judy wise

I knew Marilyn Monroe and loved her dearly. She asked me for help. Me! I didn’t know what to tell her. One night at a party at Clifton Webb’s house, Marilyn followed me from room to room. ‘I don’t want to get too far away from you,’ she said. 'I’m scared.’ I told her, 'I’m scared. We’re all scared.’
—  Judy Garland

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Grey fur covered Anna head to toe, with her nose dotted by pink and whiskers. Her ears were completely lapine, long and sticking straight up due to her alertness. Her chest was nowhere near as big as it was a cow, much fitting to her old human form. Instead, the focus was more on her ass and thighs, which had a fluffy cotton tail attached and large bunny feet. She was still as small as before, however, but Sloth stayed where he was with a grin.

“Like it?”

Anna looks down at her new body. Feeling the soft grey fur, twitching her new pink nose and ears (which would take a while to get used to), walking feeling more natural with a lower center of gravity along with her large feet being easier to walk on than her previous hooves, and her now much smaller tail that flicked excitedly back and forth although now it was barely noticeable due to its size. “Oh my god, ya were right, this is adorable! I’m so soft now!”

And in general, Nick and Judy were tricky. Story-wise, it’s all about them, but we knew if they didn’t work, if that chemistry wasn’t there, if they didn’t feel like soul mates and like they weren’t bonding in the right way, that then the movie wouldn’t work.
—  Byron Howard and Rich Moore on the most difficult aspects to bring to life in the film [from their Q & A session on Quora, compiled here]