A beautiful intimate scene, under the shower, commissioned by Gators97.
Observing the way Iji designed Judy and Nick intertwined helped me a lot to reinforce the sensual aspect of this drawing. I take this opportunity to pay tribute to the master: https://zooijiness.tumblr.com/
The other particular point was to find a way to show the wet effect on the coat of Judy and Nick. But finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, I found an effective strategy, which I will certainly reuse in the future.

For people who are not afraid to see more erotic illustrations, I also drew an explicit version of this drawing (nothing pornographic, but NSFW nevertheless). Here is a link for those who would like to see her: http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=747206SharedShowerNSFW.jpg

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A Taste Of Hazel Chapter 8

Fangmyer left Nick knowing full well he better get back to the office and face his punishment. He had even prepared, by taking off his tie and taking his badge from his wallet.

He starred longingly at the shiny brass that had ZPD etched deep into it.
“I became a cop to protect…” he muttered sadness washing over him as he thought back to all the horrible wrong the ZPD had done to Nick.

“This has been my whole life” he explained to himself, thinking of how he would let this badge drop into the hands of the likes of one Jack Savage.

As he starred at the badge he remembered back to high school, being bashed for being in love, he knew Nicks pain, he could feel it each time he looked into his friends eyes. But if the ZPD has changed from protecting the innocent and hiring the scum, then Fangmyer knew, he would gladly hand over the badge.

He got to the ZPD and as soon as he entered the front doors Chuck was sitting on the front counter; Clawhauser’s desk, holding an ice pack to his eyes, Delgato patting his back. His face looked like an artist got mad at a block of clay and simply went to work on it with his fists.

As Fangmyer strolled through the door both Chuck and Delgato look to him, only when he was inside did he notice Jack standing offside, with a notepad in his paws taking down a statement, Fangmyer reached into his back pocket preparing to hand over his badge.

Jack followed Delgato and Chuck’s gaze before turning back to Chuck.

“And you didn’t get a good look at the guy?” quizzed Jack with a disbelieving glance.
Chuck and Delgato, whose eyes stayed poised on Fangmyer, simply nodded in agreement to Jack’s statement.

He flicked the notepad shut turning to look at Fangmyer.

“Odd” is all Jack stated, his eyes giving a quick glance to Fangmyer’s swollen knuckles.

“Take him and get him stitched up” ordered Jack pivoting to point at Delgato and Chuck.

Delgato and Chuck both got up heading for the door, neither set of their eyes leaving Fangmyer, who had to struggle to hold back a hiss.

“Tragic isn’t it” interrupted Jack, catching Fangmyer’s attention “the streets are a dangerous place, looks like the new recruit learnt that the hard way”, Jacks eyes scrutinised Fangmyer as he spoke.

“Yeah, better to learn rules like that early on” confirmed Fangmyer.

“So what are you doing back?” pried Jack, flicking his sleeve up to check his watch.

“You aren’t meant to be on break for another hour and a half”

Fangmyer casually held up his ticket machine, “Out of paper” he lied, playing the game Jack so obviously wanted to play.

“You’re a good officer Fangmyer; but you better watch your actions and attitude”

“I don’t know what you’re referring to Jack” replied Fangmyer

“Chief” corrected Jack “Chief Savage, and I’m talking about how you have been conducting yourself and please keep your anger under control”

“Your one to talk” muttered Fangmyer.

“What was that?” asked Jack raising his ear, as if he didn’t hear Fangmyer but so obviously did.

Fangmyer took a deep breath; “I said, sir yes sir”.

“Good, get back to those cars” dismissed Jack.

Fangmyer turned and went to leave, a demonic, victories grin made its way across Jacks lips.


Fangmyer turned “Yes sir?” he grumbled with as much respect in his tone as he could muster.

“I thought you needed more paper?”

Fangmyer turned and feigned a smile, annoyed he had been caught out, but he kept his cool “That’s correct, thank you Jack” he confirmed as he walked past Savage to head to the stationary cupboard to go get more parking ticket paper.

“Chief” corrected Savage as Fangmyer past him.

Fangmyer froze next to him; “Thank you, Chief” said Fangmyer trying to keep his cool. 

“One last thing Fang’s”

“Fangmyer” corrected Fangmyer staring down on the rodent.

“Fangmyer”, corrected Jack.

Jack went to speak, he needed to ask Fangmyer, he needed to know if Nick was okay, for his daughter …and himself , but then he heard it, he heard Nick speak into his ear; the voice coming from over his should; soft and ominous.

Jacks eyes stayed poised forward and his mouth hung open.

Fangmyer went to get angry when he saw the look on Jacks face, and by god he knew the look, it was the same look, the look he had seen a thousand times, the look Darla had given him when her brother and his friends bashed him and put him in hospital, guilt.

Fangmyer took a knee placing his giant paw on Jacks shoulder as he sat paralysed, stunned like a fish out of water. Jack cranked his neck against some deathly invisible force to look at Fangmyer, hoping for comfort.

Fangmyer leaned in deep so his mouth was right in Jacks ear, the overbearing shadow of Nick’s ghost whispered frantically in one ear from behind him and Fangmyer whispered into his left from in front.

“Act tough all you want, but I see through you Savage….If you think the guilt of what you have done goes away Jack, it doesn’t”

Fangmyer pulled back slowly, a strained tear gently rolling down the fur of Jacks face. Fangmyer tapped him twice on the shoulder, simply got up and walked away, Jack simply swaying with the taps standing silent and cold starring into the void.

“Have a good day Chief” called back Fangmyer heading for the door.

Jacks scrapped at the barrel for something to yell back but came back empty, turning and running towards his office, his alcohol and his meds.

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“ジ 「ようこそバニーバロウへ!」 ニ 「歓迎は嬉しいんだが、小さいにんじん       がいっぱいだな」 ジ 「ふふっ、まだまだたくさんいるのよ♪」 二 「そりゃ・・・賑やかだな・・・(棒)」 #ズートピア”

From Ketuusage2

prison break au where doug judy gets himself arrested to break jake out of jail


DAGames and Go! Child Mashup Cover collaboration with @costar12 Check it out!!

anon asked ask-defeated-bill: well, bill, while you’re stuck there, what do you do to pass the time?

Last week i found @knittinggiantbeanies old ask bill blog and i wanted to do a fan animation of one of the answers lmao XD It was really fun trying to animate him like this, and i might do some more animations like this if time lets me 0v0 and be sure to check out Judy’s other stuff on her blog! 8D she’s really talented bskfhjskdfhj i wish i could voice act like her