”

Lucy in shock laid her eyes wide open, she then shook her head to wake herself up. "I don’t think so mister! First you go and cheat on me, dump me, kick me off the team, ignore me, bash me and then come crawling back for some –(explicit)–, I don’t think so mister!”

Natsu snarled at the blonde, “That’s not a good idea.” Just as he was about to –(explicit)– on the blonde, a majestic glowing woman released a dramatic “Noo!” from her lips.

“Stay where you are!” The woman spoke, arm raised.
Lucy’s jaw dropped, as she looked between Natsu and the woman.“Who are you!? How did you get in my house!?”

Lucy pointed to Natsu, then gestured to the woman. “Do you know her?”
Natsu shrugged and relaxed a bit, nothing like how he was a second ago. He climbed off the blonde. “Never seen her in my life.”

“I have sensed your heart ache, from what has happened to you.” The woman spoke before Lucy interrupted her.

“Who me?” Lucy pointed to herself.

“Yes, yes shh now.” The woman hushed her quickly before dramatizing her next sentence.“Your heart ache has called me here. You are also of age now. Your mother was the Queen of dragons and asked me to protect you, you are now going to be the Queen of dragons yourself, after an odd number of six years of training.”

“What? Queen of dragons? You knew my mother?” Lucy exclaimed, slightly suspicious.

“Of course I know your mother, Ashliegh.”


“Yes yes that’s what I said.”

Lucy’s eyebrows furrowed as she turned to look at Natsu sitting next to her whom seemed, interested in the conversation. He in turn looked back at Lucy and shrugged his shoulders. “What do you mean six years of training?”

“You will train to become a elemental or celestial dragon slayer, depending on what the reader wants.” The woman spoke dramatically.

“Readers? Wha–”

“Shh shh doesn’t matter, you must come with me now so you may train.” The strange woman spoke, and she leaned and grabbed Lucy’s wrist.

“I’m not going anywhere with you! You nut job for all I know you could be the city’s current serial killer!” Lucy protested, hitting the woman’s hand at the same time.

The woman, hovered in a pause before releasing the blondes hand. “Actually I have another appointment else where.” She moved to the door before looking back at Lucy and Natsu. “You never saw me.”

Staring at the door, Lucy shook her head before turning to Natsu. “Can you go? It’s been a messed up  day today.”

“Uh, no. I hate you still for no reason and I am now going to attack you in a terrible manner.” Natsu sneared at the blonde

Lucy awoke in her room, it was dark, and the only light was the moonlight that fled through her slightly parted curtains. The moonlight shone down on the picture of herself with Natsu on the bedside table.

 Looking around the room, Lucy smiled in relief to know that this was reality.

It was just a dream.

A weird messed up completely out of character dream.

Rolling over in her bed to face the window, Lucy was greeted by a sleepy Nastu.

“Are you okay Luce?” He mumbled in a tired state.

Lucy nodded in reply, snuggling herself into his chest. “Just a dream.”

“Just a mixture of weirdness and my vivid imagination.”

Lucy felt Natsu smile against her forehead. Her kissed her there, before ensuring the arms snaked around Lucy’s waist was tight, and protective.

“Tell me about it in the morning, for now I’m–Natsu yawned– tired…” Natsu dozed off again as he cuddled her close to his body.

Lucy smiled and drifted off herself, comfortable, safe and warm in his loyal arms.

anonymous asked:

Prompt!!! john and paul + leather jacket sharing wherein one of them gets flustered, aroused, or pleased in a possessive sort of way (its up to you!) that the other is wearing their jacket

awww this is a good idea, i dig it mate good on ya! 


The Cavern was always cold. Not particularly cold in the summer, but during the winter, it didn’t matter how many hours The Beatles played, or even if they felt like they broke a sweat. It was cold. During the cold wintery months in the Liverpool basement club, the four boys always remembered to layer up to make sure they weren’t going to turn into frozen Beatle-pops on stage. 

