@epitoma-rei-militaris tagged me and requested that I post six images that describe me.

- I, of course, love guns ; it’s one of the most important thing in my life. I’m interested in them for historic, cultural, personal, design reasons - but they are mostly tools for me.

- I like to shoot pictures too, and this one I took in Dresde last summer summarize well how I work - not post-treatment, bad composition, concrete architecture, cars and street art.

- I’m not really a geek, but I like how the modern world helps me hoarding data. I’m also quite the nomadic one, so it’s important to me that everything is well-organized, small and light.

- I love to read ; most of my Weltanschauung occured through litterature. My main inspiration are Ernst Juenger, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and William S. Burroughs.

- I’m a Catholic, even if I despise the current Pope.

- I love walking in nature, woods and mountains. A few animals I’m terribly fond of (cows, cats, hedgehog, squirrels, boars…)

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Michelangelo chiseled just the contours of the faces into the marble as his last step, then he left the raw blocks to slumber in grottos like the cocoons of butterflies, whose inwardly enfolded life he entrusted to eternity. The prose of “Will to Power” – an uncleared battlefield of thought, the relic of a terrible, solitary accountability, a workshop full of keys, thrown down by someone with no time to unlock. Even someone in the zenith of his creativity like Cavaliere Bernini speaks of an aversion to the completed work, and Huysmans writes in a late introduction to “A Rebours” of the impossibility of reading one’s own books. This too is a paradoxical image – like that of the owner of an original work who studies poor commentaries on it. The great, unfinished novels that were not completed because their very conception overwhelmed them - they resemble the construction of cathedrals.
—  Ernst Jünger, The Adventurous Heart