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If the HL characters had blogs
  • Gordon: honestly just a science blog. mostly physics but other things if they cross his dash. he'll talk if you send him asks about science, but just responds with emotes if you message him about himself.
  • Alyx: 100% social justice millennial blog. queen of discourse--just TRY starting shit with her, because she'll back herself up with flawless sourcing and burning rhetoric. reblogs too many lifehacks. makes giveaways.
  • Barney: simple slice of life blogger. his blog matures as he does. he likes to reblog and highlight his friends and family.
  • Adrian: if you're able to find him, his blog is 95% animal blogging. the rest is him attacking, arguing with, and reporting people who mistreat their animals. one time he posted a photo of a house fire without context and wasn't online for a week afterward.
  • Eli: half embarrassing dad jokes and Gordon/Alyx shipping father, half scientist blogger in the same style as Gordon.
  • Isaac: his blog is purely dedicated to blogging about Lamarr. he has a Twitter account for her, too. social media is a modern miracle and he loves sharing his headcrab antics.
  • Judith: she's on Facebook.
  • Breen: pain in the ass conservative blog with a condescending politician tone.
  • G-man: you try to click into his blog but your computer crashes and shuts down. it doesn't start up again until a month later. no matter where you go, you're unable to find his blog--even the address--from anywhere, and people you speak to or are with can't, either. sometimes you have a strange feeling and turn around just in time to see a man turn away from watching you, adjust his tie, and walk out of sight.
Clashing of Wilds and Blood preview

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so, I caved. I caved hard. Besides what could a little Ivar Imagine possibly hurt. Right? This is the preview hopefully I’ll have the rest up later today or sometime tomorrow.

You had come to visit your half-sister, a rare and delightful privilege to escape under the thumb of the King Aelle, they day had been simple and calm. Judith was settled into the corner as you reached over to put Alfred in check upon the board. The ‘clack’ echoed in the room of stone as you settled back in the chair with a smirk, Judith chuckled slightly at the sight.

You were younger than your half-sister, a passing baroness that had taken the king to her bed was your lineage and Aelle had been forced to keep you on condition of her death, a new pawn to use in his political gain, marriage wasn’t suitable for your bastard birth at least for the moment. There wasn’t a doubt in your mind that he would find some use for you and your wild nature. Refusing this and that, sneaking away to do as you pleased. Here though? Here was free, as free as you could muster at least.

Ecbert cared little if you roamed the stone halls with feet bare, nor worried of hands that slipped knives and coin from various hips of the guards, the sharp tongue trading insults and wit. You could toss h/c locks over your shoulder loose without care, walk in the streets with the sun beating off your skin. It was amusing and in ways perhaps he encouraged it still thinking of you as Judith’s wide e/c eyed curious baby sister.

Alfred’s groan brought you from musings as he slumped into the seat even further. “You cheated, i don’t know how but you cheated.” Judith laughed as you began to reset the board.

“Pay more attention and you might win this time.” You chuckle was stopped short by yells and the distinct clang of metal, the soldiers, “Judith, Alfred, stay here.”

“Why do you get to g-” Judith silenced her son as you slipped from the room to look into the courtyard, Aethelwulf seemed to be parading around a man in worn clothes almost as if he’d been the one to pry the nails from Jesus’ hands and free him.

The man’s beard was wiry and long, no hair graced his head showing tattoos, scars and age settled into the deep lines of his face. He looked unarmed, and tired. Behind them thrown over a horse was someone. Short black hair, broad shoulders, narrow hips and tossed unceremoniously over a horse. He was crippled.

PT 1 https://easilyaddictedin123.tumblr.com/post/162841562811/clashing-of-wilds-and-blood

6 Winnipeggers receive membership in Order of Canada

The Order of Canada, the highest level of distinction in the Canadian honours system, has six new members from Winnipeg.

Gov. Gen. David Johnston, on the eve of Canada Day, has announced 99 new appointments to the order, either as members, officers or companions. 

The Winnipeg recipients, with the citations from the award, include:

- Paul Albrechtsen

For his leadership as an entrepreneur in the transportation industry and for his dedication to the well-being of his community, notably in support of health care.

- Judith G. Bartlett

For her contributions to public health in Manitoba, notably in establishing models of care tailored to Indigenous constituents.

- Tracy Dahl

​For her accomplishments as an internationally renowned opera singer and for her commitment to mentoring the next generation of Canadian singers.

- Lise Gaboury-Diallo

For her contributions to education, literature and the promotion of the Franco-Manitoban community.

- William Earl Stafford

For his achievements as a musician, notably as the long-serving conductor and pianist for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, and for his commitment to new music and to Canadian composers.

- Meeka Walsh

For her contributions to the promotion of the visual arts and Canadian artists through the award-winning magazine she edits, Border Crossings.

The Order of Canada was established on July 1, 1967 — the 100th anniversary of Confederation.

Any Canadian may be appointed in recognition of outstanding achievements or exemplary contributions in any sector of Canadian society. 

Six-time Stanley Cup champion Mark Messier, two-time Olympic bronze medallist and captain of Canada’s national women’s soccer team Christine Sinclair, actor Mike Myers, actress Catherine O'Hara, and TV game show host Alex Trebek are among 19 new officers of the Order of Canada.

Prince Charles was made an extraordinary companion of the Order of Canada, the highest level of the order, for his global philanthropic work and support for Canada’s Armed Forces members.

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