This was the first night since the end of the summery season that John had not remembered a jacket. George was dressed warmly in a winter jacket, Ringo was wearing a similar jacket with a jumper over top, and Paul wore a long sleeve shirt with two jumpers on top. Paul left his leather jacket on the side of the stage too, just in case he underestimated the warmth and comfort of his outfit.

John was standing on the stage opposite side of the mic he and Paul shared. He was shaking so much that the movement of his fingers on the neck of the guitar was delayed. Paul and George kept shooting him looks, and between songs George would shout something like, “The hell is wrong with you, Lennon!” Each time, John would try and shout back, but was rudely interrupted by Ringo hitting the intro to the next song on his snare drum, or Paul counting into the next song loudly through the microphone, “One, two, three, FAH!” Leaving John to try and keep up during the next song. 

Finally, the boys were given a break for another band, much lesser known than themselves, to go up and play for a while. The four lads bolted back stage, John was last, of course. It took him a few extra moments to get his guitar and strap up and around his neck, carefully and numbly placing it down on it’s stand. He rubbed his hands together quickly as he ran backstage, picking up a jacket that caught his eye as he did so. 

Paul was sitting on top of an old amplifier talking to George, as Ringo had run out to the bar to get a jug of beer for the four of them. When John caught his eye, it seemed as though George had completely stopped talking mid sentence. He hadn’t, but Paul could only focus on one thing. The thing that was slung around his older friend’s shoulders, wrapped around his body to protect him as if he was a delicate small flower hiding from the cold. His jacket, Paul’s jacket, was slung around John. 

“Cold, Lennon?” George asked the older member of the band. The only reason, Paul reckoned, that he heard George’s voice and words this time, was because he included the name Lennon. Paul watched John nod and sit down on an amplifier next to George, he couldn’t bear to pry his eyes away. “Y’know how cold it gets in here, ye daft git.” George chuckled as he pointed at the shaking man next to him. Paul felt a burning hot pit of anger in his stomach as George made fun of John. Nobody makes fun of him, he thought to himself. 

“Dunno whose jacket this is,” John lied through his teeth, “But it’s helpin.” He shrugged, looking up at Paul through his lashes. “S’Paul’s, ye poof.” George nudged John’s arm as he said the words. Paul was ready to pounce on his schoolmate and hit him hard in the mouth, punishing him for making John feel cruddy. George waved a hand dismissively and went to search for their drummer, and more importantly, their beer. “S-sorry, Macca,” John said with a shivering voice, “Y-you want it?” John began to shrug the jacket off his shoulders. Paul quickly stood up, and put his hands on the jacket to stop the man. 

“Yer bloody frozen, Lennon.” Paul observed, rubbing his hands up and down John’s arms quickly, hoping it would warm his friend up. “Looks good on you.” He whispered, looking down on the top of John’s head, admiring his beautiful, lengthening auburn hair. John quickly stood up to be at eye level with Paul. “Harrison’s right, should’ve remembered how bloody cold it is.” Paul noticed his lip quivering, turning a light shade of blue. 

Paul couldn’t stop his eyes from drifting down his friend’s body, admiring the way his jacket fit him absolutely perfectly, and glancing back up at his blueing lips. “You should start forgetting how cold it is more often.” The words rolled off of Paul’s lips as he brought his warm face closer to John’s cold one. “Yer warm,” John whispered, putting his hands on Paul’s hips, begging for his warmth. Paul pushed his nose against John’s. “Need another one of me jackets, you do.” Paul whispered with absolutely zero hesitance. He was surprised at himself. 

“Warm me up, Macca.” John whispered back with no grin on his face, much to Paul’s surprise. Paul took one more quick glimpse down at the sight of his own jacket on John and nearly lost it. He pressed his warm lips harshly against John’s frozen ones. They stayed together for what seemed like an eternity, and it was everything Paul could’ve wanted. When the two finally pulled away from the embrace, John’s lips were back to their original pinkish colour.

“Yer right, Macca. I think I will forget how bloody cold it is in here.”

