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While the Ring functions the same throughout the series, the design varies between the games, changing from a more Masonic design in Shadow Hearts, to having more mysticism in Covenant, to the more Tribal influence in From the New World.

Shadow Heart’s Ring Design

The outer ring reads “SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS”, which translates as “The farmer Arepo works the wheel (a plough)”. This seemingly nonsensical statment is actually a Latin palindrome, being read the same when reversed.

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New blog! All of the good luck for you <3 let's see what i can request... What about a scenario for aizawa where he decides to go to a ring fight (underground) where quirks are not alowed, to help hone his fighting skills (maybe he's just fresh out of UA), and the first person he has to fight is a lass that looks ready to kick some ass. And he gets swoon by her and she becomes his s/o far ahead? Don't know, He just looks like he would fall for a pretty lass that breaks his nose hahahah xD

(Sorry it took a while. I hope you enjoy it!) (This was a lot of fun!)

The scent of sweat and blood filled Aizawa as he entered the warehouse. A crowd of people huddled around a fight already in progress. Signs haphazardly hung around the place. The largest of the signs had the rules.

“No quirks and the last one standing wins? That sounds pretty simple,” he whispered to himself as he tired eyes glanced down at the ring. Now that he was out of school he thought that this might be the best place to get hands on experience without it compromising his hero work.

The crowd burst into a loud cheer, signifying the fight to be over. Aizawa clicked his tongue as he attempted to make his way through the crowd, completely annoyed with how loud everyone was.

“Now now! It is time for two new combatants! Who shall receive the judgment of the ring!”  The announcer let out a deep rumbling laugh as the defeated opponent was carried out of the ring, followed by the victor. Aizawa calmly walked into the ring and at the same time a lass stepped forward as well. “Well look what we have here! A totally new challenger to the ring! How will he fare?”

The lass gave her opponent a quick look up and down as she took another step towards him. “Are you sure you’re ready Mr Scruffy?” She teased, giving him a wink.

He frowned as he steps forward, getting ready for the fight. The announcer let a loud laugh before blowing a high pitch whistle.

Aizawa’s eyes quickly shifted towards the announcer. In that split second the Lass’s fist came in contact with his face. “Maybe you shouldn’t shift your focus deary.”

His frown deepened as a trail of blood trickled out of his nose. He mumbled under his breath as he dodged her next punch. Lass was much more nimble than he had expected. Now that he wasn’t annoyingly distracted he was able to keep up with her. They traded blows but in the end a swift kick to the side of the head caused him to fall unconscious.

Slowly he woke up on a highly uncomfortable cot at the back of the warehouse. Looking around he saw the Lass sitting on the cot next to him, talking to one of the previous fighters. He sat up and cupped his head in his hands, groaning slightly.

Lass looked over at the sound of him groaning and let out a small laugh. “Good morning Scruffy. Are you hungry?” she asked, holding out a pouch of applesauce. He warily took the pouch and gave her a suspicious look. “Now now. Just eat it. Snacking after a fight is necessary to help with healing.” Silently he devoured the contents of the pouch. She awkwardly shifted as she rubbed the back of her neck. “Well…I should get going. You’re pretty good at fighting. I hope to see around more.”

Aizawa slowly blinked and gave a small nod as she walked away. He gently touched the bandage on his nose. This wound up being the most logical course of action.

How It Really Happened

It’s not something you’ve been waiting for. Or maybe you were? I was supposed  to write it since I started writing, and somehow @hidaulie sparked my need once again. Because really, it’s something I really needed to write.

It just needed to be set straight.

”I was going to give it to you when I graduated, but I’m giving it to you now.” Among the glasses filled with golden liquid, on the table made with dark wood, crimson red box is open, showing it’s ring with red jewel staring at her. It’s entrancing. So much that she nearly disregards his next words. “I like you.”

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Prompt... Ash gas bought the ring and is waiting for the right time but the Ali finds it and confronts Ashlyn.

