So, I love Doctor Who. I have for a realllly long time. My first Doctor was Tom Baker. I had/have my favourites like anybody. My absolute favourite - as if you can’t tell - is Peter Capaldi’s Twelve.

I love all of the companions that I have seen. Even those in the comics! Of the New Who, it has always been the same, loved Rose, her exit was sad but Martha’s entrance was a fun episode. Judoon on the Moon! How can you not love that and Martha’s bewildered yet tough doctor self?

I have my complaints for the Davies era, as I have for the Moffat era as I do for everything else in Who-dom.

Here’s the thing; I see so much over-heated commentary & hyperbole over Moffat vs Davies; the current doctor sucks he needs to be young, wah! (Bullshit) The hoodie hate, the sunglasses hate. For fucks sake people. I may not like the sixth Doctor’s costume very much but I do want to reacquaint myself with the older series. The series where no one was a model perfect beauty. Except for some of the companions.

I think maybe I just want to enjoy my show without the fandom drama. River is awesome and so is Clara and hell, for that matter Amy, Rory, Martha, Donna and Rose are as well.

I am not aiming this at anybody. This is my declaration of how much I have loved this show.

I always wonder if the next Doctor will bore me or just irritate me. It hasn’t happened…yet. But I try to give them a chance. There are first times for everything. I promise not to spit in anybody’s happy parade if that happens.

P.. S. The sunglasses are wonderful. What they do on the smallest level is give anybody, any kid, a chance to be the Doctor without an expensive toy to buy.

The guitar, the hoodies, the casual wear = happiness for me. I am tired of people of a certain age being forced to conform to stereotypes that are so out of date and out of touch with reality that I want to write a story with no young people - or better yet, only physical descriptions but no ages given. Just get to know the characters as they are.

I know quite a few people in their 50s who had been punks in their teens and twenties. No one dresses like a grandpa or grandma stereotype. Not a single one.

Plus, have they got stories.

“I mustn’t pre-judge!” Twelve on confusing Vastra with Jenny.


~400 words, Doctor x Rose, fluff

Written for the @timepetalsprompts drabble prompt: “exhaustion”

Guys, I wrote a drabble prompt this time that wasn’t over 1k. Miracles never cease.

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It had become something of a joke over the past two days or so, Rose’s exhaustion. The Doctor had started sing-songing about it, like a Dr. Seuss book.

Rose will nod off in a tree, Rose snores and sounds just like a bee.

Will she doze off on the moon? Rose could sleep amongst Judoon!

“Oh, shut up, Doctor.” Rose rolled her eyes and gave a sarcastic little laugh, while he gave her the bright smile she loved so much. She then yawned and protested that she had absolutely no idea why she’d been so tired lately, but she just didn’t have her usual stamina. They’d only been on Yeahl for a few hours, and she was ready to pack it in.

The Doctor pursed his lips and said he’d like to run a couple of tests, he was starting to worry. Rose smiled around a yawn and folded herself into his side, sighing happily when he curled his arm around her protectively.

It was then that they got arrested.

Charge: Gratuitous Affectionate Display.

Penalty: 12 months in prison, hormonal modification/repression

The Doctor held Rose close in the cell they’d been placed for holding and debated with himself about how he would get them out of this one. Rose was, of course, asleep in his arms, curled up against his chest.

When she stirred a little he took the opportunity to shift himself and took a deep breath. The answer to their predicament became brilliantly, sparklingly clear and he woke her with a shout of joy.

“Doctor? What is it?”

“It’s you, Rose! I know why you’ve been so tired lately! You’ve been utterly exhausted, yeah? It all makes sense now! Ha!”

“What are you on about, Doctor?”

“Hey!” the jailer came to the door and pounded in. “What’s going on in there!”

“You have to let us go!” the Doctor exclaimed gleefully, fairly dancing to the cell door. “You can’t keep us or perform hormone modifications on us!”

“And why not?” the jailer demanded.

“Yeah, Doctor, why not?” Rose hissed to him.

“Because!” The Doctor sprung back and put his arm around Rose before he turned back to the jailer and exclaimed with clear pride, elation and triumph. “My wife is pregnant! Just a week or so along, by the smell of things.”

Rose wasn’t exactly asleep when she collapsed against him this time. 

Tumblr Fact or Fiction - Doctor Who - Judoon Platoon on the Moon

Claim:  Russell T. Davis included the phrase “Judoon platoon upon the moon” deliberately to give David a hard time - as it is pronounced differently in David’s natural Scottish accent as opposed to the Doctor’s Estuary accent.

History:  This claim didn’t originate on Tumblr - it’s been around since the episode aired and has managed to worm it’s way into many (fan-updated) wikis as though it is fact – but can anyone find an actual citation for this (Wikipedia couldn’t find one)?  Is it actually fact?