#36 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “can you do a story with angry makeup sex? like you just had a fight with van ahah thank u!! Xx”

Warning: Verbal abuse from boyfriend (not Van) to reader character. A bit of violence in general, really. 

Fury had always been the manifestation of your hurt. When you were four years old your babysitter said no to a second cookie, and you threw her phone across the room. You got sent to the principal when you were eleven for pushing over a chair in a fit of rage when someone called your best friend stupid. In tenth grade gym class a girl purposefully tripped you in a game of soccer, and you spat the word ‘cunt’ for the first time. At nineteen you broke the screen door on your parent’s house when they said you were too young to move in with some boy that had a name that rhymed with 'dick’. You almost broke the same boy’s nose on the night he called you a slut. You didn’t take a swing, but you thought about it, and instead tipped an entire jug of cheap beer on his head and stormed out of the bar, colliding with another person in the doorway.

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Wade + reader 72 and 46?

Characters: Reader x Wade Wilson + Jack “Weasel” Hammer

Warnings: alcohol consumption, swearing, sexual-ish content (not smut sorry idk how to describe it)

Prompts: 46: “Please shut up. Just shut up.” 72: “I’m yours, in every way possible.”

Word Count: 420

A/N: hope this was okay ??


Working at the bar was hard. But you needed the money.

You were glad you got to work shifts with Weasel – he made the job more bearable. On a good day, the two of you would crack jokes, maybe strike up a funny conversation with one of the people at the bar as you made drinks.

On bad days, you would just get yelled at.

As you wiped down the bar, cleaning a spilled jug of beer off the countertop, you wondered why there were so manny more bad days than good days. 

“What the fuck is taking so long?” the man yelled, banging his fists on the countertop as Weasel tried to quickly fill up another glass. “I want my fucking beer!” 

“You’ll get your fucking beer!” you snapped, tossing the cloth into a bucket of water. The man frowned, looking you up and down before a smirk appeared on his face. The type of smirk that made you incredibly uncomfortable.

“This your only job?” he asked, and you raised an eyebrow. “Do you do… other jobs? You know what I mean-”

“Please shut up. Just shut up, you fucking pervert.” you growled, realising what he was insinuating. “I just serve drinks.” 

You angrily snatched the glass from Weasel and handed it over to the man, wanting to get rid of him as quickly as possible. The man tried to reach out and grab your arm, but someone grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. You smiled upon recognising your boyfriend, Wade, and covered your smile with your hand as Wade punched the man. As big as the man was, Wade’s punch seemed to knock him out completely.

“Justice is served.” Wade sat on the stool, shaking out his fist as you leaned closer to him and laughed. “Seriously, y/n, I don’t get why you’re still working here with all these dude harassing you.”

“We need the money, Wade.” you pointed out, and he sighed.

“I know, I know,” he grumbled. “But I just don’t feel right with you here, you know? All these people either giving you trouble or eyeing you up-”

“Hey.” you reached out to squeeze Wade’s hand, detecting the jealousy in his voice. “I’m yours, in every way possible.”

Wade grinned, and you grinned back as you asked, “Want a blowjob?”

“I don’t think it’ll be appropriate here, but if you’re offering.” Wade wiggled his eyebrows, and you rolled your eyes.

“The drink, you fucking idiot.” you replied, already reaching for the shot glass.

Alicia is P.O.T.U.S - 1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila

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This time when Eric’s phone buzzes in his hand he gets to look at it.

[Chowder] How’s it going?

[Chowder] Hope it’s going well!

[Chowder] Is it over yet? Or is it going THAT well?

[Chowder] How’d it gooooo?????

[Chowder] If it didn’t go that well we’re at O’Rourke’s

Bitty chuffs to himself. Honestly, Nurse saw him there once.

[Chowder] Hope it did go well though

[Nurse] hope ur getting that D 😉 !!!!

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Finding the Frost Wind

(This is a Fan Fiction. All characters, locations, names etc belong to their individual owners.)

(This was a commission piece for http://goddessoftheworld.tumblr.com/. She too is a fan of awesome things)

If you want a commission done too, Instant Message me and I’ll tell you the prices.

