Book Review #7-Disappearence

By Judy Blundell

In the sequel to Blundell’s novel, Premonitions, we rejoin young psychic Gracie Millard on another investigation. Months after being kidnapped and her best friend moves away, more tragedy strikes in Beewhick Harbor–Hank Hobbs’s body is discovered. Not to mention, the mysterious resurfacing of Gracie’s flaky father. His sudden appearance forces Gracie to consider that possibly her deadbeat father is the murderer. But the closer Gracie gets to the truth, the more alibis and excuses fall apart at the seams…

Although generally the first book in a series is usually the best one, I felt that in this case the sequel was better writing-style wise. Although the last book had a much more creative plot, this one raised a lot of thought provoking questions and themes about family. Although in this installment, the values were more centered on telling the truth and being open with family, they were well expressed. The author even managed to improve how she expressed emotion and description. I hate to say though, that even with her immense improvement, it didn’t feel like it was at the acme of perfection. But overall, it was a book with chills and thrills accompanied with valuable lessons at its core.