Ashlyn had left early in the morning to go surfing with a couple of her friends. She invited Ali to join them, but Ali decided that this would be the perfect time to get some cleaning done around the house and finish the laundry that she said she was going to do almost two weeks ago. Ali was picking up pieces of clothing that were scattered around the house, throwing them into the basket under her arm as she went. Once she was done with the living room, she made her way into the bedroom, which was spotless and neat except for the old training shorts and tank tops that were strewn across the floor. Ali had picked everything up that was in plain sight but she decided to do one last check for any dirty laundry in the dresser. Ali, bring the princess that she is, could never wear an item of clothing more than once before she had to wash it. Ashlyn on the other hand, gave her clothes three or four wears before she finally tossed it into the laundry basket. Ali pulled tow tee shirts out of the top drawer of the dresser that she knew Ashlyn had already worn. When she pulled the second shirt out, a small, black box fell out of the crumpled up shirt.

Ali looked down at the box that had landed at her feet. Her mind was racing with every possibility. Deep down, she knew what was in the box but she was still having a hard time believing it. Of course her and Ashlyn had plans to get married but it never crossed her mind that Ashlyn already had the ring. Ali crouched down and picked the box up off of the floor and held it in her hands. She stared down at it as if staring would provide her with all of the answers she was looking for. There was something inside of her telling he to open the box. She knew that she should put the box and the shirt back where she found it and pretend like nothing had ever happened but her curiosity got the best of her. Ali gently pulled the lid of the box up, her eyes going wide and her mouth going dry when she saw what was inside. Tucked securely inside the box was a 1.72 carat round brilliant diamond eternity ring in 18 carat classic white. Against her better judgment, Ali pulled the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her finger. It fit perfectly. The light coming through the window reflected off of the rows of diamonds, leaving little rainbows all over the walls. Ali was so caught up in admiring her soon to be new accessory that she didn’t hear Ashlyn pull up and enter the house.

“Hey, Al. What are you doi-” Ashlyn stopped mid sentence when she saw what was on Ali’s hand.

Ali looked towards the door and saw Ashlyn. She was sure that she looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Ashlyn!” Ali immediately started to panic when she noticed that Ashlyn had already seen the ring on her finger. “Ashlyn, I am so sorry. I was doing the laundry and it feel out when I picked up your shirt. I swear I wasn’t snooping, I didn’t even know that you bought a ring. I’ll put it back and pretend like I never saw it. Please don’t be mad. I want to marry you and I love the ring. I’m sorry that I ruined it. Are you still going to propose? I know I shouldn’t have tried it on but I couldn’t help it it. Once I opened the box, I had to see what it looked like. Ashlyn please say something.”

Ashlyn walked over to Ali without saying a word and dropped to one knee. Ali’s hand flew to her mouth and tears stung her eyes. Ashlyn took Ali’s hands into her own and took a deep breath.

“Alexandra Blaire Krieger. I had a big proposal all planned out. I was going to take you for a walk on the beach, where we could watch the sunset and stargaze. I even prepared a speech so I could tell you all about how much I love you and how you’ve changed my life. When I walked in just now and saw you with the ring already on your hand, I knew. I knew that the time was now. I knew that the grand gesture and the long, drawn out speech didn’t matter. Someday when we look back on this, I’m not going to remember where we were or what I said, all I am going to remember is your answer. So, Ali, will you marry me?”

Ali had tears streaming down her cheeks as she nodded her head. “Yes.” She whispered. “Ashlyn, I will marry you.”

Ashlyn was about to stand so that she could wrap Ali in a hug, but Ali put her hand on her shoulder to stop her from rising completely. “Wait.” Ali said as she slipped the ring off of her finger. “I want you to put it on me.”

The metal of the ring was already warm from being on Ali’s hand. Ashlyn accepted the ring and slid it right back onto Ali’s finger where it had been resting previously. Once Ashlyn had put Ali’s ring on her, Ali backed away and headed to her nightstand. Ashlyn let her hands flop at her sides and scoffed. “I just proposed and you walk away to finish the laundry?” Ashlyn asked sarcastically.

