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Jughead x reader where they have a fight?

I didn’t know what type of fight you wanted so, it turned into fluff because I’m total and utter trash! It has a bad ending but that’s because I never wanted it to end. I hope you like it!

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You got the text from Jughead around 4pm, that said to come over to his house. You almost didn’t go, due to the amount of homework you had, but at 4:18 pm you were already in his driveway. His parents weren’t home, as usual, so you just walked into the house.

“Jughead? What’s wrong?” You shouted, wandering around the house looking for your friend. You walked up the carpeted staircase and turned left into his room. There you saw him, sprawled out on the floor with his back leaning against the side of his bed. The cuts and bruises on his arms and face looked fresh and he seemed like he was in pain. You rushed over and crouched next to him, you leaned over grabbing his face carefully in your hands.

“Jug, what happened?” You asked, he turned his face in your hands so he could look you in the eyes, but he didn’t speak. His blue eyes were unreadable as he took in your features. “Was it Reggie?” You asked, but he still didn’t reply. He just closed his eyes and leaned his face against your palm. You slowly got up, “I’ll grab some meds.” You exited his room and into the bathroom. There you opened a cabinet and grabbed some pain killers and hydrogen peroxide for his cuts.

When you returned to his room, Jughead was trying to get up to do who knows what. You set the medicine down on his dresser and put your hands on your hips. He almost didn’t notice the look you were giving him, until you cleared your throat. His eyes landed on you, and despite the pain, he gave you a little smile. “You look cute when you’re pissed off.” If it wasn’t for the situation, you might’ve blushed harder, but you just looked at him. “Sit down, Jug.”

“I have to type. Just really quick.” He said as his limped over to his desk. It looked like he would fall at any second, so you walked over and guided him to his bed. “You can type later. But for now,” you said sitting him on his bed, “just sit.” He listened and didn’t move as you pressed a rag soaked in the peroxide to his cuts. He let out small hisses of pain to which you muttered ‘sorry.’ You weren’t sorry though, not really. He had been getting into fights whenever he could and you were tired of playing nurse with him afterwards. So after you had cleaned his cuts and made him down a few pain killers, you let him have it.

“This fighting with people needs to end! I’m tired of seeing you beat up like this.” You yelled, throwing your hands in the air. “You don’t understand, I did it for-”

“Your novel; I know, but that doesn’t justify it Jug!” You said, interrupting him. He looked up at you from his spot on his bed, blue eyes watching you intensely while you shouted at him. “What ever they said they said about your novel or you shouldn’t provoke you like this! Normally you wouldn’t even care so what-” He was on his feet now, a mere inches away from you. You became silent at the sudden closeness. “They weren’t bashing on me, Y/N.” His voice was in a deep whisper as he spoke, “They were saying ugly, horrible things about you and I wouldn’t have that. You out of all people, do not deserve that.” Before you could stop yourself, you wrapped your arms around his waist and drew him into a hug. He had to lean down to hug you properly, but he couldn’t have cared less. You felt tears behind your eyes, but fought them back. You managed to choke out, “I’m sorry, Jug,” and you meant it this time.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he whispered, “it’s okay that you got mad at me. I was mad at me.” He pulled back slightly and gestured to his face, “Like, I’m really bad at fighting, I was pissed I couldn’t defend you.” You let out a laugh and the tears you had been holding back fell onto your cheeks. He brushed them away the moment he saw them and fought the urge to kiss them away. You leaned in again, for another hug, and placed your head on his chest. His hand stroked your back soothingly and you were amazed by what a great friend he was to you. His ‘I-don’t-care’ attitude could be overwritten, just for you. That thought alone made you dangerously hopeful he liked you back. It stayed quiet a few moments longer, until you spoke up again. “Promise you won’t fight anymore?” You looked up at Jughead, and from this angle it looked like he was tired. “I can’t promise that Y/N, not if they keep making fun of you.” You swallowed hard at his words and thought about what to say next. You didn’t have to say anything though; Jughead was finished waiting and pushing his true feelings back. “It’s because I love you, that I can’t promise.” He whispered. You pulled back only enough to see his face, and saw the weight of his words in his eyes. Your lips curved into a smile and heat nipped at your cheeks.

“I love you too, Jug.” A small, but true smile crept it’s way to his lips. His hand came up to your jaw, then your cheek, resting it there. He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your forehead. “When do you have to go home?” He whispered, walking backwards and pulling you along with him. “Not for a while.” You murmured and Jughead nodded at he pulled you down to lay on his bed next to him. You smiled at him before carefully taking his hat off his head and running your fingers through his dark, thick hair. He closed his eyes and laid more comfortably beside you. He put one of his arms around your waist, pulling your side closer to his chest. You smiled at his actions and continued to play with his hair. “I’m crazy about you.” He murmured, kissing your cheek lazily. You let out a small laugh and watched as he fell asleep.  

