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Ok, so he's a cheetah. BUT LOOK AT HIM! Look at his pudgy, fluffy mug. That is a big ol' kitty if we've ever seen one, and we're absolutely in love. In fact, we've been dying to meet Officer Clawhauser since we first spotted him in the Zootopia trailers and concept art. And in this exclusive clip from the upcoming Disney flick, Clawhauser sheds some light on one of the movie's main themes. Specifically, stereotypes. You see, in the land Zootopia, only big animals like rams and bears and tigers are police officers. As for bunnies, well... they're stuck making lots of baby bunnies in the 'burbs. But that's not because bunnies are incapable of being shrewd, fast, or tough—it's just the system and its inhabitants that assume so. So when Officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) becomes the first bunny to join the Zootopia police force, the other animals have a few preconceived notions about her. Get to know Officer Clawhauser in the exclusive clip above, learn more about the world of Zootopia

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Gloria Swanson congratulating Judy Holliday on her Oscar win for her performance in Born Yesterday (Jose Ferrer, in center, had won Best Actor for Cyrano de Bergerac), 1951. Of course, Gloria had been nominated for Sunset Boulevard (as was Bette Davis for All About Eve). Judy was good, but Gloria & Bette’s performances are legendary.

Zootopia shorts 3

“Season Changes”

Every animal has their seasons and instinct calls on them and heeds it from time to time. Like the season butterflies hatches from their cocoon in summer and when a bear hibernates in winter. Every animal has its calling but sometimes its also a problem. ‘Mating season’. This is problem for some animals but there are ways. Some uses medication or just takes a good amount of control. For some, it just doesn’t activate at all.


Its winter at Zootopia. Nick and Judy heads out of the ZPD. They finally got their week break. They deserve it after capturing a group of smugglers in a small area at Wilde Times. Took them 4 days to capture all of them.

Nick: “Finally got our well deserved break!”

Judy: “No kidding.”

Nick: “Now its to head home and get some sleep.”

Judy: “Hey Nick?”

Nick: “What is it whiskers?”

Judy: “Got any plans this week?”

Nick: “As usual, no.”

Judy: “Then you wanna go out tomorrow?”

Nick: “Sure why not. Just call on me and I’ll pick you up.”

Judy jumps on his shoulder giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks Nick, you’re the best!”. Judy then leaves him while she goes happily strolling down the street.

Nick just stood there rubbing his cheek with a wide smile. He goes to his car and heads home.

When he got to his apartment he wondered if its ok for him to hang around Judy this time of the year. Winter is a fox season. However, Nick’s instincts has never activated so he just shrugs off the idea because it hasn’t happened to him at all.

Nick then goes to sleep and try to prepare for tomorrow. He sets his phone on a high ring just in case Judy might call him early.


Nick wakes up from the sound of his alarm clock. He turns it off with a slam of his paw. He gets up feeling off but he just ignores it. It was probably his drowsiness getting to him. He looks at the time on his phone. 11:00 and still no calls from Judy. Well might as well prepare before she does. Since its cold out he decides to wear a long sleeve and some sweatpants. He goes prepare his breakfast and suddenly his phone rang. 

Nick: “Hello?”

Judy; “Hello Nick, come pick me up at 1:00 were going to be shopping.”

Nick: “Shopping?”

Judy: “ Yeah my fridge is almost empty and I really need to buy groceries. Don’t worry I’ll buy something for you too, anything you want.”

Nick: “Sure I’ll be there.”

Judy: ‘Thanks, ok I gotta prepare now, bye!”

Judy hangs up on him and he started eating his breakfast instant noodles. 

Meanwhile Judy is back at home preparing something nice to wear. Its cold outside so she though about wearing her favorite winter coat. She wonders what Nick would wear during this time of the year. She always sees him in his hawaiian shirt or other casual clothing he has. Well she’ll see him later anyway, but she’s excited to see him in a different clothing. Judy thought how cool would he be if he wore a cloak or something broad. She didn’t realize that she was fantasizing for a moment and quickly got back to her senses. “Why am I fantasizing about Nick!?” she said out loud with a huff, blushing from what she just thought of. She can’t help it, just the though of it makes her excited to see him.

It was already 12:40, Nick is already at the drive way. He get’s his phone to ring Judy.

Judy: “Hello”

Nick: “I’m outside, are you ready?”

Judy: “That’s a bit early but its ok, I’ll be heading down there.”

Judy quickly grabbed her keys and and got out excitedly. She sees Nick’s car outside an whoa that wind was cold. So cold that it got Judy to embrace herself even though she was wearing a think coat. It was really cold! Nick opens the door for her.

Nick: “Quickly get in!”

Judy got in as fast as she could, who knew it was that cold!

Judy: “Thanks Nick, whew! That was really-” before she could even finish her sentence she looked at Nick who was wearing a green long sleeve and a dark cloak, he looks very cool and handsome she thought.

Nick: “You alright whiskers?”

Judy still stunned, “Um yeah I’m fine, its just- wha-where did you get that?”

Nick: “Oh you mean this? I got a long time ago. It’s my winter outfit.”

Judy: “It looks really good on you.”

Nick: “Why thank you cottontail.”

Judy: “I think I know what I’m buying for you.”

Nick: “oh?”

