judy sierra



Actresses who have performed in Les Miserables and come back to play the tragic Fantine.

  1. Joanna Ampil (Eponine - Fantine)
  2. Sierra Boggess (U/S Cosette - Fantine)
  3. Judy Kuhn (Cosette - Fantine)
  4. Lisa Vroman (Cosette - Fantine)
  5. Sophia Ragavelas (Whore - Eponine - Fantine)

Also: Jackie Marks (Madelaine - Fantine), Jenna Russell (Whore - Fantine), Silvie Paladino (Eponine - Fantine), Carmen Cusack (Whore - Fantine), Lea Salonga (Eponine - Fantine), Rebecca Seale (Whore - Fantine), Caroline Sheen (Eponine - Fantine), Andrea McArdle (Eponine - Fantine), Jacquelyn Piro (Ensemble - Cosette - Fantine), Lisa Capps (u/s Cosette - Fantine), Jane Bodle (u/s Cosette - Fantine).


“This is the zombie famous in lore that unwrapped the mummy from days of yore that rose from the coffin under the floor that fell on the monster whose bloodcurdling roar startled the fearsome manticore that wrestled the werewolf that chased the cat that bit the bat that lived in the house that Drac built.”

Will Hillenbrand for The House that Drac Built written by Judy Sierra