judi acts it so well

Fox of the World

(Sequel to Draw Me Like One of Your Farm Girls)

“Why are you following me?” Judy grumbled ears red and already positive it would be a terrible day.

It was next semester and today was the first day her art class would be drawing professional nude models.

And she had just recovered from her last nude drawing.

Speaking of, Nick was walking behind her, Finnick trailing after his friend with a displeased expression. “I’m trying to dissuade you from going to class today,” the red fox informed her primly.

“I have to draw the models they brought in or I won’t get the credit,” Judy grumpily replied.

“Then just draw me again,” Nick insisted, making both Judy and Finnick groan.

The rabbit glanced over her shoulder at the fennec, “Why are you following?”

“I plan on strangling him to death if he tries to take his pants off,” was Finnick’s answer.

“He’s just mad cause I framed your art and put it on our wall,” Nick added.

Judy’s jaw dropped in horror, “You framed it!?”

“And put it on our room’s wall,” Finnick growled. “Not even somewhere subtle he put it right where anyone walking in can see it.”

Judy buried her face in her paws as Nick spoke, “Excuse me but it hold a very important place in my heart and I’m proud of it, as should you be, Carrots.”

“Please stop talking,” Judy begged as they reached the closed door of the art room, she reached her paw out to open-right before Nick jumped in front of her, blocking the door with his body.

“Nicholas,”  Judy hissed, “Don’t think I can’t throw you over my shoulder because I’m pretty positive I can.”

“As wonderful as that’d be, Carrots I’m still not going to move,” Nick replied, looking determined.

Judy glanced to Finnick who didn’t look like he knew what to do either. “I don’t get it,” the bunny demanded of Nick, “Why are you so against me seeing some nude models when I’ve already seen you naked?”

Nick didn’t reply, but Judy was too busy trying to open the door to catch the way he looked almost flustered. “Move, Nick. I’m not going to lose my credit because of your weirdness.”

“Come on, Carrots, let’s think about-” before he could finish Judy pushed the door open and the fox tumbled into the classroom, landing on his back.

           All eyes of the art room were on the three as Judy and Finnick walked in, not bothering to help Nick who was still sprawled on the floor. Judy looked toward the center of the room where the three models (currently in gray robes) waited. She was surprised to see one of them was a handsome rabbit with uncanny stripes. Said rabbit pulled his eyes away from Nick to look toward Judy and she offered a small wave, feeling her ears blush.

           “Just in time Miss Hopps,” the art teacher called from her desk. “Class is just about to start.” She turned her eyes to Nick and Finnick, the former finally climbing onto his feet.

“We came here to observe,” Nick told her, “We’re thinking about taking a few art classes next year.”

By the look on the teacher’s face that was her worst nightmare but she didn’t shoo the two foxes away, instead standing up and starting to give instructions to the class. They would be split into three groups, each assigned to a specific model and Judy supposed she didn’t mind being assigned to the rabbit model, but by Nick’s expression he did as he followed Judy to her easel.

           “Hello everyone,” the rabbit greeted the group politely but only a few returned the greeting, like Judy they weren’t completely comfortable with this assignment.

As the rabbit slid his robe off Judy’s vision suddenly turned black.

“Nick, what the hell?” Judy demanded, trying to push the fox’s paw away from her eyes.

“I just realized this entire thing is indecent,” Nick stated, the model and the rest of the group staring at him. “Carrots, you should be ashamed, I thought you were a lady.”

Judy slammed her heel into Nick’s foot, making the fox yelp and jump back.

 The rabbit model chuckled, “Your boyfriend’s not too comfortable with this, I presume.”

“He’s not my boyfriend,” Judy said, unable to hold back her spite. “He’s just an idiot.”

“Wound me physically and emotionally why don’t ya?” Nick replied, rubbing his sore foot. Over by the wall Finnick shook his head at his friend, looking the definition of disappointed.

Though the rabbit’s ears had pricked when he heard the ‘not my boyfriend’ line, “Well, to ease everyone’s mind this is completely professional. Just imagine I’m a statue or some such.”

           Judy started on her portrait, as always starting at the head and making her way down, though she found she wasn’t nearly as flustered by this naked rabbit then she had been when Nick was in the nude.

Said fox was standing behind her, glaring at the drawing and Judy resisted the urge to step on his foot again.

“This isn’t as good as when you drew me,” Nick growled and Judy rolled her eyes.

“Actually I think it’s a million times better,” she smirked at him, “Of course that could have to do with him being a much more handsome model than my last one.”

Nick flinched and turned away from her, Judy’s lips turned down into a frown. She had only been joking. Why was the fox acting so weird today? Well, weirder.

Judy returned to her portrait, this model was handsome but she supposed he wasn’t as attractive as… She quickly shook her head, Nick was not attractive!

           Once the hour had passed the models covered themselves with their robes once again while the teacher examined each of her student’s portraits.

Judy stiffened when she saw the rabbit model walk over to look at her own drawing. She relaxed when he smiled, “From the way the fox was glaring I thought you had made me look quite haggish.”

“Heh,” Judy giggled a bit awkwardly. “No, he’s just weird.”

The model offered her his paw, “I’m Jack.”

Judy bit back a laugh as she shook his paw, “I’m Judy.”

“And I’m Nick.”

The red fox appeared out of nowhere, resting his chin between Judy’s ears and placing his paws on her shoulders; Judy felt her ears flush and wondered if either Nick or Jack could notice.