Source of the myth:  On March 28, 2007 David appeared on Chris Moyles’ radio show to promote series 3 of Doctor Who. They discussed Smith and Jones (featuring the quote in question). The hosts were also quite taken by David’s Scottish accent.  Among the quotes on the show:  
CM:  Do you ever get halfway through a scene and go, "Sorry I’m gonna have to stop, that’s too Scottish?”
DT:  Ehhh… no.  I don’t think I do really.
[later, after David tells them the name of the episode’s baddie]
CM: I think Russell T. Davies purposefully writes alien names that sound Scottish…
DT:  Yeah, to try to catch me out?
CM:  Absolutely!
DT: I think he does, yeah.  And there’s a line where I have to say, “Judoon platoon upon the moon.”
[everyone laughs]
CM:  Isn’t that the knife that you wear in your sock when you wear the kilt?
DT:  That’s a sgian-dubh.
CM:  Judoon platoon upon the moon?
DT:  Yeah
CM:  He’s definitely done that to wind you up!
DT:  [laughs] Yeah, he probably has.
CM:  [goes off on some imaginary scenario where RTD sits at home shouting to his wife(!!) to come up with Scottish-sounding names]

Source:  [ youtube ]

So, I believe that’s the source of the myth - and you would think that DT himself is a very good source, right?  But David really only jokingly agrees with Moyles’ suggestion, saying that’s “probably” what RTD does, so I don’t think that can be taken as fact.

Discounting the myth:
On the DVD commentary track for Series 4 episode The Poison Sky (which was recorded right before The Poison Sky aired in the UK), Susie Liggat (producer) asked RTD:
SL:  Now, a thing that I’ve always wondered, with you two chaps in the room, is: Do you, Russell, set David the odd really difficult thing to say to see whether… like Raxicalla-whatever that one is?
RTD: No, to be honest.  I know what you mean, it could look like that.
SL:  Sometimes I think, nobody…
DT:  The square root of Pi to 30 decimal places wasn’t easy, Russell… thank you.  For episode 10.
RTD: [laughs loudly]
SL:  It feels like there’s sort of a gamesmanship, I suppose, about it.  Like, is he going to look this up in the Latin, ancient Greek…
RTD: I don’t really!  Honestly.  I just sit there and think of the Doctor. Absolutely honestly.  And that, unfortunately for you, that is what the Doctor is like as a man.  This version of the Doctor loves words. I think he talks to himself a lot of the time - he’s listening to himself.  He enjoys… He does puns that nobody even gets.
DT:  I love it, to be honest!
RTD: I do remember this year thinking, in Pompeii, that “Species designation according to the universal ratification of the Shadow Proclamation” [big laugh] I remember putting that in and thinking, that’s a laugh!  I think that’s the only time I’ve ever thought, “that’s a bit of a laugh”, actually.  Let’s have a go at that one.

Unless someone knows of a quote where RTD admits that he came up with the Judoon name/phrase to give David a challenge, I think we can’t count this myth as fact.  It started as a joke from Chris Moyles, and later Russell said that he doesn’t deliberately write lines in an effort to trip up David. This evidence isn’t entirely conclusive – RTD admittedly lied to protect plotlines and such, and people sometimes forget why they did certain things over time, but I don’t believe we have conclusive evidence that this myth is true. DT and RTD did the Smith and Jones DVD commentary together, and the line/reason for the name “Judoon” didn’t come up at that time.  Unless someone can provide a quote where RTD admits it to be fact, I personally count this as an untrue myth.

Sources referenced in this post:
[ part 2 of the Chris Moyles interview on YouTube ]
[DVD commentary for The Poison Sky - I don’t have a link, just the DVD]

I make no claim of being the keeper of all Doctor Who knowledge, and I’m certainly not perfect, but I can share the sources that I’m aware of and provide a place to gather evidence as to the veracity (or lack thereof) of these claims. Please let me know if you are aware of real, verifiable quotes from RTD or another knowledgeable member of the cast/crew and I’ll add it to the list of evidence. 

Other “Who Fact or Fiction” links: 
The “shoes photo” from The Idiot’s Lantern isn’t David and Billie (or is it?)
David hadn’t seen Billie since Doomsday, and was surprised to see her in Stolen Earth


Torchwood is back in business, UNIT is under new management; Churchill recounts tales of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh Doctors, and River Song meets the eighth. Meanwhile, the eighth Doctor meets a new clone-batch of Sontarans preparing for what will be known as The Last Great Time War, the fifth Doctor meets the Weeping Angels, the seventh faces the Sycorax, and the sixth encounters the Judoon.

Fun Facts About TW CoE

Peter Capaldi who played John Frobisher in CoE, has been in Doctor Who - Fires of Pompeii as Lucius Caecillius Iucundus

Nicholas Briggs who played Rick Yates in CoE is the actual voice of the Daleks, Cybermen and Judoons, it was his first ever appearance on screen cause RTD thought he was a brilliant actor.

[Torchwood - Children of Earth]


DT Appreciation Week: Day Two

↳ Favorite Funny Moment

This scene from The Stolen Earth always cracks me up :)