Judy: “Im gonna buy you some new clothes because you always wear that hawaiian shirt and barely anything else.”

Nick: “Oh come on my little sweet, you’re gonna ruin my style.”

Judy: “What style? As far as I know you only wear different clothes for special occasions or because of the weather.”

Nick: “That’s the reason, I’m like a mystery box that changes color if there is a special occasion. I mean if i started wearing different clothes every day, then you’ll have nothing to look forward to.”

Judy never actually thought of that. She does look forward to what Nick wears during occasions. Its just as he said it would be. 

Judy: “I’ve never thought of that, but why?”

Nick: “So that you’ll always look forward to seeing me again.”

Judy blushed and smiled, “Oh stop it you flirt.” tapping Nick’s elbow, “So if not clothes then what do you want?”

Nick: “Probably another movie or we could just eat out.”

Judy: “You’re not gonna buy anything?”

Nick: “I already bought my groceries last week so I’m good.”

About half an hour later due to traffic, they got to the supermarket. Nick pulls up on the parking lot.

Nick: “Ok were here.”

Judy: “Alright we need to buy some groceries first.”

Nick: “Alright then let’s go.”

Nick got out of the car first and open the door for Judy.

Nick: “My lady”

Judy: “Being a gentleman are we?”

Nick: “You could say so.”

Nick held her paws as she got out of the car. Who would have thought Nick would act like a chaffer, Judy giggled thinking he’s acting funny.

Judy: “Ok my shopping list.” she pulls out a sheet of paper from her pockets. “We need some carrots, obviously, cabbage, and more vegetables.”

Nick: “This wont take long right? I heard it’s gonna rain really hard today.”

Judy: “It’s only a 21% chance and that never happens.”

Nick: “Still, there’s a chance it might.”

Judy: “might”

Both of them gets inside the supermarket and there seems to be a lot is going on. There in the center area, there seems to be a huge crowd gathered there. 

Judy: “What do you think is there?”

Nick: “Probably another car showcase.”

Judy heads over the GreenHouse for the best vegetables. Nick follows her around holding the shopping cart. Nick has been staring at her for a while now while going thru the isles. Judy does notices but she doesn’t know what to say. Then one of the items on the list is placed high above the cupboards, she can’t reach it. Nick then notices and before she could ask him to pick it up, Nick was already behind her. 

Judy: “Nick could you plea-”

Nick: “I got it cottontail hang on.”

Nick reaches for the jar of cucumbers and hands it over to Judy.

Judy: “Thanks”

Nick: “Your welcome.”

Judy begins to ask the question, “Why have you been all quiet staring at me?”

Nick: “I’m just bored, and I prefer watching over you.”

Judy: “….okay” she looks at her list, “So I think that was all of it.”

Both of them heads to the counter although for a while now theres been some animals staring at them, probably asking why is a fox in a store for herbivores? And why is he with a rabbit? Nick just ignores this however Judy felt responsible that Nick stood out the entire time. Maybe he was distracting himself from them by staring at her the entire time. She felt guilty for making him stand out that much. They finally got to the receptionist. Nick places the food on the counter and Judy grabs her wallet. Then the goat at the back said something to them.

Goat: “So you lost a bet or what?”

Nick: “What?”

Goat: “I was asking why is a fox with a bunny?”

Nick: “That’s really none of your business.”

Goat: “Well its about to. If you are going to exploit this rabbit I’m not having any of it.”

Then a group of animals from the other counters around them looks at him with as if he did something wrong. Then the crowd started to spout things like, ‘Leave that bunny alone or else.’

Nick: “What is going on here?”

Judy stood up the counter and took out her badge as she protested, “I’m a ZPD police unit, if any of you have a problem with my partner helping me with my groceries then well talk at the station! Now does anybody want that!?”

The crowd then became quiet, “Good now leave us be.”

The receptionist remains unfazed by all this and just hands over the bags to Nick. As they walk away Judy felt angry and guilty at the same time, she was angry to that goat! I mean why!? Why would he do that? Not only that she didn’t know that was gonna happen and she felt bad for Nick who’s been victimized again.

Judy: “Sorry about -”

Nick: “No Judy its alright, none of that was your fault.”

Judy: “But I-”

Nick: “Judy, do I look like someone who would care about what other animals have to say?” There was a pause Nick stops in front of her and looks at her guilt ridden face. “If I ever did cared about what animals said about me then I should have stopped being a con artist long ago, I wouldn’t have been a cop, and I wouldn’t have ever met the most important person in my life.” He leans over to her and whispered, “You are that person who has changed my life and I would never care what other animals say about us. So cheer up ok?”

Judy blushed and got teary eyed as she responded with a nod.

Nick: “There now why don’t we eat at a restaurant? Chinese or what?”

Judy: “Let’s just go to Little Mac’s”

Judy cheered up and that’s enough to make Nick happy and relieved. He doesn’t like it when Judy cries and what kind of male would let their girl cry. Now they just walked together to the restaurant. 


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Reproductive freedom is at serious risk in this country. But not a single question about abortion rights has been asked at ANY of the five Democratic debates. Not one.

Tell the moderators, PBS NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff, to #AskAboutAbortion and reproductive freedom at the Democratic debate!


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Meet Benjamin Clawhauser.