judo baby

Should girls lift?

Hell yes! Girls I hate to tell you, you all say it ‘all I want to do is get toned and I don’t want to get big’. Toned is muscle, and you cannot get big because you do not have the hormonal support to generate large muscle mass. So hit the weights. Doing cardio and only cardio is not going to tone the body, it is not going to work the muscle to the extent that weights would and by weight training as well you’re still going to burn calories for longer after the gym session than if you just do cardio. The way your body composition changes as we said before is dictated by your nutrition. So in the gym ladies do not be afraid of hitting that weight section. Any man  that looks derogatorily at a woman walking into a weighted area of a gym is not a man worth worrying about anyway.  So get in there, do your thing, be proud and progress.

- Lex Griffin 

If you are looking for the fighting I got the answer right here this My beautiful new Asian Boy will show the fruits of his karate Judo training and take you down with his Three Strikes in a Row technique, you will be regretting you birth once he is through with his complete obliteration of your physical and mental health which makes the mere thought of him send you into the cold shivering and you will start you cry for you momma who he kill yea he even kill you momma this babyman truly Can’t be stopped he is too strong you should have ran away when you had the chance…