I finally saw Zootopia recently and LOVED IT! ╰(✧∇✧╰)
I’m in love with Judy and Nick; They. Are. So. Precious. ahhh~!! I just had to try drawing them! I also recently rediscovered the ‘rabbit ear’ obi knot(adorable, right?!) and was then inspired to draw them in traditional Japanese clothing- the end result has a kinda ‘summer festival’ vibe!! ♥

What if (and only what if), instead of making “Zootopia 2” they make one of those Disney Animated Shorts? Here are some ideas:

*Nick’s training at the academy.
*A day in the ZPD with Clawhauser and Chief Bogo.
*Finnick trying to hustle other animals and failing miserably.
*Gideon trying to open a bakery in Zootopia.
*Gazelle’s backstory (like something similar to Judy, you know, working hard to make her dreams come true).
*Judy visiting her family because family reunion and having to take care of her little siblings because she’s their heroine and “Judy could you tell us the story of how you solve the missing mammals case?” “Again? This’ll be the 38th time today!” “But Judyyyy” “Ok fine, but after that you guys are going to bed for real”