“Nazis are Disgusting Trash Blocklist”

Hey everyone, in light of recent events I’ve put together a block list that I’d suggest everyone at least be aware of, especially if you are Jewish or Rromani or a billion other things, really. This list consists of people who identify a Nazis/National Socialists/White Supremacists, or other things along those lines.

Feel free to add to this/cross things out as needed. 

Update: Apparently other users, including people in the Baltimore tag, indigenous people, and other marginalized groups/their allies are now receiving threatening or gory messages as well.  

A Note: I’m trying to keep the people who have been actually sending things directly to bloggers at the top, and then make a separate section for just disgusting people in general, so people know who is a priority to blog. 

A Second Note: I would HIGHLY suggest that you not go to any of these blogs if you’re sensitive to gore, slurs, people who are actual trash, etc. 

Another Note: I’m not Jewish or Rromani, or hardly any other things nazis and general trash tend to target so I figured I’d scroll through the garbage and give people an easy-to-block list. Spread this around as much as you like, and feel free to repost. 

A Final Note: If you do reblog this, I would also suggest to turn off your submissions. People have been targeting bloggers through posts like these. Also, huge trigger warnings for racism, antisemitism, nazis, slurs (especially the k-slur in usernames), violence, etc. after the cut.


Due to the harassment of people on here, I’ve put together a Nazi/white supremacist blocklist.

Feel free to change anything you see if it’s not accurate, feel free to repost.

Apparently they are now targeting other users as well.

Massive trigger warnings under the cut for slurs/violence in their URLs, and of course antisemitism, racism, violence, gore, etc in their blogs.

If you reblog this, they may send gore to you so turn submissions off.

Stay safe.

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There seems to be a bit confusion lately on whether Paganism or Wicca or even black or dark magic has anything to do with satanism or Devil Worship. The answer to this is absolutely NO. 

Paganism pre-dates Christianity, Judaism, Islam and almost all modern religions by thousands of years. Pagans and Wicca do not believe in The Devil. The Devil is a Christian concept. We cannot worship something we do not even believe in. Devil worshipers must first be Christian to believe in the The Devil, then turn against their God.

Wiccans are Pagans who practice Witchcraft. A pagan is a person who worships nature. A pagan will have many Gods, or they will not have any Gods at all and just worship nature. They do not have a sole God as in The Devil.

When we use magic we use it along with nature, we are not greedy and use it for what we need, we try to keep a balance, we recognize our dark and and our light, our good and our bad. Black magic or dark magic goes against nature, it is usually used for personal gain or power at the expense of others and is not something Wiccans encourage, but even black magic is not in any way Devil Worship or a part of any satanic workings. Wiccans live by a code which says ‘Do what ye will, but harm none’. 

The Devil or Satan does not come into any aspect of witchcraft or Wicca, We do not even recognize The Devil as being real. We do not believe in Hell or sin. Wiccans don’t believe in the idea of Hell or Satan as they can take away accountability of one’s own actions. How many times have you heard someone say “The Devil made me do it”? Or worse a murderer, rapist, mob boss, or other evil person confide in a clergyman in prison ask for forgiveness, “convert” to Christianity & are given absolution & presumably a key to Heaven? In Wicca, there is no go between, your actions are your own and you do NOT escape paying your debts, whether you do so in this life in the Shadow World or in the next life.

Wicca is a peaceful religion that works with the balance of nature and the Great Wheel Of Life. So if anyone tells you any different, a priest, a shaman, a parent, a friend, a teacher, a partner. They are wrong.

Everyone should know about their Pagan roots and their Pagan ancestors. Everyone who follows any religion should look at the Pagan beginnings of that religion to get a better understanding of it. We need to restore balance. Embrace our light and dark, our feminine and masculine, the God and the Goddess and don’t repress either as one cannot be without the other.

 Sometimes, because my life is so contained I forget how much of a minority I am.  78% of people in America are Christians. 16% are unaffiliated of sorts. And then all other religions make up just 4.7% percent of this country.

  Jews make up 1.7% percent of those people. Orthodox Jews make up <0.3% of this country. And if I wanted to be very specific ‘I’ would be even less then that.

I live in one of two countries where Jews are more than. 1% of the population. But despite all this we are strong. עם ישראל חי!! Happy Preservation Day!
The State idea is not according to my heart. I cannot understand why it is needed. It is connected with narrow-minded and economic obstacles. I believe it is bad. I have always been against it.
—  Albert Einstein, in a reply to a question by the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry of whether refugee settlement in Palestine demanded a Jewish state. January, 1946
Random question about Jewish head coverings:

A gentile friend asked me this question, and I realised I have no idea what the answer is because I have never personally covered my hair. 

So, some Jewish women who cover their hair cover it completely, some let a little bit of the front part show (strands, bangs, etc.), some cover the top of their head with a hat or scarf, but allow the longer part to be visible, and some wear big headbands (which I’m assuming are symbolic?). 

Are there different philosophies for the different coverings, or is it just a personal aesthetic choice?

Report: Anti-Semitism in Canada reached all-time high in 2014
Most incidents occur in Ontario; dramatic spikes in anti-Semitic incidents seen during Gaza war and before Christmas.

Recorded anti-Semitic incidents reached an all-time high in Canada last year, indicates B’nai Brith’s annual audit.

The yearly tally, released June 11, shows there were 1,627 reported anti-Semitic incidents in 2014, a 28 percent increase over the year before.

The previous record was 1,345 incidents in 2012.

Most cases last year – 84 percent or 1,370 incidents – involved harassment; there were 238 reported incidents of vandalism, or 15 percent of all cases; and 1 percent of recorded incidents, or 19 cases, involved violence.

Reported incidents of vandalism in 2014 declined over the year before by nearly 40 percent. But cases of harassment increased by nearly 30 percent.

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What Is Jewish Southern Food?

Of the approximately 5.3 million Jews living in the United States today, fewer than five percent reside in the American South. But a distinctive, fascinating cuisine has emerged that mingles the food of both cultures. Here’s an expert on the region and two Jewish Southern chefs explaining what makes Jewish Southern food so great.

if you dont know why we are posting this, here’s a reminder: folks of the culture and religion of Judaism can be of any racial and ethnic background. there are Black Jews just as there are LatiNegrx Jews.  This particular story starts in NOLA.


The Jewish Hunger Games: Kvetching Fire (Official Trailer)