SHIP: HiJack (Hiccup and Jack Frost)

The air was crisp like a mint leaf and it howled without rest pulling the grayscale clouds over the skies. They stole the sun and the warmth from the land far sooner than the people expected them to. The golden hue of the cornfields which had reached their peak of brightness because of the year’s harvest was diminished by the darkened sky. The green hairs in holding the ears of corn shivered for they weren’t expecting the days after their emergence to be so unwelcoming.

Berk was a town known far and wide, from Beach City to Empire City, as having the best harvest in the tri state area. Some might say they are the only harvest place in the entire tri state area, if not for some rumors about a crop field as big as theirs somewhere nearby. Whatever the case, Berk’s townspeople lives and worshipped the harvest they bring in each year. Every year they’d bring in buckets after buckets of vegetables, wiping their brows of sweat each time, ignoring the summer heat because it only served to fuel their muscles. So it came as a shock to them when there was no greeting summer sun to signal the impending harvest.

“By Odin’s fanny, wise the dang wind so strong today, again? For the fifth time this week,” groaned Gobber, the town’s premiere, if not only, welder. A fat man with his long beard tied in twin tails, he was fixing a loose bolt on his prized tractor, one he called Grumpy for reasons unknown to any of the townspeople.

Next to him was Berk’s pride and joy: Stoick, the hulking owner of the massive cornfield. He glared at the uncooperative skies with distaste. The massive muscles on his arm pulsated and protruded with the anger swelling beneath them. He stroked the ends of his beard which reached down to his powerful chest.

“I don’ understand it, Gobber. Every yeer the harvest grows.”


“Every yeer we collect the harvest.”


“And every yeer we celebrayte with a dip in the river to cool off. So why is it this yeer we’re gettin’ cold winds and a freezing river?”

“I don’ understand it either, Stoick, are dads never had to deal with this. Well mai dad especially; I still say that ‘retirement’ crap was a load. Maybe we’re the generation that gets unlucky,” said Gobber

           Stoick dropped himself down on the stack of hay next to his old friend and sighed deeply. The lack of summer sun heating his burly beard wasn’t the only thing occupying the farmer’s mind. Out of the corner of his eye his second dilemma struggled to get a cow back into the barn.

           “Come on, Betsy, work with me here,” struggled the young Hiccup, Stoick’s son. The old dairy cow was doing the exact opposite, instead savoring the grass beneath it, with every bite slower than the last. Hiccup crashed his body into her side repeatedly. “Why. Are. You. So. Heavy?”

           The last push threw Hiccup to the ground with the recoil. His mouth readied itself to shout with the pain, but he noticed his dad watching from the distance. Hiccup shot back up to his feet, brushing off the dirt and the pain on his shoulder with a cocky grin.

           “Don’t worry, Dad, Betsy’s no trouble. I’ll have her.” He started pushing again. “In. The. Barn. In no time.”

           It was obvious the dairy cow wasn’t moving despite the thin boy’s efforts. Stoick ran his hands across his face with disgust.

           “Huh, can’t take ‘em anywhere, can ya’?” Gobber joked.

           “What’ema goin’ do with him, Gobber?” Stoick groaned.

           “You can start by lettin’ him find his stride. Hiccup’s not gonna find his stride doin’ jobs for someone like you, Mister Muscles for blood.”

           Gobber downed a hefty jug of beer down his throat and passed the cup to Stoick who downed the rest, which was still plenty of beer. He even shook it to get the last drops to touch his tongue.

           “That was the last thing I had. I put him through evyrthin’, Gobber, believe me. Herdin’ the cattle was the last thing on my list.”

           “Give it time, Stoick. Me, it took me fourteen yeers to find mai calling.” Gobber nestled his blowtorch, which was still on, and tractor in his arms. “Oh Spit. Oh Grumpy. Never leave me.”

           Stoick rolled his eyes. “I’m gettin’ another drink.”

           Gobber kept his eye on Stoick as he walked away, with a disapproving grunt outlining his exit, but then he switched to Hiccup who finally got Betsy to start moving.

