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Pt 2: Side by side comparison of ALL Gillian Anderson’s roles as Media, Lucy Ricardo (‘I Love Lucy’), David Bowie, Marilyn Monroe & Judy Garland [pt 1 here] - - American Gods, Season 1 

Huge credit also goes to Suttirat Larlarb, [Costume Designer]  Rhosael Ciandre [Head of Hair Department], Colin Penman [Head of Make-up]

*Use wherever, but please credit mulderscullyinthetardis.tumblr - thanks!

Something I sketched up real quick. XD

Panel 1- Judy: *jerks herself awake after having a horrific nightmare about Nick leaving her because she wanted to abort the baby she was pregnant with* *panting heavily* Whoa….oh my goodness…

Panel 2- Judy: Oooh…thank goodness..it was just a dream..a terrible terrible dream..*shivers*

Panel 3- Nick: *sits up after being awoken by Judy* Carrots…what’s the matter..everything okay? I heard you making a lot of noise an-

Judy: *suddenly remembers that it’s Nick who’s carrying a baby*

Panel 4- Judy: *snuggles into Nick’s round belly* Oh thank goodness!! It’s you!! It’s you who’s making life!! Not me..yooou! Oh I love you so much right now!! And yes I’m feeling much better now Nick!

Nick: Uhhh…I’m pretty sure we established all of this months ago…you sure you’re okay?

Judy: Yes!! I’m perfectly happy! Happy! Happy Deliriously Happy!

Panel 5- (Minutes later) Nick: Can we go back to sleep now?

Judy: Hold on, give me a few more minutes…I’m still healing..

Nick: *groans* You’re killing me here, Carrots….

ragingwerewolfdude  asked:

They met at a bookstore au

Yes, give me this shit!


Judy got a job at the university bookstore to help cover her some of her costs. 

It wasn’t anything really exciting.  A lot of standing around, making minor small talk with tried students who didn’t really want the conversation, or restock the shelves she could reach.  No one really asked her for help, or wondered if she had a book recommendation like Judy might have imagined.  Nope they just avoided eye contact and putting books in the wrong place.

And it wasn’t even like Judy could use her down time to study for her laws, or stick her knows in criminal psychology book.  No her boss didn’t allow that, she wasn’t paid to study.

Judy sighed.  She really hated her job.  But it helped pay some of the bills, so it had to be worth something.

She grumbled to herself angry as she restocked shelves.  

Imitating her boss’s latest order, as she did so, in annoyance.  Forced to restock the Grassland/Forest Mythology section of the store.  A section barely anyone every went into unless they had a class that like required it.  Honestly the shelf needed more dusting the restocking.

“Honestly, who reads this stuff?”  Judy grumbled as she shoved an assortment of books back into the the shelf.

“I do,”  A male voice said suddenly, causing Judy to squeak and jump at the sound.  

A light chuckle followed afterwards, as Judy grabbed her chest and turned to glare at whatever cruel mammal that decided her fright was something hilarious.  She turned to find a thin red fox standing facing the shelf behind her, grinning down at her, in patterned shirt and slacks.  Green eyes shinning down on her with amusement.  A thick paperback book of Brother Moon mythology and stories in his paw.

“Sorry, I didn’t see you there,” Judy apologized halfheartedly.  

The fox merely hummed down at her.  “I noticed.”  The fox returned, before grabbing another book and walking away.

The following week, Judy saw the fox again. 

Same section as where she first saw.  Only this time he’s nose deep in an book about ideology of myths and beings involved.  Something so theoretical Judy could probably only dream about understanding it. Yet the fox was in it with such interest, drinking it all in like he couldn’t get enough of it.

It surprised Judy to see the fox there again.  She almost never saw anyone in that mythology second twice…let alone withing a week of first seeing.

“You’re staring is distracting,”  The fox said suddenly.

Judy squeaked again in surprise, causing another grin to grow on the fox’s lips.

“Just not use to seeing anyone in the section.”  Judy stated absently, annoyed by his joy of scaring her.

“We’re a rare breed, Fluff.”  The fox returned, turning to look at her.  “That or perhaps I’m illusion and your going insane.”

Judy just rolled her eyes and huffed away.

She saw the fox for a third time the following week.

She was managing the register on a late shift, which was pointless.  No one was really there in the store.  If any student came in they went right for the stairs to go to the cafe and get get coffee or food.  Barely anyone bothered with getting a book at that time of night.

As she boredly drummed her fingers against the counter top, the fox walked up.

He looked worse for wear.  Like he hadn’t sleep for a few days and was running on fumes of fumes.  His shirt was wrinkled, and he failed to suppress a yawn when he walked up to her.  The fox dumped an arm full of books on Alepoú from myths, to theories of his creation.

