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Atlantis: The Lost Empire, this movie is such a classic. My favorite Character is Vinny who is a perfect cast choice for Finnick (Vinnick as I like to call him in this AU) Enjoy this quickly done comic I did plus a cover Idea of Judy as Kida, and may I say that water is super hard to do



Did I go overboard on this? yes, yes I did.

I understand all the turmoil with “HydraCap” but I believe there will be a plot twist to this “plot twist”

Judith Fox - “In the Company of Trees. Untitled(#3)”


This magnificent tree sits on an otherwise undistinguished street in Southern California. The tree is glorious, and I love the way my “toy” Holga camera caught the romance of her beautiful lines and sculptural, textural and painterly aspects.


Judith Fox is a photographer whose work has been in solo and group shows in New York, Virginia and California. Her photographs are in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and in Europe. “For me, the making of a photograph – capturing patterns, light, textures, colors and stories – is an absorbing and intimate monologue; when I present that photograph to a viewer, I turn it into a conversation.”

Selected by Carol McCusker, Curator of Photography at the Harn Museum of Art.


Here’s a post of all the fanfic covers I’ve drawn. I’ve always enjoyed reading them before I did the covers for them and they are all really good reads. There are two different fallout stories, The one by Nehkles follows the story or Fallout 4. And the one by @ciderstripes and Baineblade follows a story of their OC’s as they survive the harsh environment of post apocalyptic zootopia. And Aftermath shows the story of Nick and Judy and the aftermath of the ending of Zootopia, It seems prejudice and Bias-ness still lingers in the city. All of them are really interesting. I wish for more time that I can keep reading them all