           It would be more accurate to say Hiccup was fruitlessly pushing Betsy while the cow moved on its own accord. The shadow of the barn’s door fell over them as Hiccup was in the last stretch of his journey. Sweat piled on his brow, his heart was racing, and his breath was losing him. But at long last Betsy was in her pen and Hiccup closed the wooden door behind her.

           “I did it! Yeah!” Hiccup cheered, recovering the energy he had lost in an instant. He raced outside. “Dad! Dad! Did you see—that?”

           The excited fourteen year old discovered he was alone. Gobber left his tractor and his father was nowhere to be seen. The wind tussled Hiccup’s unruly brown hair over his eyes, and with the sweat on his face the strands clung to his skin.

           “Ah great.”

           Hiccup threw off his work boots and sat at the foot of the massive cornfield. He mumbled his complaints to himself, but for his own reasons complaining out in the open didn’t feel right. Reluctant to get up now that he just took a seat, Hiccup took a stroll through the town.

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S.O.S. Chapter 5

Ashton Irwin

He has gotten more toned. And that healthy glow that seems to have indulged his body in a tan golden colour. My eyes rake over all four of them.
They do not belong together, but somehow it works. I’m actually really excited to hear what they have to offer, and if they are any good. I am not one to shatter their dreams just because of one dick. Those other three deserve a chance anyway.

“What is your name, I’ve never asked, now that I come to think of it.” I slur out, my eyes widening when I realise there had to be a lot of alcohol in my drink. I shoot Natalee a small glare, in my head cussing her out for adding so much, before returning my gaze to the four uncomfortable young lads on my stage.

“Five seconds of summer.” Calum mutters out, turning to Luke, who is still trying to tune his guitar. I jug the rest of my drink down my throat, standing up as I turn to Nat.
“Care for a drink yourself?” A lopsided grin has taken over my usual smile, I am so uncomfortable right now, trying not to cry and yell and slap him in the face, that I start to act differently.
“A beer, and I suggest you keep it low as well.” I grumble in return, she was right. She always was.

I tap Natalee and myself a beer, rimming off the glasses before lightly pushing the glass in the water to get all excess of foam to come of the sides.
“Whenever you are ready boys.” I smile, sitting back down as I take a sip of the bitter yellow liquid. Calum takes the upper hand, telling Natalee and I that the song they will be performing now is she looks so perfect, and I nod to get the ball rolling.

One two three four

I am actually captivated by their voices. It is mostly Luke, but his voice sounds pure, with a rough edge to it. Natalee is bobbing her head along with the music, my gaze still on the foursome sitting in front of me.
“Thoughts?” Natalee whispers in my ear, both of our gazes remaining on the boys, scared they’d catch us whispering together.
“Fuck.” Natalee chuckles, and I know she was thinking the exact same thing as I was. If they suck, I could simply tell them no and I would be rid of Ashton and his three bandmates.

The last strum comes and both of us applaud politely. I make the mistake of letting my eyes dart to Ashton, and our gazes catch one another before I scrape my throat and quickly look away again.
“Not bad, much better than expected actually.” I smile, standing up. “What do you think?”
I turn to Natalee, my arms crossed over my chest while I keep standing, Natalee still sitting down, rather man-like for once actually.

“You have some serious potential. I’ll leave you with Y/n to get all the details settled.”
My eyes widen as I hiss in her direction giving one of the most invisible shakes of the head of all times. “Whore.” I mutter under my breath as I turn back to the boys.
“Can I get you anything to drink as we speak over the formalities?”
“I’d love a coke.” Luke replied, Calum and Michael both nodding their head. I turn to Ashton, a small smile on my lips. “Let me guess, half and half?”

He gives me a shameful nod as I roll my eyes. Ever since I met him he had been drinking half and half, half grenadine and half lemonade. It wasn’t that bad, you would just think he somehow grew over it. On the other hand, it is incredibly cute.
I take my time gathering the glasses and drinks, trying to recollect my thoughts before heading over again. I am interrupted though as that stupid bell rings through the room, the shrill sound going through my marrow and bone.