“You look terrible.”  She commented as she reached for a book.

“Hello to you too!”  The fox returned sourly at Judy.

“Sorry,”  Judy commented with a light giggle.  “You just don’t look like you’ve slept for…”

“A few days?”  The fox supplied almost knowingly.  “Yeah, haven’t really done that.  “Got two papers due in a few days, and the first draft of my thesis is due Friday.  Doesn’t help that I had a moment of inspiration at 7:30 and need to run and get books.”

“You’re a grad student here?”  Judy asked as she rang up the last book.

The fox nodded weakly at her, this time successfully managing to swallow something of a yawn.

“Take it you’re a grad student in Grassland and Forest mythology.”  Judy observed, pulling out a back from below the counter.  

“Quite the detective you are.”  The fox returned lamely.

“Your total is 53.18.” Judy stated in place of making a face the fox.  The fox pulled out his wallet and credit card, going through the payment process as Judy carefully started placing his purchase in a bag.  “Alepoú, that’s the trickster god that tried to seal Harecules from Sister Sun’s palace in that Mouse movie right?”

“That movie is terribly inaccurate mythological speaking.”  The fox grumbled at the gray rabbit like she personally offended him with her lack of knowledge.  “Alepoú was sent by Brother Moon to test heroes of their worthiness.”

“Alright, fine, sorry.”  Judy shrugged out as the machine printed the receipt.  She grabbed a card by the computer, before handing the fox his receipt.  “Here’s your receipt and a coupon for a dollar of coffee at the cafe, you look like you could use it.”

“Thanks,”  The fox said, seeming genuinely surprised and thankful.

Judy just watched him shuffle up the stairs.

The fourth time she saw the fox, he wasn’t in the mythology section.

He was in the fiction section looking over the shelf of new releases.  His presences there surprised her.  

It had been two weeks after talking with him at the cashier.  He looked well rested, and far more put together than whatever he was when she saw him last.

“You lost or something?”  Judy asked, as she restocked a table near him.

“No,”  The fox answered as he reached down to pick up a hard cover and read the inside sleeve.  “I happen to be exactly where I want to be.  I do happen to read more than mythology and ideology.  I do like good book every now and again.”

“A fox of many colors than.”  Judy returned slightly playfully.

The fox rolled his eyes as he placed the book back and grabbed enough one.  Reading the inside sleeve quickly.  His tail wagged slightly, and his ears perked up in interest as he read it and seemed to decided and getting that book.

“Find something interesting?”

“I believe so.”

And with that the fox walked off.

Judy watched him go, making she he was gone before she moved to the shelf.  She picked up the book the fox just grabbed, Promise Rebirthed.  Quickly flipping up on the cover she read the summary on the sleeve.  She read about half of it, quickly realized it was a dumb romance book and reincarnation.

“Dumb fox,” Judy muttered to herself.

“Judy!”  The fox exclaimed as he rushed towards her at the help desk she was trapped in for the day.

Judy blinked in surprise at the fox for two reason.  One his slightly panicked expression, and two he knew her name, and she was pretty sure they had never exchanged names before.  She opened her mouth to ask.

“You wear a name tag, dumb bunny,”  The fox snapped like he already knew what she was going to ask.  

Judy looked down at her shirt as she remember.  “Oh right, how can I help you, today…?”  She said pausing for the fox to supply his name.

“Is the book store getting an order of Lesser Know Grassland and Forest Mythology by Harrison Badgerton?”  the fox asked hurriedly instead, before ushering her quickly to check.

Judy hurriedly typed away at the keyboard.  Scanning over the new and arriving inventory the bookstore had.  Carefully scanning for the title and author name.  Suddenly she saw it, clicking the row to quickly high light all the necessary information.

“Yeah, it looks like we’ll have it available on…Thursday.”  Judy informed, grinned at the fox as he beamed at her.  

“Okay,” The fox said with a nod, like he could handle waiting for the book till Thursday.

“I can pre-order it for you, so all you have to do is come in and pick it up.”  Judy stated.

The fox eyes widened in glee.  “Please,”  The fox begged happily, as Judy giggled and started the pre-ordering process.  “By the moon, I could kiss you, Fluff.”

Judy just rolled her eyes and made a playful gagging sound at the idea.  Though it surprisingly did not seem like a bad one to her.  She carefully clicked about the options on the screen.

“Hey, how’s the book you bought last week?”  Judy asked, trying to fill the space with light small talk.

“Decent, I suppose.  Cheesy in some parts, but the author did their fair share of research.  It was pretty accurate most of the time.”  the fox comment.  “But over all a good read.”

