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Had the honor to give the Adhan at (Call to Prayer) at Judson Church for the MCN Gala. #ChurchesAlwaysHaveGreatAcoustics 👀 (at Judson Memorial Church - New York City)

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Yvonne Rainer and Bill Davis in “Love,” the final section of “Play” in Terrain (1963), Yvonne Rainer. Judson Memorial Church, New York, 1963. Photo: Al Giese. The Getty Research Institute, 2006.

I created this artwork for the upcoming production of “3 Christs” by Peculiar Works Projects. The play is based on a true story of a psychiatrist who tried simultaneously treating three patients who each believed they were Jesus. Opens Sept. 5 at Judson Memorial Church in the West Village of Manhattan.

More info here:http://www.peculiarworks.org/

So during my fall semester at The New School I had this really neat idea for some choreography inspired by the somewhat droll world of synathesia/‘visual music’/serial music. Mixed with a concept called “natural movement” and the idea of manipulating the conception of what the musician-dancer relationship was, it turned into something pretty forward thinking. My professor, Charles Ishmael Houston (a VERY important member of the modern dance world) was really enthusiastic about me submitting it to The Judson Memorial’s “Movement Research” forum that’s held every Monday in the Village. Myself and a talented dance student got so far as rehearsing the ideas but nothing ever came of it and it kind of got swept by the wayside in lieu of other events in my life, like a brief bout with homelessness and discovering Theraflu (the substance as opposed to the Kanye West song). So Judy, if you’re out there- Lets make this happen next fall, and if there are any other NYC based dancers/choreographers reading this, please get in touch with me!