“Good afternoon Y/n!” Rose chirps as she hangs up her coat by the rack, still haven’t noticed the company we have.
Her head turns and her eyes widen, a shy smile on her lips before her eyes fall onto Ashton.
“Isn’t he –“ her voice raises and I slam the counter to gather her attention.
“I am pretty sure Natalee can use your assistance in the back,” I sharply nod my head, ordering her to get out of here as quickly as possible.

“Are you still going to the hair dresser later?” Rose tries to make nonchalant small talk, and I nod. After this, I am going to visit Josh and follow up on Nat’s advice.
“You are opening with Sophie, if you think you can handle it?” I smirk at Rose, never have Natalee and I given away that task for someone else other than ourselves. But Natalee needs a trip to the hairdresser as well as I do, and I decided we could go together.

“Are you serious? Thanks Ari.” Her small arms wind around my shoulders to give me a small squeeze, my right hand coming up to tap her gently on the shoulder to let go.
“Tell Nat to give Sophie a ring then, alright? I’ll be done here soon.”

I take the platter and make my way over to the boys, who are all staring at me with looks I cannot quite decipher.
“Here you go.” I set them down, letting the platter hit a table behind us.
My ears gather a series of thank you’s and I smile politely. My fingers tap on the wood as I think of what we should discuss.

“I think we can handle all of this without paperwork. Saves me some late eve booking.” I chuckle, my eyes catching Luke’s as I see him nod his head with a smile on his lips as well.
“Drinks for that eve are on our tab, and I’m thinking a two-hundred-pound fee, if you show up on Friday and do your best that is.”
I can see their eyes widening and I absolutely love it. I don’t think they’d expect to get paid, and get their drinks free, but that is how we roll. We want to make the interaction between the musicians and us as good as possible.

“You can go on at eight. I suggest you bring the same instruments you have brought today, seeing as they are of slight better quality than what I can provide, sadly.” I nod my head, standing up as I jug the last of my beer down my throat.
“Thank you for giving us an opportunity, really. You are the first.”
A small smile makes its way onto my lips as I see Luke holding my hand like a true gentleman. So sweet.

“I know how it feels to be as young when nobody wants to give you a serious opportunity. Don’t worry about it.” I show my teeth, shaking all of their hands except for Ashton’s. I do not want to, they can’t make me anyway.
I turn away and disappear behind the bar as they loudly, with a choruses of bye’s, leave the pub. I am washing the six glasses we’ve soiled by hand for now, not wanting to fill a whole sink for this small amount. As I am humming along, I hear that obnoxious bell again.

“Y/n?” His voice is like a hot knife cutting through smooth butter, like a hot chocolate on a cold winter day, as smooth as velvet.
I hum, not wanting to look up and catch his eyes again. I have fallen for those beautiful eyes once, and I’m sure I am the donkey that would hurt itself twice on the same stone.

“Thank you for giving us, me, a chance.” He sighs out, and as I look up, I see him standing in the middle of the empty space with his head down. He looks like a lost puppy, but I am not falling for that. I was in way worse condition when he decided to disappear.
“This a total professional approach. Otherwise you wouldn’t even be standing here. See you tomorrow.” And with that, I quickly leave to the office, closing the door behind me and leaving him standing there. My heart is beating like crazy and I feel as if I can pass out any minute.

I still cannot believe that he decided to join a band. He had always loved drumming, but I never knew he was actually serious about it.
The way his muscles contracted whenever he tapped his ‘box’, and his bright smile showed me that he had made the right decision for himself.
Even after two years his name or appearance can make me go weak in the knees until the point of almost fainting. Although I am not certain if it is from love of pure anxiety.

“Love, are you ready to go?” I am pulled out of my trance when I hear Natalee’s voice on the other side of the door. And then I notice I am sitting on the ground with my knees pulled close against my chest. I haven’t cried in ages, and I am proud that today is another day to add. I sigh loudly, muttering a yeah as I push myself up off of the floor. The door clicks over and Natalee’s head appears.

