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"Oscar Win" a 4th wall breaking Zootopia story

“And the oscar goes to……”

Nick and Judy’s hearts pounded as the person on stage opened the envelope.


Cheers and claps erupted from the crown as looks of disbelief came across the pairs faces. Only having 45 seconds, the couple got up headed towards the stage. The announcer handed them each a small golden statue, then moved off to the side so Nick and Judy could speak.

“Well… I….” Nick began “I can’t believe we actually did this, I never thought I’d be standing here today. Thank all of you for this”

The crowd clapped again as Judy lowered the microphone down to her level and spoke.

“It’s such an honor to receive this award, especially with all the other amazing films out there. I’d like to thank everyone who worked on the film, and everyone who supported us. All of you deserve this as much as us”

“Well you can’t have my statue” Nick said, making the crowd laugh.

“We’ll remember this for the rest of our lives, and I hope the rest of you do to”

“Once again, we can’t thank you enough for this”

The crowd continued to cheer as Nick and Judy proceeded back to their seats.

“I can’t believe we won Nick” Judy whispered as the announcer began to talk again. “I hope our friends aren’t mad at us”

“Don’t worry carrots, we won fare and square. We’ve earned these” nick said holding up his statue.

“They’re beautiful” Judy said, looking at her face reflected in the shining gold.

“Not a beautiful as you” Nick said planting a kiss on her cheek.

Judy giggled and blushed. “This is the best day of my life”

“I thought that was the day you met me”

“Ok, today is the second best”

“What about the day I became a police officer”

“Alright then, third best”

“What about…”

“Ok, now your milking it”

Nick laughed, put his arm around Judy, and rested his head on her head.

Nick and Judy cherished these awards greatly, but the thing that would always be the most precious to them, was each other.


June 26, 2015. The cast of FUN HOME responds to the day’s historic Supreme Court ruling. #LoveWon


The Bunnyburrow au Chapter 3: When the Day Met the Night (DISCONTINUED)

aka the one I named after a Parrot Panic! at the Disco song after a helpful someone brought it up at @judy-hoppswilde‘s blog. (I’m serious, listen to it and tell me the song isn’t talking about Nick and Judy here.)

On the other hand, yes, I’ve reused Honey Badger’s beautiful character and made her a cop and Nick’s fellow colleague because I’m an uncreative little fuck and i can’t imagine anyone of Nick’s friends as a cop besides Honey hollaaaaaa


(special thanks again to @wrestlecosmological I just feel the need to thank you)

Chapter 1: Nicholas Wilde

Chapter 2: Judy Hopps

We're Adults now, so Some Things Never Have to Change
By Organization for Transformative Works

I wrote a couple prompts into a story for /trash/. Comfy ahead.



Judy looked down and prodded gently at his ear. “Go left! I can see the Ferris wheel over there.”

“No ice cream first?”

“No time! Hurry!

Nick bore them left, through the press of mammals of all ages and sizes that were still thick on the field, even this time of night.

Carrot Days were a production - even more so than they’d been when Judy had still lived here. It seemed that every year, the grounds sprawled wider. More attractions went up, more cooks and vendors brought exotic treats, and more mammals came to enjoy themselves.

And it was tricky, navigating the crowds when you were three times taller than usual. But they made it work. Nick focused on carrying her, and she steered. At least they got a bit of a berth with her on his shoulders.

Nick was breathing steadily when they arrived at the short line for the wheel, but he’d held up all right. He sank carefully to his knees in the dusty hardpack so she could clamber off. Judy caught the murmurs of surprise at their antics, and dismissed them. It wasn’t the most attention they’d garnered that evening.

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53 years ago today, Judy Garland made history at Carnegie Hall.

The April 23, 1961 concert has been called “the greatest night in show business history”.

The double album recorded that night remains one of the most successful albums in history, spending 73 weeks on the Billboard Chart (13 weeks at #1) and it’s never been out of print.

“Judy at Carnegie Hall” won 4 Grammy Awards, and was the first live album, and the first album by a female performer to win the Grammy for Album of the Year.

Things about Quinn Fabray's background roleplayers tend to forget:
  • Quinn was not born in Lima, OH. As stated in Born This Way, she transferred to Lima after eighth grade. She says that she lived in Fairbrook Township, but was zoned for Bellevue Middle School. Fairbrook Township doesn’t seem to be an actual place in Ohio, and we don’t know whether or not she moved before then, out best guess is to label her birthplace as Bellevue, OH. 
  • On her name change, Quinn only says that she asked her parents to call her Quinn, but since she’s always been officially referred to as Quinn (on her school files, at graduation, etc), I think it’s safe to assume she had her name legally changed by age 14. 
  • She has an older sister named Frannie who was raised with Quinn, but is at an age where she’s married by the time Quinn is in her sophomore year of school (to a man who owns a chain of UPS stores). I always assume she’s at least five to eight years older than her. 
  • She did ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading in middle school. 
  • While her family is outwardly religious, it’s never explicitly stated what denomination. Most signs point to Catholic, but there’s also hints of Evangelical Protestant. (x)
  • The gender of the person Russell has an affair with is never disclosed… Food for thought?
  • It is mentioned that Judy was a prom queen in high school, and the case of tiaras on display indicate that Judy and/or Quinn took part in beauty pageants or debutante balls. 
  • Following the filing of divorce of Quinn’s parents, it seems as if Quinn and Judy won most if not everything following the divorce, judging by the fact that Judy has sole custody of Quinn, they are still living in their house on Dudley Road, and that Quinn still possessed her red Beetle that was indicated that Russell bought for Quinn. 
  • Quinn has shown several signs of body issues and even hints at her having an eating disorder: “Did all the other kids start looking like food right before you fainted? …Been there”, wishing for no stretch marks, getting a nose job at a young age, comments from her mom about calories, drunkenly shouting about how she used to have abs. 
  • Fun fact: She was on the cover of American Cheerleader!