But Judy did notice the way Jack’s blue eyes glittered with interest when he looked up at Nick.

“Ah, yes,” he smiled, “You’re the very opinionated fox who’s thinking about taking art classes next year.”

“It’s crossed my mind a time or two,” Nick growled.

“Then I look forward to seeing you again, Nick,” Jack smiled and Judy could’ve sworn she saw the rabbit blush. She covered her mouth to hide her smile.

           With a nod to Judy and a flirty wave to Nick Jack headed back to the other models and Nick finally released her shoulders to glare down at her.

“I don’t like him,” the fox muttered.

“Shame, because he likes you,” Judy smirked back.

“Nothing, why don’t you like him? Because he was paid to be a nude model?”

Nick glared over at Jack, the rabbit noticed and winked, Nick’s eyes turned into green slits. “You don’t need to draw any more nude models do you?”

“Why does it bother you so much?” Judy demanded, her annoyance returning. “You had no problems with me drawing you naked.”

“That’s different,” Nick replied, glancing to the side.


But instead of answering Nick shuffled away and out of the room, Finnick silently following after looking relieved that the taller fox hadn’t tried to unclothe himself, Judy watched them go while her foot thumped angrily against the tile floor.


           That night Judy was doing some late night reading in the library when Finnick found her, “Have you seen Nick?”

Judy looked up from her book, “He’s missing?”

“I don’t know,” the fennec groaned and rubbed his paws over his snout. “I just know he’s been moody since your art class and stole some of my beers and ran out and now I can’t find him and I’m worried he’s going to end up getting run over or stuck on the dorm roof or something.”
Judy found herself closing her book even though she was still annoyed with the fox, “I’ll help you look. Two eyes are better than one.”

“I’ll check the right wing you check the left,” Finnick instructed and Judy nodded, walking out of the library and off to find the no doubt drunk fox.

She decided she might as well try the auditorium; Nick was a drama queen he’d feel at home there. Walking inside her ears caught the sound of off-key singing and she smirked at how easy this had been.

           Nick was back stage, lying across a couch that would be used for next month’s play, beer in paw, but the strange thing was the fox had put on a stage costume, a dress that looked oddly familiar.

She spoke, “Rose?”

Nick stumbled off the couch, Judy’s voice having startled him. He sat up and looked around before his eyes landed on Judy, his ears fell back. “Oh, it’s you.”

She scowled, offended, “Yeah, it’s me. Finnick asked me to look for you, he said you were worried.”

“Where’s Jack?” Nick grumbled, standing up and wobbling to a makeup desk to place his beer can there.

“I thought I was Jack,” Judy pointed to herself, “Since your Rose.”

“No, I met that other Jack, the model,” Nick bared his teeth. “I figured you’d be reenacting the nude titanic scene with him.”

“Oh my God,” Judy’s jaw dropped as she came to a realization. She burst into laughter, startling Nick as she held her stomach, tears coming to her eyes. “You’re jealous!”

Nick’s ears flared red, “I am not!”

“Yes, you are!” Judy couldn’t stop laughing, “That’s why you were acting all weird today, Nicholas Piberius Wilde wanted to be the only boy Judith Laverne Hopps saw naked.” She rubbed the tears out of her eyes, “I’m almost tempted to go pay a guy to take his pants off for me.”

Upon seeing Nick’s horrified expression she laughed again, “But I won’t! Is that why you’re dressed up as rose?”

Nick held the skirt between his paws, “I was reminiscing of the memories. I told you, Carrots, we’ll always have titanic.”

“I guess we will,” Judy admitted, her annoyance officially gone now that she knew the reason for Nick’s bizarre behavior. But the fox still looked a bit down, Judy looked around the backstage and an idea formed in her head.

“Hey, Nick,” she smiled at the fox, “Wanna do something fun?”

“Yes,” the fox said immediately and Judy had to chuckle again cause clearly he was thinking of a different kind of fun than what she had planned.                                  

Judy ran over to a chest of random props, finding small little pickets she quickly grabbed them and ran to a table that had a fan, fixing them before the device.

“Carrots?” Nick questioned as Judy grabbed a chair and placed it before the table. She then walked over and grabbed Nick’s paw, pulling him in front of the table, his back facing the chair.

“What are you doing?”

“You’re gonna be the fox of the world,” she grinned, flipping the fan’s switch on.

Nick broke into an open mouthed grin as the fan blew across his fur. Judy climbed up onto the chair and placed her paws on his hips.

“Ah!” Nick squealed ecstatically, still very much sloshed. He stretched his arms and out and closed his eyes, his expression becoming blissful.


Judy laughed again, “Come, Josephine, my flying machine, going up, she goes up, she goes.”

Nick snickered in return and Judy found herself snuggling into his shoulder while he started singing ‘My Heart Will Go On’ yet again. Maybe…Nick wasn’t that bad looking and maybe…it made her happy that he got jealous over her.

“Wasn’t it around this scene that Jack and Rose shared their first kiss?” Judy lifted her head to ask the fox.

Nick looked at her over his shoulder, his green cheeky, “I’d be happy to fast forward to that car scene if you like.”

Judy smiled at him then decided to throw caution to the wind and raised herself onto her tiptoes and kissed him.

Nick turned around and wrapped his arms around her, deepening the kiss which slightly surprised the bunny.

Finally she pulled back having to hold Nick’s head between her paws when he went in for another kiss, “Baby steps, Rose. Baby steps.”

But Nick only grinned wider, “You’re such a tease, Jack.”