- are you going to eat this?

a/n : so i took a stab at a jughead one shot, which was surprisingly challenging because his character is so interesting and hard to get right. but hey, have some drabble that i’ve managed to spew into some writing.

word count : 974 

{jughead x reader}

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Disappointment. That’s all you seemed to ever feel. That nauseous drop in your stomach, an inconsolable hole. But you were used to it, you’d been let down your whole life. Your dad leaving when you were just eight years old; your mother becoming a work-consumed robot, incapable of showing human emotion to her daughter; and your brother just being a down right dick. A trait he had once again managed to show tonight.

You sat in the retro red booth of Pop’s, a chocolate shake sat in front of you. You swirled the straw around the tall glass before taking another sip. You were waiting for your brother to show. You wanted nothing more than to see him but apparently he didn’t feel the same way. As much as you didn’t want to admit it you knew he wasn’t coming. You’d been sat with false hope for about an hour now, simply watching the people that entered and exited the diner. You saw your friend Archie Andrews enter the shop earlier to pick up and order. You two weren’t best friends but you were his lab partner. He gave you a smile which you returned with a fake one, although he didn’t pick up on your facade.

“On the house” you heard a voice from beside you as a basket on onion rings was placed on your table. You cast your eyes up to familiar face of Pop. He gave you a pitiful smile as he wiped his hands on his apron. You gave him a grateful smile. “Didn’t show again?” He questioned despite already knowing the answer. This wasn’t the first time your brother had stood you up, and you’d managed to admit yourself that it most likely wasn’t the last. You let out a sigh.

“More onion rings for me right?” you joked, your sardonic humour presenting itself earning yourself a look of pity off Pop. You picked one up and shoved it in your mouth, silently praying the conversation would end. You appreciated Pop’s charity but you hated people feeling sorry for you.

“Just let me know if you need anything” He offered, motioning to your almost empty chocolate shake. You followed his gaze and picked up the glass and passing it to him with a sheepish smile. He took the glass from your grip and smiled, walking off to top it up. You relaxed back into the booth again, your eyes landing on the basket of food in front of you. However, the pang of frustration managed to put you off as you edged them further away from you across the table. You ran your hand through you dark hair, another sigh of melancholy escaping your lips. Just another night at Pop’s alone after being stood up by Dean the dick you thought. Pop returned with your shake and placed it on the table, leaving you with your thoughts. Before your mind could crawl any further into the dark hole of depression and angst someone slid into the other side of the booth.

“Are you going to eat this?” he inquired, your basket of onion rings now sat in front of him. You shook your head silently, as he popped one in his mouth. Who was this boy? His eyes were slightly sunken, a dark shade visible underneath them. He had dark unruly curls that poked out from the front of his dark beanie. His small pink lips moving slightly as he consumed your food. You stared at him as he ate, taking in his features.

“Do you always stare at people when the eat their food?” He questioned catching your gaze; your cheeks reddened slightly. His tone was serious, put the playfulness in his eyes was evident enough for you to make a comeback.

“Well technically it’s my food” You retorted with a smirk. He stopped chewing for a second and stared at you, his dark eyes boring into yours.

“Touché” He countered, picking up another onion ring. You sat in silence as he finished the basket and sighed with content. You snickered quietly as he cleaned his fingers on a napkin. “So” he started, pushing the basket aside and leaning forwards. You did the same, placing your hands on the table. “Why have you been sat alone until now looking like humpty dumpty just fell off the wall… for the twenty fifth time?” He asked. You let out a laugh, your lips twisting into a playful smirk.

“How did you know i love Humpty Dumpty so much?” You sassed. He rolled his eyes playfully and shrugged his shoulders. You sighed before responding. “My douchebag of a brother stood me up, again.” A look of pity flashed across his eyes, sparking your short-temper. He opened his mouth to say something but you cut him off. “Anyway, i don’t know why i’m telling you this when i don’t even know your name,” you quipped, taking a sip of your shake.

“Jughead Jones, the third” he responded causing you to choke on your beverage. He inspected you factiously, as if waiting for you to respond with a witty comment. But you didn’t. You composed yourself and stuck your hand out. “Well, Jughead Jones the third, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance” You said gallantly. He gladly accepted and took your hand in his.

“So, mysterious Humpty Dumpty lover” he started making himself comfortable on his side of the booth, wait laced in his tone. “Tell me more about yourself, how do you feel about Jack and Jill?” You let out a giggle, earning a grin from the boy opposite you. You may have only just met Jughead, but you were already thanking fate for throwing you both together as you sat in Riverdale’s famous chock’lit shoppe until the early hours of the morning, escaping your merciless realities together.


Jughead X Reader

Wordcount: 1,888 

Request:  Bit of a different request, but could you do something where Jughead is helping the reader recover from past substance abuse and addiction?

Warnings: Mentions on substance abuse, swearing, angst 

A/N: This issue is very personal to home with me, that’s why I’m writing it. Last year I lost a friend due to substance abuse, and many of my friends take drugs recreationally and have become addicted, so I’ve dealt with addiction first-handedly. I’ve seen the way this has affected them and it’s not a pretty sight. There is plenty of support out there if anyone ever needs to speak to someone about substance abuse. My inbox is always open if anyone wants a chat…Even if it isn’t about substance abuse. 

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Welcome to the South side

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The murder of Jason Blossom had just been solved, it was his dad. Clifford Blossom.