“You finished it?”  Judy asked amazed.  “Already?”

“Yeah,”  The fox returned oddly. “It wasn’t an overly complicated book.”

“Romance books usually aren’t.”

“Ha, You did read the cover after I left.” The fox said with a knowing town in his voice.  Judy turned to him sharply to glare at him, and the fox laughed.  Judy realize he not just confirmed his thought without saying anything. “You’d probably like it.”

“More of into crime thrillers than dumb reincarnation romances.”  Judy huffed.  “And I didn’t read the cove,” she shot in quickly, “it’s our job to now the summary of new releases.”  The fox snorted in reply at her.  “What’s your name for the pre-order pick up?”

“Nick,” The fox answered smoothly.  “Nick Wilde.”

Judy purchased the book.  Like an some dumb love struck idiot she bought the book.

Not only that she read in like a day.  

It was good, she couldn’t put it down and she would shameless admit that to herself in a mirror.  And it wasn’t anything she expected.

“You’re an idiot.”  She told Nick when he came to put up his book that Thursday.

“How so?”  The fox asked so effortlessly, and smoothly, she wondered if he was even really trying.

“The book was about Alepoú and Kounéli, figures form Grassland and Forest mythology.”  Judy pointed out smartly.  “You study them at school, there for it wasn’t pleasure reading for you.”

“Oh no,”  Nick said leaning over the counter slightly, easing into Judy’s personal space just so.  “It really was.”

Judy felt her ears burn bright read at his tone.  Because he knew she knew exactly what he meant just as well as he did.  The darm part of the book and Judy just shamefully couldn’t quiet bring herself to put down.

“We should have coffee some time and talk about it.” He said with a wave as he turned to walk away.

“There are better ways to ask a girl out Wilde,”  Judy shouted at him, before turning to the next mammal in line.

Needless to say she went to get coffee with him anyway.


AN:  This is like coffee shop au, but better and I love it.  Sorry it kind of got away from me there but yeah.  Got to squeeze a little Mythology AU out for everyone.

Congrats on this epic movie hits $1B worldwide!
So happy about it !!!!! 
also can’t wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray’s coming out 2morrow !!!!! 


Feud S01E02 (The Other Woman) - Judy Davis as Hedda Hopper and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford. 

Davis is wearing a marigold and white printed dress with full skirt and matching jacket, accessorised with a white feathered hat, gold and pearl jewellery, white gloves and a bird-decorated bag. Lange is wearing a printed chiffon dress with long sleeves and ruffled collar, accessorised with a royal blue headband and sunglasses.

The costumes were designed by Lou Eyrich.


aaaahh so im doing a bunch more scenes but i just got too excited and had to post this one instead of all at once aaah so anyway Cats Don’t Dance, if you haven’t seen it please see it

i dedicate this doodle to @plagge for being able to decipher my stupidly cryptic clues as to which au i was working on :’) GOOOO PLAGGE 

Just a short little comic thing..yeah. :D

Panel 1- Judy: Nick! Hey Nick! Where are you going? 

Panel 2- Judy: Nick!!…Hey what’s the matter? Why are leaving? I thought we were having a good time?

Nick: Oh so now you want to give me your attention…I thought that hunky tiger was all you wanted to care about. How pretty he is..how muscular he is..

Judy: That was hours ago Nick…..I..I didn’t know it hurt you like, I was just playing around…

Panel 3- Nick: Well I don’t want your apology now..it’s too late for that.

Judy: I didn’t think you would take it so hard Nick, I’m sorry. 

Panel 4- Nick: Yeah you better be! How do you think I feel when you compare me to someone like that!!!

Judy: B-but I wasn’t comparing-

Nick: Well you didn’t have to do it right in front of me. Even if it was a joke…I can’t..compare to that anymore..now that I’m like..this..I look gross..I feel gross. I’m all swollen in my stomach, my ankles, feet. Everything aches I struggle to move around and bump into things by accident. I’m sloppier, I’m more…gassy than normal….I get nauseous from certain smells. I CONSTANTLY have to pee all the time! I..I..just don’t feel or look like the fox I used to be okay!?

Panel 5- Judy: *rushes over and embraces Nick* Don’t say that! Don’t you ever say that about yourself! There’s nothing you should be ashamed of. 

Panel 6- Judy: *looks up at Nick with a soft smile on her face* Why would you think of something so silly? You’re still the same, handsome fox I became close with…*boops his nose* And like I said before you’re still a beautiful red fox and nothing will change that. 

Nick: I’m sorry, it’s just that…y’know..I’m more sensitive to things now. Just hearing you compliment anyone makes me kinda jealous now, especially if their looks are better than mine…I was being a dumb, hormonal fox.