“I’m sorry, I thought it would be best if you’d were alone to cope.” I roll my eyes at her, but still smiling, because that is the most utter bull shit I have ever heard.
I grab both our coats, flinging hers at her head and shrugging mine over my shoulders. “Have you phoned Sophie up?” I question as we make our way out of the door. I yell a faint goodbye to Rose as I walk through, the cold London air whipping me in the face immediately.
“Yeah, everything is settled. We can even go out for dinner tonight, something tasty.”
“Nando’s?” I smirk, batting my eyelashes at my best friend. She isn’t too fond of chicken, but I on the other hand, am freaking in love with their chicken.

“Of course, if you wish so. These past few days, maybe even weeks have been harder on you than on me.” Natalee shrugs as we hop on the Underground, pursuing our way to Josh.

“There is some weird people on this planet, I tell you.” Natalee chuckles loudly as we take the last steps up before we would be out in the open again. I laugh as well, remembering the two girls she speaks about that were sitting in front of us at the Underground.
One was in complete spandex, white with rose flowers on it and I swear I could see everything she ‘had to offer’. The other one left much less to the imagination, everything that could have a rip, ripped up completely showing her neon pink underwear.
It didn’t help that both of their clothing were a few sizes too small either.

“If I ever look like that, oh please do tell me.” I wipe away a stray tear, making a sharp corner as we already see Josh’s place come up.
“I am so glad I decided to become friends with that gay man.” Natalee sighs, nodding her head to the bright pink lighting.
Josh’s place was one of the most privileged places in London. You had to wait months to even get an appointment and he was immensely expensive. It helps that Natalee and Josh met at a party and bonded immediately.

“Ah, my princesses! It’s been forever.” Josh greets us with his typical two kisses and I smile brightly, glad to be among people again.
Natalee, I’ve reserved Brit for you, and you my dear, are coming with me. I heard you were the hopeless case today!” Josh shrieks, pulling me along as I shoot Natalee a harsh glare.
“A hopeless case? Way to overreact Josh. It’s not that bad..” I chuckle nervously, not ready for the philosophy crap he was going to pull on me while cutting my hair. I swear that bartenders and hairdressers are the psychologists of the normal people.

“So I heard you were thinking about changing it up a bit but sort of backed out? I have something that I know would suit you terrifically.” Josh’s hands are raking through my hair, our eyes locked through the mirror.
“You know what, you get the green card. Knock yourself out.” I breathe out, taking the tips of my hair between my fingertips. I receive a nod as he slaps his latex gloves on, grinning evilly at me before shooting me a wink.

There has been small talk all through the dyeing of my hair, but nothing of great importance. But I knew he would bring it up eventually, Natalee tells him everything.
“I heard something..” And there it is, I know he is going to ask me about Ashton now, and I am not sure I want to talk about it.

“Oh yeah, really?” I whimper, fiddling with my fingers underneath the cloak he has pulled over me. He has an apologetic smile on his face, almost as if he doesn’t want to talk about it.
“Is he back? Tell me Nat was kidding.”
I shake my head, taking a deep breath as I gather all my strength to reply.
“Yeah, all of a sudden he’s in this band, and apparently I had spoken to one of his mates about booking a gig at S.O.S.”

“How is he? Please tell me he became as ugly as the wench from Snow White.” He sighs out, closing his eyes as if praying for the answer he knows he won’t get.
He takes my hand, guiding me over to the washing tables to rinse out my hair, granting me with another smile before disappearing from sight.
“He looked, ah – amazing. So much more toned, grown up. A real man.”
“Ah well,” the cold water hit my head as his hand starts to knead through my locks, “you have become a woman yourself love. You can’t expect him to be a boy forever.”

I feel the shampoo being added, and I close my eyes at the wonderful sensation Josh’s hands provide on my tense head. He seems to massage all of the worries out of my brain, and I can’t help but sigh in content.
“Couldn’t he just stay in Sydney, though?” I whimper, gooseflesh covering my arms when I recall the feeling when I first laid eyes on him again in almost a period of two years.

