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When I thought Madi was gone. I saw–for the first time I saw the world through your eyes. A world in which there is nothing left to lose. I felt the need to make sense of the loss. To impart meaning to it…whatever the cost. To exalt her memory with battles and victories. But beneath all of that, I recognized the other thing, hiding in the spaces. The ones whose shape you first showed me. And when asked, it was honest about the role it wanted to play. It was rage. And it wanted to see the world burn.

hamilton characters as texts from our group chats
  • Aaron Burr: "yup, im full of bad decisions and shitty judgment"
  • John Laurens: "i guess nothing about me is straight *does finger guns, trips, falls down stairs*"
  • Lafayette: "thanks also kindly fuck off"
  • Alexander Hamilton: "i cannot be quiet for the life of me"
  • Eliza Schuyler: "but wait till its like mad late and cuddle your way out of it"
  • Angelica Schuyler: "imma fucking grab you and throw you in the trash where you belong"
  • Peggy Schuyler: "my parents are sleeping im not going to fucking lunch they can't see if i did or not ahahahahah HAHAHAHAHAH"
  • George Washington: "stillllll i worry i'm the mum friend i can't help it"
  • Samuel Seabury: "*does jazz hands, dances away*"
  • Charles Lee: "ALL I DO IS COMPLAIN"
  • King George III: "i actually have an evil smile on my face right now sbahfjskf its so fun being in command"
  • Thomas Jefferson: "im not going to consider your opinion cause it makes mine wrong"
  • Philip Hamilton: "at least im going to die with style"
  • Maria Reynolds: "i just stood in front of the mirror in my underwear for a good three minutes looking at myself like,,,, bitch"
  • John Adams: "i can't understand whats happening"

“When someone has attained to a disposition of goodness and to the imitation of God, he has made his own the Lord’s compassion  and will also pray for his persecutors in the same way, saying: ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.’ But it is a clear indication that the soul is not yet cleansed of the dregs of vice when it does not mourn over others’ sins out of a disposition of mercy but is inflexibly judgmental. For how will someone be able to obtain perfection of heart when he does not have what, according to the Apostle, can carry out the law completely, when he said: ‘Bear one another’s burdens, and so you will fulfill the law of Christ’?”

~St. John Cassian

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franzbremen  asked:

You always claim that Corbyn is a bad leader and labour will lose because of him. Why do you think that? And, since you said that you voted for him in 2015, when do you think he "turned" into a bad leader?

He didn’t “turn” into a bad leader, he started that way… but nobody could have known what he was going to be like during the contest. I voted for him because I wanted the party to be a proper left-wing party and because I didn’t think his competitors in 2015 could win an election either. Mostly I wanted a leader who would really oppose austerity and that was all I really knew about him. I should have done my homework more thoroughly, but to be honest I was furious that the Tories had won in 2015 and furious that Labour hadn’t done more to argue against austerity. 

If you’re asking specifically the point where I started losing faith in his judgment… I think John McDonnell throwing the Chairman Mao book around was the first thing that made me think “oh shit.” The anti-semitism crisis and Corbyn’s shitty handling of it was another test. It kept on going wrong for about 10 months and then after his shitty performance in the referendum campaign, that was the last straw for me.

But honestly, even if there hadn’t been all these ridiculous mistakes, scandals and controversies, he’s just an uninspiring leader. There are people in the 21st century in Britain who are reliant on foodbanks because of austerity and he prioritises talking about renationalising the bloody trains. His priorities are screwed up.

Why can’t he win? Well, take him out of the equation for a second and look at the overall picture. The media are against him. The PLP declared a vote of no confidence in him less than a year ago. Those two things alone guarantee we can’t win. 

Putting him back in the picture… most people couldn’t tell you exactly what he stands for. Even in the referendum campaign, many Labour voters couldn’t tell you what side Labour were on. He is presented as if he is some magnificent socialist leader, but in some respects he’s more right-wing than Ed Miliband. He’s incapable of giving any clear message and when anything does come through clearly from him, it’s always the daft nonsense about reviewing defence policy (you just don’t say that before an election) and thinking Cadburys are Satan for not using the word “Easter” in their egg hunt promos.

And the polls support this, and have done from the start. The Copeland by-election supported this (no - the ones we won weren’t relevant because they were safe seats and they were early on in his reign). The local election results last year supported this and they probably will again this this year.

I’m 100% behind telling people to vote Labour, because I don’t want the only genuine opposition to the Tories to disappear. But we will lose the election and Corbyn will be largely responsible.

Deep in their hearts, old destroyermen know that somewhere in the wide reaches of the oceans, one of their number still carries on, and when the truth becomes known, she will be seen in full fighting regalia escorting the Flying Dutchman into port when he completes his endless seafaring rounds on Judgment Day.
—  Commander John D. Alden