Ali walked back towards Ashlyn with her hands behind her back. She looked at Ashlyn who was still on her knees and offered her a hand to pull her up, her other hand still resting behind her back. Ashlyn accepted her offer and let Ali bring her to her feet. Ashlyn was standing again when Ali returned to her previous position on her knees, one knee to be exact.

Finally, Ali revealed what she was holding behind her back. A blue velvet ring box. She popped the ring box open to show Ashlyn what was inside. Nestled safely inside the box was a black, stainless steel ring that had lines of small diamonds circling the entire band on the outer edges.

“Ashlyn Michelle Harris. You planned an elaborate proposal on the beach and I planned a fun vacation in Costa Rica. But, you were right. We don’t need some fancy location or over rehearsed speeches to prove that we love each other. You gave me your ring, so it’s only fair that I give you mine. This isn’t how either of us thought our engagement would happen, but I can’t think of anything better. I want to marry you, Ashlyn. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Please say yes and marry me.”

“Of course I will marry you, Ali.” Ashlyn said with a choked up voice and tears in her eyes. Ali held Ashlyn’s hand as she placed the ring on her finger. This wasn’t how either of them saw themselves proposing, but they couldn’t have been happier. The proposal did not matter. It was the ‘yes’ that mattered the most.

Mahanaxar: The Ring of Doom

The Ring of Doom - also called Mahanaxar, in Quenya - was basically the Valar’s throne room. Except, instead of a room, it was a circle of thrones set outside of the western gates of Valimar, the city of the Ainur in Valinor. Plenty of significant things happened at the Ring of Doom:

  • The Valar gathered here when Yavanna created the Two Trees of Valinor (which are located on top of a mound right by the Ring of Doom.)
  • Manwe announced that the Ainur were going to attack Morgoth after the awakening of the elves - thus beginning the War for the Sake of the Elves.
  • Then, when the war was over, Morgoth was brought to the Ring of Doom, where he begged for pardon but was denied and imprisoned in Mandos.
  • Though it’s not said specifically, it’s very likely that the debate among the Valar as to whether or not Finwe could remarry after Miriel’s death took place in the Ring of Doom.
  • After Feanor pulled a sword on Finarfin, he was brought to the Ring of Doom to explain his actions. It was then that the Valar realized that Morgoth wasn’t as reformed as Manwe would liked to have believed. It was also here that Feanor was exiled from Tirion for 12 years.
  • After the Two Trees were destroyed, the Valar, Maiar, and Vanyar gathered in the Ring of Doom to mourn the trees. Manwe asked Feanor to give up the silmarils, but he refused. Then word reached them of Finwe’s murder and the theft of the silmarils, and Feanor left.
  • After the Noldor’s departure, the Valar (still in the Ring of Doom) created the sun and the moon from the last fruit and flower of the Two Trees.

(It’s worth noting, in case anyone’s curious, that “doom” doesn’t always mean a bad thing - in Tolkien’s writing it’s just as likely to mean fate or judgment as destruction or condemnation. So the Ring of Doom was more like the Ring of Judgment.)

SOURCES: The Silmarillion, The Histories of Middle Earth vol. 10 (“Laws and Customs Among the Eldar”)

  • Me, a Kpop fan: *Is listening to my music, minding my own business.*
  • Judgmental Friend™: Hey, what ya listening to? =)
  • Me, a Kpop fan: *Sense of panic takes over, considers jumping out the nearest window to escape* Uhh...what are YOU listening to? =)
  • Judgmental Friend™: ...it's that ring ding shit isn't it?
  • Me, a Kpop fan: *Quietly* it's Ring Ding Dong.
  • Judgmental Friend™: ...
  • Me, a Kpop fan: ...┬┴┬┴┤(・_├┬┴┬┴