Love potion gone wrong

So lets say Nick was affected by some love potion, that would last 24 hours. Judy didn’t think it was that big of a deal. At first it was cute with how much affection she was getting from Nick…until he got clingy….and crazy.

Nick: *hugs Judy tightly, smiling widely* Judyyyy I need you to adore me! Say it!

Judy: Okay, you’re my beautiful fox!

Nick: *laughs as his eye starts to twitch* Say it again!!

Judy: *stares nervously at Nick* uhhh…you’re my beautiful fox….

Nick: *laughs crazily* Hahaha…ooh my Judy…*stomach growls* I’m hungry…*grabs Judy by the collar* Feed me and tell me I’m your beautiful fox!!

Judy: *trembles and gives a nervous smile* Okay okay I will don’t worry!! I know the perfect place we can eat at!

-2 hours later-

Judy: *comes out the bathroom of the restaurant and walks out the front door of the restaurant, bumps into Nick without realizing he was in front of her* 

Nick: I missed you! Did you miss me? Where did you go!!!? *eye twitches*

Judy: Uhh…I.I told you I was going to use the bathroom before we left…

Nick: *picks Judy up* Don’t lie to me!! Who’s in there? What’s his name??!! Tell me I’m your beautiful fox!!!! *drops Judy*

Judy: No one was in there! You’re my beautiful fox!!!

Nick: Awww really thank you! 

Judy: …..

Nick: ……….*whines* Why aren’t you complimenting me!!!???

Judy: I just did!

Nick: Not in that last sentence!!! *picks up Judy and starts shaking her*

-2 more hours later-

Judy: *hiding* Sweet cheese…he’s gone nuts….

I finally saw Zootopia recently and LOVED IT! ╰(✧∇✧╰)
I’m in love with Judy and Nick; They. Are. So. Precious. ahhh~!! I just had to try drawing them! I also recently rediscovered the ‘rabbit ear’ obi knot(adorable, right?!) and was then inspired to draw them in traditional Japanese clothing- the end result has a kinda ‘summer festival’ vibe!! ♥

What if (and only what if), instead of making “Zootopia 2” they make one of those Disney Animated Shorts? Here are some ideas:

*Nick’s training at the academy.
*A day in the ZPD with Clawhauser and Chief Bogo.
*Finnick trying to hustle other animals and failing miserably.
*Gideon trying to open a bakery in Zootopia.
*Gazelle’s backstory (like something similar to Judy, you know, working hard to make her dreams come true).
*Judy visiting her family because family reunion and having to take care of her little siblings because she’s their heroine and “Judy could you tell us the story of how you solve the missing mammals case?” “Again? This’ll be the 38th time today!” “But Judyyyy” “Ok fine, but after that you guys are going to bed for real”

Nick and Judy’s...

New roommate! Judy’s cousin Jack Savage! Yay!

I actually like the idea of Jack staying with Nick and Judy since he already has to protect Nick and his pregnancy and be Judy’s temporary partner while Nick is at home. He sleeps on the couch, which he fine with, since Nick and Judy already have the other 2 rooms.

Haha I can picture it now with Jack being woken up almost every night from Nick having cravings in the middle of night and rummaging through the kitchen. But don’t worry Nick and Jack are friends ^^ even though Nick can be a little moody and cranky towards him at times, Jack never takes it personally and usually ignores it and forgives Nick. They grow very close as the months go by.

Jack: Nick. Go to bed. It’s 3 am!

Nick: Shut up. You don’t tell me what to do.

Jack: I’m telling Judy.

Nick: Go on and tell. I ain’t scared.

Jack: Judyyyy!!

Nick: Alright, man…dang! *quickly heads back to his room along with some of his snacks*

I have some sketches of Jack, Judy, and Nick that I’m finishing up. Now Jack has joined the goofballs! And he’s becoming one of them! XD