judy norton

Grahn (1984) points out that ‘The earliest poetry signed by an individual in any literature’ is by a lesbian, Enheduanna, who lived in present-day Iraq around 2300 BC. Enheduanna was a priestess and her hymn exalts the omnipotence of the goddess Inanna. Whether or not the poem bears evidence of a transition from ‘matriarchy’ to ‘patriarchy’, Grahn’s inference about its lesbian nature seems just:

Enheduanna’s lushly sensual descriptions of Inanna’s physical beauty, her unbridled love of her fierceness, the complete absence of heterosexual references, and her accounts of Inanna’s undertaking of ceremonial Gay rituals – all make it highly probable that Enheduanna was a Lesbian. That she describes herself a ‘spouse’ of the goddess makes it nearly certain that she was a Lesbian, and expressing a Lesbian office.

— Rictor Norton quoting Judy Grahn in Myth of the Modern Homosexual: Queer History and the Search for Cultural Unity


That time when Judi Dench almost went on as Paulina in Winter’s Tale without her skirt.