judo photos


Yes, these are photos of my neck. That’s because last night I was showing my mum some old photos and I got to some of my school photos. I didn’t get individual portraits every year so there’s a large gap. The one on the left is from K-2. The one on the right from Year 12. Why am I posting this with all these details? Because the first thing my mum said when I switched to an older picture of me was “Oh my gosh, look at your neck!”
Me: What? What’s wrong with it?!
Mum: It looks like a man’s neck. 
Me: Well excuse me for not having a dainty little neck. Do you know what it’s from? That neck is my tolerance to strangles that I developed at judo. So while it’s not small, it can save my life. While everybody else is tapping out or suffocating, I’ve got time because my neck can take it.

And nothing more was said.


I’m not a Taekwondo guy, I’m a Judo guy, but today someone (the ronin diaries) posted a photo of a guy kicking another guy in the face and I thought to myself: “I have better photos… way better”.

So, being a little bit cocky like Conor McGregor (love the guy), here are some photos taken by me at a World University Championship.

Yes, I’m a professional photographer.