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Ossie Clark Trio

April 21, 1966 - Pattie (center) with Venetia Cunninghame (left) and Judy Guy Johnson (right) on location in Brooke Street, Mayfair, London posing in Ossie Clark fashions to be available at the Quorum Boutique in the fall of 1966.

Photo by David Graves. Sold at Rex Features- Shop and Getty Images. Source of scan is the Pattie Boyd’s Sixties Style group at Yahoo! 


April 21, 1966 - Venetia Cunninghame (left) wearing, Flyer, designed by Alice Pollack; Pattie (center) wears, Otis, by Ossie Clark; and Judy Guy Johnson (right) wears, Crush, by Alice Pollack. All three fashions from the Quorum Autumn Collection at the Alwyn Gallery, Brook Street, in Mayfair, London. From the Tips Images website.