judgment ring



While the Ring functions the same throughout the series, the design varies between the games, changing from a more Masonic design in Shadow Hearts, to having more mysticism in Covenant, to the more Tribal influence in From the New World.

Shadow Heart’s Ring Design

The outer ring reads “SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS”, which translates as “The farmer Arepo works the wheel (a plough)”. This seemingly nonsensical statment is actually a Latin palindrome, being read the same when reversed.

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French For Bread

Exquisite painishment,
fall your hammer to thud
with its judgment’s cruelty ringing!
Pain has taste the teeth do crunch upon,
and based in the brine of agony
my wracked soul and ravaged mind find
luxury in the far extremity of the feeling.
One who constantly sings of love’s extreme feeling
ignores the real catalyst nature has retained for us—
the magnificence, the extreme,
that nauseating tonic for growth,
this lovely, dear pain.

I can’t bench-press very much,
and I can’t run very far,
or very fast,
and I’ve never even been in a fight,
and not a whole lot of people
like what I write,
but I know one thing for a fact:
I’m about as strong as we get.
(And strong? I’m barely that.)