I finally saw Zootopia recently and LOVED IT! ╰(✧∇✧╰)
I’m in love with Judy and Nick; They. Are. So. Precious. ahhh~!! I just had to try drawing them! I also recently rediscovered the ‘rabbit ear’ obi knot(adorable, right?!) and was then inspired to draw them in traditional Japanese clothing- the end result has a kinda ‘summer festival’ vibe!! ♥


this is what they do during intermission and i can’t




okay while we're talking about top _ moments from 2013...

Here are my top 13 mamma mia moments from 2013

1. judy mclane coming out the stage door, saying “hey you! listen…i remembered” and then handing me a SIGNED JOHNNY GUITAR THE MUSICAL CD. aka the best present i’ve ever gotten in my entire life, not even lying.
2. “taking the train…with judy mclane” because omfg it happened
3. when coco mouthed “happy anniversary!” from the stage on my one year anniversary of the first time i saw the show with the current cast (with the exception of laurie)
4. “this is cj, she’s our superfan” and then that video ending up on broadway.com
5. when judy did some baton twirling with a tennis racket and then goes “yeah, i’m doing that now!” when i mentioned that i noticed it ANDDDD…
6. when i brought gladys to the show and judes did the baton thing during dancing queen and i freaked out about it and gladys told judy she was confused and judy goes “yeah, but she knows [the show] forwards and backwards at this point and everything I do.” (which was like the time judes and i were talking and a woman goes “she’s your number one fan” and judy goes “i know it! i know! and i don’t say that!”)
7. when judy casually goes “you know what we can do? we can sing something on stage!” LIKE HOLY CRAP. WITH MY FAVOURITE PERSON?! I CAN DIE NOW TYVM.
8. when zak resnick searched for me on facebook, then requested me during the entr'acte, and started a convo with me during the first few minutes of act 2 until i was like “Zak, this is fun and all, but I can’t talk bc I’m in the front row” and then after the show going upstairs to the dressing rooms so I could charge my computer. like i was in fangirl heaven bc he goes “i thought we were friends already”. and then i saw a judy africa photo up close and i was done. because what was happening!
9. prior to zak, when albert was like “i tried to find you on facebook, but i couldn’t find you to request you!" 
10. when coco was like "weren’t you here before? you’re a big fan of judy’s!” AND THEN IT ALL BEGAN.
11. judy’s birthday and then the FACEBOOK MESSAGE THAT CAME AFTERWARDS. I spilled my water all over myself because there she was!
12. mamma mia! with maryalice because i got to see it with someone that would become one of my best friends and then when judy saw us at the megamix she was like “what are you doing here [again]?!” because at that point i had seen it just the week before.
13. when judes and i were having a conversation at the stage door and this woman comes up to her and goes “i’m sorry, but who are you?” and judy’s like “who am i?” all confused and then is like “oh, i’m in the show. my face is on the wall.” HAHA and then the woman’s like “oh. see, i thought you were one of those real housewives because you’re just so beautiful” and then judy’s like “oh gosh, no.” but it’s so fricken hilarious because SERIOUSLY?! PEOPLE COMING UP TO YOU AT THE STAGE DOOR BECAUSE THEY THINK YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL. WHATEVER JUDY. 

honourable mention: every single time judy refers to me as “cj” because she’ll be like “oh, you mean with cj?!” or “aww, you came with cj?!” and then turn to me and say “i just called you cj!” and it’s like she’s so proud of herself and it’s the cutest thing ever, you don’t even know.

you know what i’m obsessed with? when singers sing and they’re on the verge of tears and there’s just that glassy look in their eyes. ugh i could stare at that forever. pull at my heartstrings. 

so at big fish today i met liana hunt (thanks to carlie for the tip) aka the very first sophie i saw on broadway in mamma mia, as well as ben crawford who played dr. madden in NEXT TO NORMAL. WITH JUDY. IN UTAH. ALEKFLSAFKL;KS;  JUDY’S NEXT TO NORMAL, GUYS. JUDY’S NEXT TO NORMAL. 

and judy’s all like “yeah, i know he’s in it! and so is the boyfriend!” which means she was talking about alex brightman (who played Henry in her N2N and was actually out from Big Fish tonight, but still) SO MANY PEOPLE THAT HAVE WORKED WITH JUDES. *dying*