“Think of this, after this one performance you’ll probably never see him again, London is a big city honey.” I nod my head, he is right after all.

xox L.

Manifestation (M) | Minho

A random update in a while for @missemthings who requested for a Symptoms-related scenario. There’s a bit of daddy kink in this one because hell, it’s meant to be naughty, so I encourage you to turn away now if you’re uncomfortable with the topic ^^

// you had me at those moves

You don’t mean to get jealous.

Minho turns around in his place to greet another girl group member with a smile.

Okay, you do mean to get jealous.

But it’s not your fault, it’s his; him and those tight black leather jeans he’s wearing — basically, it’s the entire black ensemble that’s driving you wild. You can see the glimmer of lust and thirst that flashes across the girl’s eyes and the green eyed monster in you rumbles again. It doesn’t help that Minho is friendly to everyone, and an extra gentleman to the opposite sex. You wish he knew that there were tons of female idols out there that would kill to have him; he just needed to stop being so ignorant about it.

Minho’s about to perform and you see him squinting his eyes in the darkness in search of your silhouette further backstage. You step into the moonlight and give him a thumbs up from a good distance away, and you know he sees you because he starts to wear that sheepish smile that makes him look like a ten year old.

The music starts, and you furrow your eyebrows. Minho didn’t tell you they were performing a new song. He always liked to keep mum about any comeback information, so there goes the misconception that all superstar girlfriends get first-hand news. You move to the giant television screen near the tents for the stage staff, and your body freezes immediately. Minho’s dancing and singing to what can only be described as a baby-making song. The sensuous lyrics that reek of Jonghyun begin to register in your brain, and your breathing becomes uneven.

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Sakurai Takahiro’s THE DARK ROAD – Teenage Sakurai Dark Stories

*Warning: Seiyuu are people. If you think that they are perfect even from the day they were born, you better don’t read this. Thank you*


When he was in grade school, he played with daytime firework (「昼花火」– hiru hanabi ) and – accidental or not we never know– burn down the field where he played. He fled because the fire spread, then pretended to be the first person that discover the fire. There was a fuss, but Sakurai acted so surprised and said “Its still noon, so its difficult to see the fire”


He burned the chemistry lab school desk with alcohol and then got kicked out from the Science club in Junior High school.


At his teens, Sakurai often went with his ‘not so good’ friend to camp deep inside Gifu’s mountain range by car, while bring the missile and rocket firework – they fired and shot the other camp nearby, also bombarded the person who go to toilet with missiles. 


Ran Away – Realizing that the fuel inside their car wasn’t enough to go home, he stole the gasoline from other car nearby and put it in their car. 


At Koganei City drug store, he purposely kicked the canned food display rack in the front store. He then proceed to hide at nearby building until the fuss gone. 


He stole vegetable from unguarded farm. Not specify how many times.


At his first part time job at izakaya (Japanese bar) he used the beer jug to hit one of the customer’s neck and got fired after that.


On his part time job as insect terminator, he was so disgusted by the sight of actual worms… and quit after one day (he ran away)


There was tenant who moved from his apartment building, Sakurai attempted to steal TV from the mover’s truck and got caught by the neighbor’s aunty. 


When he was a student, he threw his porn magazine out from train’s window. Panic occurred and the train was stopped after that. 


At Atami. He ordered chocolate ice cream while his companion wanted vanilla. The waitress then repeated the order, “So, its two vanilla right?” Sakurai straight away stormed out, glared at the waitress then kicked the front counter! Again and again…. thats the way he used to complain.

Funny story, now whenever Sakurai looks upset, his close friends will teased him with “Sakurai, please don’t kick the counter~”


Pyromania. Lying. Stealing. Violence. Attempted Crime. Irresponsible. And very very short temper….

All that he used to be, gone with time, grow up and became an amazing person that a lot of people love, respect and adore. 

13/06/14. Happy 40th Birthday, Sakurai san, all the best for you :)