judy malloy


017 The Lair of the White Worm (1988)

The answer to the burning question how many sheep do you have, Peter Capaldi can be found here.

But what about The Lair of the White Worm?  Well, there’s a blue vampire lady

and kilts and glasses wearing and bag pipes and dead mongooses to the face

and spinn-y dancing, and giant worms, and mini worms, and Angus and James (yes, that really is Hugh Grant) holding hands just a little too long and looking at each other just a little too lingeringly, and totally believable archaeology (he has a toothbrush, people!  he’s wearing fingerless gloves!), but obviously the most stand-out element of this film is Angus’s hair.  Angus’s quantities and quantities of hair.  So much hair!

This is Peter’s only film to get a direct shout-out in TTOI and I bet the writers were just kicking themselves for using up the joke in series 2 with Robyn and Hugh and Malcolm’s 8:30s, when if they’d just held off a few years, they could have done a super-meta recursive type dealie in In the Loop between Judy Malloy and Malcolm

to explain why he hates her so much.

But really mostly it’s about the hair