Because I am a petty and judgmental witch bitch.....

A while back I skimmed through parts of Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft (which I finally purchased and I will be doing more than just skimming), and made the following observation:

Damn, did he or no one else in forty-fucking-seven years not notice the three egregious mispronunciations in the reverse Lord’s Prayer?

Because it’s true. There are three major misspellings/mispronunciations in his phonetic rendering of the reverse Lord’s Prayer. Maybe it’s just because of who I am as a person. Maybe it’s because when I was a kid I would figure out how to say phrases backwards and record them, then reverse the recording so I could see what it sounded like (’Paul is dead,’ anyone?). But my first instinct when I see something like this written out is to go back through and check to see if it’s accurate, and I was grievously disappointed.

These are the mistakes:

  • tshaiga - this is supposed to be ‘against.’ It should be written tsnaiga.
  • mod-ngik - kigndom? No sir. It should be written mod-gnik.
  • Rertharf - BY FAR THE MOST EGREGIOUS. Frathrer? FRATHRER?! What is this??? The correct way would be Rethaf. Obviously.

Now, I’m giving him some leeway on one more - and that is “Neveh ni si za thre ni” - that comes out to “In earth as is in heaven.” The Lord’s prayer can differ from church to church, and sometimes new “official” translations can come out years later (spoken as an ex-Catholic). But I’m not thrilled with saying “in earth,” and I’m pretty sure it’s another mistake.

But seriously, am I the only person in forty-seven years to look through this and find these mistakes? Am I missing something??

I’m such a judgmental bitch.

I can’t wait to move out and go for walks with my best friend at 3am without being told it’s too late. I can’t wait to bake a cake at 2am without my family moaning about how long it takes to decorate. I can’t wait to walk around my house in my hot lingerie and not have to hide it away in fear of being called a slut. I can’t wait to lay on my bed for hours and do nothing without being called lazy. I can’t wait to listen to my music really loud without being told it’s rubbish. I can’t wait to do what I want without being judged by family that aren’t meant to judge you. I just can’t wait to be me.

“My conversation with a monk 9 years ago.

Me: My mind tends to judge others and can often be quite critical of the way others behave, act, speak and interact. It can become quite negative.

Monk: We must learn to observe instead of judge. When we observe, we see the person and the behaviour as separate. Often we judge others by their actions and not their intentions and we judge ourselves by our intentions and not our actions. When we observe we learn, when we judge we become negative.”

- Jay Shetty

People who judge others,
especially people who judge others based on things like looks,
on whether you’re black or white,
whether you’re jewish or you’re muslim,
whether you’re gay or straight,
because of their body type,
whether they’re fat or skinny,
whether you have pimples or
wether you have a big butt. 

These judgmental people, their opinions don’t matter -
because they don’t matter.

Judgmental people are of a lower moral authority
than those who don’t judge.
And we, people who don’t judge, we have the responsibility to crush, to destroy those mean, judgmental bullies -
and we do that with an overwhelming positivity and we do that with our extreme open-minded-ness.
And when you subscribe to these values you really stop caring what other people think.

Because chances are, if other people are judging you - they’re wrong.

—  Casey Neistat in his Vlog_35

I’ve been listening to some of the audiobooks I downloaded over the weekend, mostly (auto)biographies/memoirs and I’m starting to think that they’re all required to include a chapter dedicated to lamenting how everyone is glued to their phones nowadays and how did we all become completely dependent on technology and why doesn’t anyone hold the door open for anyone else anymore and who turned down the heat in here it’s freezing?! 

When you look upon other entities in the expression of their lives, never see them as other than an isness. If you judge their expression as being good or bad, positive or negative, you create in yourself a perception of alteredness; and whatever you perceive, you will become, for that thought will register as a feeling within your being. Thus you victimize your own self, because you, not they, experience the effects of your judgment. And that feeling, recorded in your soul, sets up a precedent by which you will continue to judge your own actions and your own being.
—  Ramtha