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'Game of Thrones': Everything You Need to Know for Season 6
Your quick-refresher cheat sheet on who's who and what's happening from Westeros to the Wall

Get into these Cliff’s Notes by Rolling Stone!  They really did a bang-up job with this summary, and since Game of Thrones has more characters than the Bible, a little refresher is appreciated.  Some random thoughts though:

1) I don’t think Stannis is dead.  Anytime someone dies dies, you actually get to see it.  That camera cutaway was a little too convenient when Brienne of Tarth supposedly killed him.

2) I don’t think Jon Snow is dead either.  One, he’s half Targaryen (fight me, idc what you say, he has to be one of the three riding a dragon) and Two, he’s too popular.  Plus, folks don’t always stay dead around those Red People.

3) Sansa finna start some shit.  I’m pretty sure she’s the only 100% good character left in Westeros and it’s time for her hero arc.  I don’t really know where she’s going to find help, but Sansa has been kicked around for five years.  There is a Stark in there somewhere.

4) Cersei finna start even more shit.  I love to hate her and hate to love her.  She’s probably my favorite character to watch from a purely entertainment standpoint, and you know she’s about to go to war with Dorne with Jaime right beside her.

5) It’s time for Daenerys to stop foolin around in the desert and start some shit in Westeros.  I can’t express to you how little I care about the fate of Mereen or any of those other affirmative action cities where they can hire some brown people to play parts.  Bring some colored folks to Westeros and let’s get this war for the throne on and popping so they can deal with the ice zombies.

6) I’ll be honest – I really just kind of want a conclusion.  I’ve been living with this series for almost 20 years now and since George RR Martin seems completely uninterested in finishing the novels, at least the HBO series can give me some resolution.  Like…just tell me who wins.

7) Rickon is still the Judy Winslow of The North. 

8) This trailer is everything.