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Although I know that the bingo card is not meant to be serious. Why does it say no more marriages while also having Judgral remake/localization on it? Are the marriages that good?

The thing about FE4 is the marriage itself isn’t as important as the kids that come out of it.  Also on a more technical point, none of the pairings result in an actual “marriage”. Everyone is a bastard, not that really matters. 

Speaking personally I don’t think people are against marriage as they are against it’s implementation. Awakening did it fine although I personally think the Future Past should have been the game’s Gen 2, time travel is a mess. 

Fates’s implementation of kids was less justified and this is more so because of My Castle you have this jarring disconnect between gameplay & story. I still can’t remember the name of Gaius’s clone. 

Also FE4′s marriages being good? Eh, compared to say later game romances there’s not a lot to say. Honestly I do like this in the sense it allows you to interpret your romances in anyway you want. Seriously how would Lachesis!Azel even happen? I don’t know but it definitely would be interesting. 

It was all so hard to believe… Ethlyn had to take a deep breath to register the scent of the air to check. ‘Fresh from the mountains..!’ She thought. She was finally in Judgral, her home!

“What do you think of it so far? We shouldn’t be far from the Liberation Army now!” She called back to her parents and older brother, not being able to catch up to her because of her excitement.