Panel 7- Judy: Yeah you were, but I’m not gonna let you take all the blame. I’m sorry too. I should have thought about what I was doing and how they might hurt you. And don’t be so down about the way you look, you’re just pregnant. A lot of pregnant women go through this and feel like they’re not attractive anymore.

Nick: I don’t understand how females get through all this every time..it’s so stressing…and emotional.

Judy: As long as they have someone who can support them and make sure they’re loved and happy, they’ll be okay in the end. Just like how you have me.

Panel 8- Nick: *Hugs Judy* Thanks Carrots…

Judy: No problem, I’ll always accept you no matter how huge..or gassy..you get.

Nick: *chuckles* And I appreciate that..

Panel 9- Nick: …………wait…*pulls away from the hug* …I’m huge? Really. Are you serious? *glares*

Judy: (Oh sweet cheese!) Oh! No..I didn’t mean it that way! I-I was using it as an example!!

Nick: You couldn’t have chose a better way to say that….

Anonymous asked:

what’s the difference between an outline, a scene list, and a first draft?


Different people mean different things when they talk about outlining. Sometimes they are referring to doing a standard outline like you learn in school where you nest ideas beneath sections headed by Roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, etc.) (See chapter/scene list combo below) Other times they mean they did a scene or chapter list, and still other times they may just mean they did a summary. In any case, it typically refers to getting your ideas out “on paper” in a way that fleshes out the structure of the story.

Chapter List

I’m adding this one since I brought it up. A chapter list is a way of laying out your story by chapter. It requires you to have a general idea of the chapters you will need and what will happen in them. They generally look like this:

Chapter One - Judy decides to open a cake shop.
Chapter Two - Ted blows into town and opens a cake shop first.
Chapter Three - Judy, despairing, heads to the cake convention.

Scene List

A scene list is a lot like a chapter list except by scene rather than chapter. It allows you to break each chapter down into the scenes it will contain. It generally looks like this:
Scene One - Judy walks down Mainstreet and has a craving for sweets.
Scene Two - While browsing a shop, Judy overhears a lady talking about cake.
Scene Three- Judy sees an empty storefront and decides to open a cake shop.

Chapter List/Scene List Combo

Some people combine chapter and scene lists to get a really comprehensive overview of the story. It might look like this:
Chapter One - Judy decides to open a cake shop.- Scene One - Judy walks down Mainstreet and has a craving for sweets.
- Scene Two -  While browsing a shop, Judy overhears a lady talk about cake.
- Scene Three - Judy sees empty storefront and decides to open a cake shop.
Chapter Two - Ted blows into town and opens a cake shop first.
- Scene One - Judy notices the “new guy,” Ted, at the bar one night.
- Scene Two - Judy bumps into Ted renovating the empty shop.
- Scene Three- Judy laments the situation to her sister, Clara.

The above could just as easily be put into a standard outline like we talked about at the very beginning:

I. Chapter One (Judy decides to open a cake shop)
   A. Scene One - Judy has craving for sweets while walking Mainstreet
       1. Judy looks around for sweet shop but finds none
       2. Judy stops in boutique to look at clothes
       3. Judy overhears another customer talking about loving cake
       4. Judy sees an empty storefront and decides to open a cake shop

A First Draft (aka “The Rough Draft”)

A lot of people imagine that stories are written in one shot–the writer sits down, bangs out the story, and that’s it. All done! But that actually isn’t so. Good stories are written in drafts, which means you write the first version of the story from beginning to end, then go through and figure out what you can do to improve it. Each time you make revisions from beginning to end, you’re creating a brand new draft. The first draft is the very first time you commit a story to the page from beginning to end. It is often called “the rough draft” because it’s usually a very rough version of what the story will eventually become. Think of it like an artist’s “rough sketch” of a landscape they want to paint. You can read more about writing in drafts in my post Four Drafts Minimum. :)
Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: howto portray/describe things (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

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The Bunnnyburrow au Chapter 2: Judy Hopps (DISCONTINUED)

aka you’ve seen Nick’s pilot chapter, now get ready for Judy’s.

It’s begun. The prejudiced cop and the restless farmer have finally met. What will this encounter lead to? STAY TUNED AND I APOLOGISE FOR ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER. 

Also, Judy and Gid’s friendship is totally underrated and i’m gonna fix THE HECK outta this.

Oh yeah. Thanks for the 600+ follows. Keep being awesome and I hope my works can brighten your day or break your heart. Shout out to this awesome dude @wrestlecosmological who helped with the dialogue and fonts and made my life significantly easier. Bless you. 

Chapter 1: Nicholas Wilde