I love how people can freely give negative comments about how disgusting your healthy food is and how you should eat a cheeseburger but the second you say “you know that’s not good for you, right?” Then you’re being a judgmental bitch…. 👌🏽

May I be healed of my judgmental mind, which only serves to defeat me. As I judge I will surely be judged, for such is the law of perception. When my mind attacks anyone, my mind attacks me. May my mind become a vessel of love, and all judgment fall away.
—  Marianne Williamson

Only judges the little things (fashion, etc): Libra, Taurus

Only judges the big things (life decisions) : Aquarius, Capricorn, Scorpio

Judges everything: Gemini, Virgo, Leo

Judges nothing: Sagittarius, Pisces, Aries

Is confused: Cancer

People who judge others,
especially people who judge others based on things like looks,
on whether you’re black or white,
whether you’re jewish or you’re muslim,
whether you’re gay or straight,
because of their body type,
whether they’re fat or skinny,
whether you have pimples or
wether you have a big butt. 

These judgmental people, their opinions don’t matter -
because they don’t matter.

Judgmental people are of a lower moral authority
than those who don’t judge.
And we, people who don’t judge, we have the responsibility to crush, to destroy those mean, judgmental bullies -
and we do that with an overwhelming positivity and we do that with our extreme open-minded-ness.
And when you subscribe to these values you really stop caring what other people think.

Because chances are, if other people are judging you - they’re wrong.

—  Casey Neistat in his Vlog_35

I hate all the posts you see on Facebook and other social media sites that slag off young mothers. A girl may have gotten pregnant while she’s still a teenager, maybe it was unplanned, she might not even know who the father is. It really doesn’t matter how the baby was conceived, or whether you agree with any of the mother’s circumstances. You have absolutely NO RIGHTS to say that girl will be a bad mother. A few of the girls I know who had their babies while they were still teenagers are some of the best mothers I know.  Stop being judgmental pricks plz.