Jughead’s dad was incarcerated for a murder he did not commit.

And Juggy, well he had just followed in his father’s footsteps and became a Southside Serpent.

I was currently sitting on FP’s couch as I awaited Jughead to return from talking to some of the Southside Serpents. I was torn away from my thoughts at the sound of the front door opening and closing.

“Hello, baby,” I turned to see Jughead leaning against the kitchen island.

“Hey,” I said as I stood up and walked over to him. Jughead smiled at me as he bent over and picked me up, I squealed and wrapped my legs around his waist. Jug moved his lips to my neck while he sucked and licked my neck.

“Jug…” I moaned. Jughead chuckled while he started walking us to the counter. I gripped his jacket, the leather scrunching between my fingers. Jughead pulled away from my neck as he pressed his lips to mine. I kissed him back, our lips collided in a rough and wet embrace. I began to push at Jug’s jacket as he slid it down his shoulders and onto the floor.

Jughead moved his hands from my waist to under my shirt before pulling it off. I pulled away from Jug while I began to whisper into his ear.

“Fuck going slow, I need you now,” I said as I heard Jughead take a sharp intake of breath. Jug lifted me off the counter as he walked down the hall to what used to be his dad’s bedroom. Jug walked in while he carried me in his arms, my legs offering support by staying wrapped around his waist. Jug kissed me one last time before pulling away with a smirk as he threw me onto the bed.

I sat up on my elbows, Jug stared at me with lust in his eyes. I lifted my hand as I motioned for Jughead to come towards me. Jughead got on his knees and he began crawling up the bed; he reconnected our lips as he laid his hand on my thigh before spreading my legs and laying in between them. Jug began to tug down my shorts, I lifted my hips while he pulled them the rest of the way down my legs before throwing them behind him. I reached between us as I tugged at the bottom of his shirt, Jug took the hint while he sat up and pulled his shirt all the off.

“Mmm, Juggy.” I began as I reached up and pulled him down to me, my lips brushed passed his while I spoke. “Take me,” Jug smirked, he sat up and began to undo his belt.

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” I sat up and finished unbuttoning his pants before pushing them all the way down his legs. I reached towards his dad’s nightstand and pulled open to drawer, I reached in until I hauled out a condom between my two fingers.

“FP always come prepared,” I said with a giggle. Jughead rolled his eyes at me before taking the condom from me and tearing the foil with his teeth. “Let me,” I said as I took the condom from his hands and began putting it on him. I moved from underneath him and stood up, Jug looked at me with a confused look, he began to speak.

“What are you doing?” He said while he got off the bed and stood up as well. I smirked at him before dropping to my knees and taking his now hardened cock between my lips. I began bobbing my head back and forth making the condom roll down his cock, further each time. Jughead moaned, he took my hair in his hands before pulling it into a ponytail.

“Fu-fuck (Y/N) …” Jug moaned before pulling his cock away from my lips and pulling me to my feet. “I don’t want to come just yet,” Jughead said with a smirk as I giggled. Jughead went to push me down onto the bed but before he could I flipped us over so it was him that landed on the bed.

“Not tonight, Juggy,” I began, he gave me an bewildered look. “I’m going to be the dominate one tonight. All you have to do it sit back and relax,” Jug smiled at my sudden rush of confidence. Jughead sat himself up on the bed so his back was pressed the headboard. I crawled up his lap before situating myself onto his lap, I pressed to his swollen red lips before going back to his lap. I took a hold of his cock as I ran it in between my folds.

“F-fuck, (Y/N)… Don’t tease, baby,” I giggled at Jug’s half-hearted moan and I ran his cock between my folds one last time before sinking down on him. I sat still for a moment as I let myself adjust to him, Jug let out a little grunt as I began to move up and down. Jughead moved his hands onto my hips while he begun to move me up and down on his thick cock.

“Oh Juggy,” I moaned as he began to lift his hips to meet mine. Soon enough, Jughead was pounding into me relentlessly it made the headboard bang against the wall. “Fuck Jug!” I screamed out as he went harder and deeper with each thrust. “FUCK JUGGY I’M CLOSE!” I screamed out. Jug flipped us over and lifted my leg over his shoulder and slipped his hand between us before laying it on my clit while rubbing figure eights. I felt my climax hit it’s peak as I moaned out Jughead’s name. “Ju-Jughead… F-fuck… I’m going to c-com…” I moaned out as I felt my release. Jug’s thrusts became sloppier, until he thrusted in one hard and final time. Jughead pulled out laid next to me as I laid my head onto his chest.

“Sorry, I took over at the end. I know you were trying to be dominate,” I smiled up at my boyfriend as I spoke.

“It’s okay, Congrats on becoming a Southside Serpent,” I said with a smile. Jughead chuckled as he pulled my chin up to look at him.

“Thank you for sticking by me,” He said as he pressed a kiss to my lips.

“Always,” I said as we pulled away with a smile.


Spouts seem so simple after seeing this.

From @hamramics - I love this part-when you’ve made the pitcher/jug and get to squeeze the lip to make a spout. Suddenly they transform from being just a shape to having a face and a personality.

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