judson crane

Roadtrip with Crest 3d White Strips

Judson Crane composes the music and the lyrics while Genevieve Vincent provides her sweet-breathy vocals for this spot featuring the Crest 3D White Strips. It was unfortunate that the lyrical version isn’t the cut that went to air. That doesn’t mean we can’t let you see the spot and the song as we imagined it.

This spot is pretty much The Hangover. Except for trying to find their friend Doug, they are trying to find their white teeth. This is a neat spot, not just the music. It was ambitious to present the driving montage all split-screen like Billie Jean.

kristiniec  asked:

Ok good Sir this is driving me bonkers lol Im about to watch the movie Mama someone DVR'd & the credits of the previous showing are going and I Can Not Figure Out What Movie This Is. Or i guess Documentary because the credits make it seem like some sort of Sports documentary film for HBO Sports. It has you credited & Judson Crane in music. I've been trying to Google getting no where lol. I ask because I'd like to find it for my dad who loves sports stuff. And for me too. Thank for any help!

Yes indeed… You caught the end of Sport In America, a documentary that my friend Jim Stern made for HBO and Sports Illustrated. 

He asked me to do the score and although I was hesitant at first (I’m not a sports fan at all), I realized that they were telling an interesting and quite emotional story about how we’re all tied together through these common pursuits. My good friend Judson Crane was my right-hand man on this project and you’ll be able to hear lots of his brilliant performances in there.

If you have HBOgo, you should be able to catch the show whenever you’d like. Hope you and your dad enjoy it!