Red Nose Day Skit with Benedict Cumberbatch, Sir Ian McKellan, and many more.


/co/ Drawthread Deliveries for May 2015 pt.3     

  • Judy Funnie rocking the pinnacle of modern fashion.

  • Quickie of Jin from ATLA with her hair down.

  • I felt that impish smile was suitable fodder for a Demon Toph delivery.

  • I.R, Baboon is most definitely not a /co/ girl , but that minor detail wasn’t gonna slow me down. A silly delivery for a silly pair of shorts.

  • Jinx dominant fusion with Juri Han, I always have fun trying to mesh the designs together.

wow, i can’t believe vanity fair would put something up exploiting judy after all these years. she’s been gone 46 years and people are still trying to get their money’s worth from her and her name. why can’t people just leave her alone already

Today I went to see the Judy Garland Songbook musical show about Judy’s career in film and television told through singing and dancing *spoilers below*

Wow they covered a lot, I mean a lot of songs from Judy’s span of forty-five years in show business. Off the top of my head some of the songs included were: Zing! went the strings of my heart, Get Happy, The Trolly Song, The Man That Got Away, On the Atichison Topeka & the Santa fe, Stormy Weather, The Boy Next Door, Swanee, Come Rain or Come Shine…

What also surprised me is that they did some lesser known songs Judy sang Monotony but honestly JUDY. LEGS. godamn. Oh, oh - did I mention I love this woman? well you know what, I didn’t think it was possible but my love for Judy has increased tenfold. They showed clips from Judy’s movies as a montage and I couldn’t stop grinning and smiling. Oh yeah and I got teary eyed about three times throughout the whole thing but

There was no storyline, but it was broken into segments with the MGM career first and the concert/television years in the second half.

Lorna was also surprisingly very very good. I didn’t know what to expect but y’know what she delivered.

If it’s in your area, go see it! it’s great fun.