One Word, 6 Million Times: “And Every Single One Was Someone.” 

Today is the the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau and UN General Assembly has designated this day as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. 

It started innocently enough. As a math and Jewish studies teacher in a Jewish day school, Phil Chernofsky was looking for a different and meaningful way for his students to relate to the Holocaust.

From that challenge comes  “And Every Single One Was Someone”

The  cover depicts a Jewish prayer shawl and has no words.

The entire book consists of just one word: Jew. It is repeated 6 million times.

Each page has 40 columns of 120 lines — 4,800 “Jews.” The font is, of course,  Minion.

The book weighs 7.3 pounds.

The publisher’s goal is to eventually to print six million copies.

Story in the New York Times: Holocaust Told in One Word, 6 Million Times

Weapons and Puppies. A great sign to grab tourists attention in Tzfat. It pokes fun at steriotypes of the middle-east. YomTov gallery is run by a lovely couple who made aliyah from California. The husband makes political commentary through outrageous, humorious and almost morbid paintings. The wife focusses more on traditional judiaca. She had many acrylic paintings of hamsas and menorahs..etc. 

Yom Tov is on a very touristy main gallery street in Tzfat where many birthright groups tour. The sign is a huge success because it grabs tourists attention. Almost everyone who goes on a Birthright trip has a picture of or with the weapons and puppies sign. It’s iconic.